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Obj. 2- Obj. 3

by: Michaela Maynard

Obj. 2- Obj. 3 MAC1105

Michaela Maynard
GPA 3.75
College Algebra
Pennington LeNoir

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About this Document

These notes contain all of objective 2 as well as objective 3. It also has the beginning of Objective 4a. Each problem has been completed and there is an example of how to enter certain answers int...
College Algebra
Pennington LeNoir
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michaela Maynard on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAC1105 at Florida State University taught by Pennington LeNoir in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see College Algebra in Calculus and Pre Calculus at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/20/15
CiaIS Objective 2 Simplify numbers raised to rational exponents Plan of Attack Rewrite using the de nitions below Remember that cfquot Remember Order of Operations De nition a1 J Provided the root exists ie is a real number I V h M m an JET r oda Simplify 2713 3m 3215 53 51 t Wowe 1614 2512 a5 2512 r i am IR 39 a 5 E n bot ads LANGQRMCI MQHS n63 esz ge 2723 4 j H 345 d H 3 i My q quot 32 43 p 33 lg O IL0 31 271 4 h 3 s 74 ll Tgo 2 W3 27 63W 3 2510 m3 I000 477quot 3 3 256 34 25534 I I via L7 2 quot2 l 4 M23 LI 3956 era593 My 7 Mndtbnbd F 19 32 E 32 5 3 81 3 RT 3 2 1011 72 4f W i w i 3 43 73 Wide vied 9 73 2 32 Objective 3 Special Factoring Techniques Obj 3a Factoring by Grouping Typically used when expression has 4 terms Plan of Attack goup the rst two terms together and factor out the Group the last two terms together and factor out the GCF The binomTaTs must match If they don t check to see if you need to factor out a minus sign Once the binomials match factor out the GCF the common binomial Sometimes you have to rearrange the terms try rearranging the two middle terms Factor 3x 33 my x2 506 l 39K tj H4 mg 3m Of 397 39 so 3y 5 no Which of the following 398 a factor of 3x 33 my 5132 Is a factor of means which would divide evenly into the given expression 96 9 2 w 3 2 Factor 132 by2 ay2 1332 Cuba notquot Haj quot39 aka Qxa 3ab Lisa 09 9 a or K OC gtQ U u l9 13 3 M 0 L CV19 Which of the following is a factor of 1532 by2 ay2 bxz Is a factor of means which would divide evenly into the given expression 11 w K entrangz t m3 gt6 39gaa bgt L 3 6 3 19 Q 61 000 19 Factor xy3ycc3 xv X Jr3lj 3 Xj39gt 33 1 Obj 3b Factor out the GCF with rational exponents 397 on 24 I D Plan of Attack Use the exponent Which is a factor of 2432 3 2223 2 1053 1 9quot quot 3 5136369 m 2 3 b39x4 3 o5c3935k 06 D ax 5latlz5LRgt Rx3935x 1 We l5 Which is a factor of 2403 1 22272 1029 3 3 3 7 39 MY M 4w W ax393lax lx39 5 423 5 4 553 3x1 noneofthese E Factor 2793 2 12x 3 3p 3mP quot 4 3L 3 fz 39LI 3Pu eat SWAG 63f Facto 9354 5x114 6x 34 3 K i c 39 7 3951quot q quot p 9 x g ct x 40 395 X 46 f 39Xquot 396 12 Which is a factor otgxlZ 2x 32 an A 4L 2 1 8x4 2 a 1 7 5b1m o Mum63 9095 E37 Faccox 21 1 4x1 2 2 Factor 43012 17 32 80 72 7 J J quot l 5 q 9 l 4 K 3 ha 4 x quot3amp4393 7 a 5 Obj 3c Factor out the GCF common binomial and rational exponents 397 3939quotquot39 q 6 a he Plan of Attack Simplify rst when needed x Mu W39 g I m Y 6 m 53x14i 13m1 o Simplify 3m D8 15 5 coc to M 5W0 m w r W 3 08 Ln bw H 314 1 Simplify x quot 1X 33 33 32 3 Simplify 293 39 1E 236553 2mm D3 WKRMM 3mm gammy m 2 4 393 13X3 4 C 73 063 K lUL l JrBX pr 3 13 2 3L3 lLIJC Ll K R Factor 1 333 175 Factor 2533 153 f 2 7 4L333I 381076 3 V3 3 30 3x3l95 3 5143 3 g gf 35 3x3gt36 gx3 aw MHXSEQL H 13ch 3C3Hgtas7x 3 0 away3 Elba 0 Factor 923332 3 5 2110 x2 365 l a 7 a Q13gty5 z33gtU5P K23gt5E7gt q x 3 LR3gtV5a x3 3 Objective 4 Review of Eguation Solving Obj 4a Linear Equations KI Plan of Attack Remove groupin symbols Collect like terms Isolate variable solve39 2quot3 3 quot4539 Solve 5x36 x32x 1 4x Rx3x35k45q 5Llxa3KW3qK 54 54 8 443 12 an o 0 Balut non 1 6quot Coy x 3 C 14 mbCr ab 3


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