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by: Maggie Hubacher

9/14-9/18 MSCI 210 001

Maggie Hubacher
GPA 3.8
Oceans and Society
Lori Anne Ziolkowski

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About this Document

Since we had test prep on Monday, and test on Wednesday, this only includes notes from Friday on thermohaline circulation.
Oceans and Society
Lori Anne Ziolkowski
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maggie Hubacher on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MSCI 210 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Lori Anne Ziolkowski in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Oceans and Society in Marine Science at University of South Carolina.

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Reviews for 9/14-9/18


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Date Created: 09/20/15
Atmospheric Circulation Atmosphere and ocean are intimately related Equator receives more solar radiation than poles Continua heat transfer from equator to poles Heat transfter and rotation of earth yield major atmospheric and ocean circulation patterns Rotation of earth causes de ection through the Coriolis force The atmosphere circulates vertically in six large circuits three in each hemisphere Hadey cells in tropics Ferre cells in midlatitudes Poar cells in polar regions Energy balance of the earth Not all energy is equal diversity along the electromagnetic spectrum Short wavelengths are higher energy and come from the sun 30 of incoming radiation from the sun is immediately re ected back to space other 70 is absorped heats the planet Longer wavelengths are lower energy and are heat related outgoing radiation from the earth this radiation heats things up when trapped greenhouse effect Amount of energy depends on the angle of the sun Higher latitude less energy per unit area Latitude with greatest solar radiation changes each season Earth is not equally heated net energy transport is poleward Air circulation is impacted by heating convection ce Density drives circulation warm low density air rises Coo high density air sinks Atmospheric circulation Simpified two cells one in each atmosphere they are affected by rotation of the planet Coriolis effect Affects moving objects De ection is due to different latitudes moving at different speeds Buffalo and Quito disk Northern hemishphere de ection is to the right Southern hemisphere de ection is to the left Vertica circulation Hadey cell heat rises at equator cools and nksat3ON Ferre cell sinking air at 3ON and rising air at 6ON Poar cell over the poles Deserts commonly found at 3ON and 305 due to dry sinking air Horizontal circulation De ected by coriolis North hemisphere air turns to the right Southern hemisphere air turns to the left


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