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Critical Reading and Writing Week One Notes

by: Nina Drachman

Critical Reading and Writing Week One Notes ENGL110073

Marketplace > University of Delaware > Foreign Language > ENGL110073 > Critical Reading and Writing Week One Notes
Nina Drachman
Critical Reading and Writing
Carr,Darlea Rachelle

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About this Document

Using rhetoric in writing as well as visual rhetoric; angle of vision and types of lenses
Critical Reading and Writing
Carr,Darlea Rachelle
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nina Drachman on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL110073 at University of Delaware taught by Carr,Darlea Rachelle in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Critical Reading and Writing in Foreign Language at University of Delaware.

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Date Created: 09/20/15
English Notes Sep 3 What does it mean to be meta Meta beyond Using the tools of something to talk about that thing from a perspective beyond that thing Not thinking inside or outside the box thinking about the box Thinking about thinking Ex calling a bar quotthe barquot What is rhetoric Study of persuasive writing Clothes images music can also persuade not only writing Charlie Brooker Clip Why is it meta news report talking about news reporting Closed or open form moments of openness in closed form What is clips purposerhetorical aim What is the motivating occasion for the clip both personal and expressive he has a thesis and an argument exploring a problem that puzzles him analyzing he wants to ask why and why do people just accept the news Who is the audience the people watching the news people oblivious about the rote nature of these reports also other news stations How does the clip seek to change that audience s views making us realize the rote nature of reports What genre satire How does rhetoric work Messages persuade through their angle of vision or lenses A lens quotis a metaphor for 39putting on a particular point of view in order to think read and write about itquot Lens work both ways it also works for the audience or reader reading they can ignore or highlight certain things Messages persuade through appeals to logos ethos and pathos Logos appeal to logic coherency and convincing nature of the message itself message Ethos appeal to credibilityethics speaker Pathos appeal to emotion empathetic sympathetic audience Nonverbal messages persuade through visual strategies that can be analyzed rhetorically Lenses what factors affect your angle of vision Religion Political orientation Gender Age Regionnationalityethnicity Class Race Occupation Familypersonal values Sexuality Educann English Notes Sep 8 How does visual rhetoric work Persuasive effects Subject matter what is in the image itself who s in the image what s in the image Distance close up to the action medium distance can see mostly the full body but can also see facial expressions longerwider distance 0 Can determine our relationship with the subject matter close up we can identify with them 0 Medium can be inviting Angle and orientation low anglelevel anglehigh angle are we facing the subject is the subject facing us 0 Effect of the subject facing away distancing and inviting effect allows us to make out other faces but invites identi cation with the kid because that s how we would be facing 0 Low angle subject is more powerful you are powerless 0 High ange viewer in control you are in power Framing what the picture itself is focusing on what s left outin of the image Light where the light is hitting what is highlighted where is it re ecting Focus mostly for photos 0 Highlights certain subjects Scale space what place are they occupying are the sizes of the images in relation to be what is expected to be blowing things up shrinking them down Repetition variety balance elements shapes repeating why do these things repeat Line straight curvy lines 0 Effects of straight rigidity anxious 0 Effects of curvy softening Color 0 Red sign of emergency blood alarm medical attention or nurturing warmth love 0 White innocence purity 0 Black dominant death danger How does advertising rhetoric work The same way Copy contributes to rhetorical effect written part Ads target audiences whom is this ad directed Companies positions ads in the media landscape rhetorical context where is it located where is it coming from and where is it appearing Companies aim to directly stimulate retail sales Companies also aim for brand loyalty qualities values what qualitiesvalues is the ad trying to promote certain values embedded in apple dell Disney etc Companies promote identi cation quotthe mirror effect I am just like them the before quotwe all know onequot from Trainwreck poster Companies promote aspiration quotthe window effect I want to be like them the after How does advertising rhetoric work Compositional features Settings furnishings details Social meaning of objects Characters roles actions Dress pose accessories Relationships among actors Social roles values Document design how the text is placed in relation to the images


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