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Lecture Notes 9.14-9.16

by: Chariesse Notetaker

Lecture Notes 9.14-9.16 67494

Chariesse Notetaker
GPA 3.4
Bodies, Diseases and Healers
Thomas Broman

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About this Document

Bodies, Diseases and Healers
Thomas Broman
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chariesse Notetaker on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 67494 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Thomas Broman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Bodies, Diseases and Healers in Science at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
History of Science 212 Tom Broman 91415 Lecture Notes 3 Basic Ideas of Hippocratic Medicine The six NonNaturals 0 Air 0 Food and Drink 0 Motion and Rest 0 Sleep and Wakefullness O Retention and Evacuations O Passions of the Soul Called the nonnaturals because they don t directly pertain to the humors of the body Lecture 3 The Hippocratics confront Disease What is disease Ontological vs NonOntological Conceptions 0 Modern model of Illness is complex I Cystic Fibrosis I Schizophrenia I Malaria I PostTraumatic Disorder as disease 0 Ontological disease is an entity that is separate from the observed symptoms and the cause of them I Ex leprosy diabetes smallpox O NonOntological observed symptoms are the disease itself I Ex Scoliosis hypertension consumption 1 0 modern medicine looks to see What gives rise to symptoms and isolating it 0 Ontological View Ancient medicine takes different approach 0 Thinks the symptoms ARE the problem 0 Non Ontoloaical Excerpt from Epidemics I 12 Something prevalent Change in climate gives way to the small spirts of illness 0 Brings about danger of illness but doesn t necessarily make one ill What makes us sick 0 Crude matters from the head and bilious matters from chest Regimen in Acute Disease XLII O Concocted cooked mixed together from separate parts I In disease process crude matters are concocted 0 Crisis I Turning point 1 Older term that literally means the body is waisting away suffering from something that is consuming the body 2 Epi upon demics people Comes from Latin word demios History of Science 212 Tom Broman 91415 Lecture Notes 3 I Generally used in dramatheatre meaning change in plot Narrative of Illness 0 Progression towards a resolution 0 Prognosis I Ability attempt to read ahead 0 Identified diseases based on patterns I Required to see progression of disease over time I Paroxysms fever spikes I Mark crisis Whether it Will have a good or bad outcome I Uses crisis to guide outcome of disease The symptoms tell a story 0 Understanding the narrative is important in understanding the onset of the disease itself 0 Details give rich picture of symptoms Conclusion Hippocratics as Expert Practitioners Hippocratic healer is an expert at reading signs and interpreting their complex meaning 0 Works at the level of diagnosis 0 Also important in forecasting the outcome of the illness Reinforces idea patient is experiencing illness Chariesse Ellis History of Science 212 91615 Tom Broman Lecture Notes 4 Lecture 4 Who s latroi Healers and Illness in Ancient Society I Introduction The Social function of Healing 0 How did healers identify as healers I Ex Put on a show demonstrate knowledge 0 Wellspoken person speaking about illness in a way that sounds like they know what they re talking about I Knows art of rhetoric 0 Members of a particular family I Stertinius Xenophon claimed to be direct descendent of Hippocrates I Family relations that are seen as important give healer a sense of authenticity I Claim to study from a famously known healer I Came from Cnidus 0 Greek writer Herodotus wrote of Democedes of Croton I Healer recognition by Athens I Used as charitable appointment to care for the poor 0 Healing as a Performance art I Prognosis central to performance I Bandaging I It is done because its most effective in healing or is it to show patient they know what they re doing I Meant to be aesthetically pleasing I Demonstrates line between showmanship and building trust 0 Cult of Asclepius I Apollo Hygeia I Known as the patron of healers I God around who the most important healing cult I Began raising the dead I Such a great healing reputation that temples began being built in his name around the Mediterranean gt Healing temples O Hippocratics and Asclepians in competition I No distinction between science and religion I Things that work together Conclusion Two Components to health 0 Therapy and Explanation I Starts with someone not feeling well I Explanation Illness brings danger of threating our existence Want to understand wh1this happens I Change is a danger to health Chariesse Ellis History of Science 212 91615 Tom Broman Lecture Notes 4 Malevolence of forces forces of earth ill health of the Gods etc


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