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Bio 110 Week 5 Notes

by: Angelina Notetaker

Bio 110 Week 5 Notes BIOL 110 001

Angelina Notetaker
GPA 3.7
Biology Non-Majors
Thomas L. Kennedy

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About this Document

The topic for this week of notes are a review for week four notes on fossil records and Scientific Challenges. We also started chapter five which is about Genetics, Inheritance, and Mutations.
Biology Non-Majors
Thomas L. Kennedy
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angelina Notetaker on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 110 001 at University of New Mexico taught by Thomas L. Kennedy in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Biology Non-Majors in Biology at University of New Mexico.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
Bio 110 Week 5 Notes Review from week 4 notes 45 Support from the fossil record 0 Rock Layers 0 Law of Superposition younger rocks are on top older rocks are on bottom 0 The world is like a giant puzzle and when you have all the pieces to make it come together we begin to see the whole picture but it is still hard to know the real age of the Earth 0 Transitional Fossils 0 A fossil of ArchaeopteryX a transitional species with characteristic of birds and dinosaurs I There is a theory that dinosaurs may have had to evolve into birds in order to survive We have also found that many dinosaurs at the time may have had feathers 0 Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin 46 Scientific Challenges 0 Blending Inheritance 0 The Earth s are was unknown 0 Aristotle s In uence 47 The theory that revolutionized the world Chapter 5 Genetics and Inheritance Fun Fact of the Day 0 Cool Animal of the week 0 Platypus I What is it 0 It is amammal 0 It has hair and warm blooded 0 Endothermic an animal dependent on or capable of the internal generation of heat 0 Produces milk BUT IT LAYS EGGS 0 They possess mammary glands but lack teats 0 It is a very ancient animal with primitive characteristics 0 A living transitional organism O Organisms that show the intermediate states between an ancestral form and that of its descendants are referred to as transitional forms 0 Called a monotreme 0 A primitive mammal that lays large yolky eggs and has a common opening for the urogenital and digestive systems Monotremes are now restricted to Australia and New Guinea and comprise the platypus and the echidnas 0 The males are venomous I Purpose of the bill 0 Electroreception Understanding the evolutionary history of mammals and reptiles is important Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution Theodosius Dobzhanski 1971 The Big Picture Life is an island of low entropy Uses energy to do work and lower entropy Cells are powered by proton gradients There are thousands of metabolic reactions inside of cells They require information stored in DNA Darwin s theory of Evolution by Natural Selection I Fact species change over time OOOOOO I Modern mammals and reptiles evolved from ancient amphibians which themselves evolved from fish 0 Scientific Challenges to Evolution by Natural Selection I Blending Inheritance was WRONG 0 Science to the rescue I Understanding DNA and inheritance supported Evolution by Natural Selection 51 The Structure and Replication of DNA 0 Rosalind Franklin 0 The real discoverer of the structure of DNA 0 She attend King s College UK 0 James Watson and Francis Crick 0 Received credit for discovering DNA 0 They published their results in the prestigious journal NATURE 0 Photo 51 taken by Franklin s lab Picture on the right 0 X Ray Crystallography H I The study of crystals and their structure by means of X ray diIIracuon 0 Maurice Wilkins 0 Gave Watson and Crick Photo 51 0 The Structure of DNA 0 DNA is a double stranded heliX Picture on the left V Base 0 Nucleotides 1 I Pair I A compound consisting of a nucleoside linked to a phosphate group Nucleotides form the basic structural unit of nucleic acids such as DNA Purines Adenine and Guanosine Pyrimidines Thymine and Cytosine DNA is made of building blocks Semiconservative h Ribbanmudel OOOO Parental Bath parental Two identical malacula sta hills daughter nf DNA as tenimam malaaulas of DNA I Relating to or denoting replication of a nucleic acid in which one complete strand of each double heliX is directly derived from the parent molecule 0 Replication can cause mutations O Mutations are changes in the sequence of nucleotides 0 Mutation lead to the evolution of new species 0 Mutations led to change in skin color O Mutations lead to Gene Families I Odor olfactory detecting proteins 0 Mutations and Evolution 0 Mutations can be good bad or neutral depending on the environment 0 Gene duplication allowed the ancestor of modern mammals to detect many odors 0 Most modern mammals can detect odors 0 Except Cetaceans Whales I They do not detect odors I Instead they use sonar 0 The method of echolocation used in air or water by animals such as bats or whales I Whales and Dolphins evolved from terrestrial animas I Facts about different whales 0 Blue Whale is the largest animal to ever live and the loudest animal 0 Baby Whales can grow 7 9lbsday and the milk is 40 50 of fat 0 Sperm whales can hold their breath for 2 hours dive over a mile deep and have the biggest brain 0 Bowhead whales may live for 200 years 0 Replication and Telomeres O Eukaryotic DNA is linear O Bacteria DNA is circular 0 Cell division I The division of a cell into two daughter cells with the same genetic material I Senescence cell 0 Is generally defined as an irreversible state of G1 cell cycle arrest in which cells are refractory to growth factor stimulation 0 Chromosomes I Telomeres shorten cell division stops I A great example would be Cancer cell which is the price we have to pay every living thing on this earth have all started from a single cell that has reproduce Most cells stop growing after different times in a person s life but Cancer cells can last longer and reproduce faster 52 Gene EXpression 0 From Genes to proteins Transcription Translation Folding amino Proteins RNA acids 0 Four Nucleotides four letter in all of life TETEET T O Adenine TEE Ear TBA Ser 0 Thymine m 3m 0 Guanine 39EE FT puqu O Cytos1ne Pm 0 The Genetic Code Picture on the right 3 nucleotides form a codon 61 words A codon codes for an amino acid 0 Universal Redundant unambiguous E a 1 a 3953 E Ea In I F In h h z h 39z l mh 39 OOO Dblle EBB Alia End of Week 5 notes 0 Also Week 6 Notes will hopefully be upload by next Friday or Saturday at the latest Thank you for using Studysoup and have a great three day weekend


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