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Week 4 Notes

by: HannahBranchick

Week 4 Notes MA 158

GPA 3.8
Precalculus, Functions and Trig
Kensey Thurner

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About this Document

All notes from Week 4 of classes. Includes example questions on separate sheets of paper and all examples from class.
Precalculus, Functions and Trig
Kensey Thurner
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by HannahBranchick on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MA 158 at Purdue University taught by Kensey Thurner in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Precalculus, Functions and Trig in Mathematics (M) at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
JG 4 QueWK Q 7 it LE m I K c 0 2 HWCj Vi m quot2 ah D QENWMC 1 S M L i39 Lesson 9 Applications of Quadratic Functions 1 1000 meters of fencing is to be use to divide a lot into 1 sections as shesyn below Find the dimension that will maximize the area enclosedi 1 a x H Q25 we firm 4v u J r 313w w 39 r v 5 7 j W 0004K2v 5 1 7 s 39 Hm 5L Vquot i g izwj J G 20 I 21 I 5 12quot 9 hhwb 155 i gt a 392 The height of an object traveling along a parabolic path is deacribed by Mt where h is the height of the object in feet and t is me in seconds F J E 77 a a At What time t dn s the object reach its maximum height b quotWhat is the maximum height of the tibiaet 39 4M4 8437537 455 4 843753 H 0 395753q75 Q75 H00 4 39 7 muc A a price of 196 per ticketg an air ne can sell 330 tickets pea It is deiermiugd that for every 35 increase in tickei price the air ne sell 18 fewer tickets At what Erica should the airline 581 the r a u mm 4 3 E Rm I S Q sto 7 their aemu i39f WW 7 845 ch m 77 7 o 119wa 5L 39 l O xXlloolr x x 22 5 a y m 3150 7 77 7 g 1 cl 5 240 s z 3orme s 2130 ago C 7 5 i 39 J agartug mow 5m 4 32 lampa at a cast of 1th per lamp Currently they sell a lamp in S gand at prim sell me lamps per It is that far wer 32 in p ce they can sell Marmara f pm rice sguuld the thg ta qr n W a w Cos gm w s kMJM 7539 x W r UUDHWWOm 399 Wm vemmem 5 i W rue 39109 0quot213 H 39 E6 T lo 39 be their weekly pm t I L w quot i l p A A l f i mm 0 1 V2613 m M BEN wz wa wwak FMMEaiaw 9051er RM V uur lbush COMM s an th ELY 5quot 3amp4 Jr 2v Jrle a 5 I h Smw 39 u v Q i a k my Mm WW g a u r Exam 629 Jaw3 hmmxmma n mat quotaw rug i quot I E gdfcgn 7739 7 7 7 a M hnm wqw Kuw x k xkkk D r I I V J I I 1 tkrc L 21 3 1 111 MW 1 C L3 A m wk W x YN he ilk A With pi Ht quot4 4quot WV 339 c m a wa u m r xSYLquot 0 CM39 3 wnh m 1 er Jail 5 h Li 5AM mur1 bew b 0 W 02 O ck M axewltmltmif 1 Jam hig y ll J ul ul f quot39 WW 399 39f s quotL A 2quot F t4 in um W S P 1 99 Wmmmu A v 3 9 mg e1 39 N if m I I 9 La Ifwily u E L R pr I a a V F a J 2 a SJ 3 I w w j Ha 39 g lt9 I I W a 39 31 1335321 n I 399 rm If lb I Y t H J 5 Y I 7 p If I r if 51 z n I I I 5 7 f 9 a 1 9 35 Jr 3 Q A A 24 39 quot quotquot39 r 39 39 3 a O I 395 a am 21 1 13 L i m w l w Wt saw Ira mg G m um uayam jm WWMW u h V Rum 7V V T a 3 Wu 4584 xwl 73K l 3 em up w quotquot 39 Ensg 9 H a 1 as Wfquot V 63quot e739 6 313 03 5 0 a AAIrf 1 mnu


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