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by: Nangesian Lekilit Waters


Nangesian Lekilit Waters
African International Politics
Throup, D

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About this Document

Professor Lecture(notes taken word for word).
African International Politics
Throup, D
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nangesian Lekilit Waters on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSC 2482 at George Washington University taught by Throup, D in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see African International Politics in Political Science at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 09/20/15
WEEK THREE September 15 Patrice Lumumba A True African Nationalist MOVIE September 17 70 of GDP is in Katanga after independece many of the Europeans wanted Congo to stay as it was prior toindependece the gov that emerged was very fragile after 10 days of independece the military rose in disatisfaction because their situation had not changed at all the Belgians responded cruelly by bringing troopers to create order in the military Secession of Katanga o happened afterwards 0 they were the most important part of the economy there was disintegration mayhem around the area like kenya Zimbabwe and most of these had large European presence the french were dealing with algeria and there were a million whites there example of DRC resonates powerful in these african nations by beginning of august 1960 Eisenhower says let39s take out Lumumba because he is the guy who brings up all the problems two days later UN secretary general also says let39s get Lumumba out of being a minister for peace keeping reasons they thought it important to get rid of Lumumba the Belgians also wanted to get rid of Lumumba and so did the Brits Kasavubu fired him he protests saying that PM cant be dismissed only by the president Lumumba is taken under house arrest he stays there for few weeks then decides to go to Kisangani to make a speech When he was about to cross a bridge which was protected by UN troops from Ghana they stopped him arrested him and handed him over to the Congolese army Mobutu doesnt want responsibility to keeping Lumumba in Kinsasha So he decided to take him back to Moshichombe whereby Lumumba was tortured and killed JFK becomes president of the US1961 news spread that Lumumba is dead their were major riots around africa there were also demonstrations in London paris new York this was not good for Kennedy39s administration he had made a few speeches some about colonialism he wanted the US to separate itself from Europe and colonialism he wanted to participate in development and act in bring students to study in the US Kennedy comes under intense criticism by Kwame Nkurumah Nkurumah becomes disillusioned that Ghana was committed to radicalism During JFK39s administration there were no people trained in african foreign policy US policy in Africa was essentially dominated by Europeans US didnt have any troops in the Congo but they had a lot of troops US mission on the congo was very general and about 9 pages long It didn39t have much but peace keeping and it was not there to solve the ltatanga secession issue the US looked up to Siril Abdulabut he was never able to assert his authority Antoine Gazenga tried to break away but the US tried to bring him and Abdula together few years later the US became the major team player and Belgium became a political liability gradually the US and UN begin to think like Lumumbathat ltatanga is the problem US policy attitude changes in the 60s it takes place in the UN primarily in the congo there was also policy change in washington adress the ltatanga problem and repress the secession Kitona accords Gazenga and Abdula 0 they later on fail JFK increased military to UN and US embassy played a key role to move in to the congo and in Jan 1963 there not any serious changes but resistance was strong the conflict kept going on in the diamond area tho ltatangas conflict was resolved in august 1964 US sends troops US sends in 26 right wing cuban exiles cuba was very involved in this conflict US tries to convince African govs to contribute african troops so they recruited white mercenaries because Africans didnt want to contribute they get about 800 of them to leav the Army Nationale CongoleseANC against the opposition Laurent Kabila 0 military leader of the simba in 196465 o 1995 Professor met and used to drink with him 0 1996 Kabila was made leader of some movement 0 by 1997 he was in ltinshasha and was president but was assassinated in 2000 succeeded by his son who is still president Frank Kaluchi 0 Ronald Reagan39s secretary of Defence 0 in Kinshasa was 2 in the cia and in 64 head of CIA in Dar Es Salaam o 1974 president Ford appointed him US ambassador to Portugal at height of Portuguese revolution 0 19805 worked for reagan worked in the cia etc Tanganyika 0 under Brit administration 0 became Brit trust territory under league of nations o Zanzibar was a Brit protectorate since 1870s Zanzibar 0 can be the archipelago or Unguja which is also called Zanzibar in which its capitol city is also called Zanzibar 0 controlled in 18th c by arabs from Oman 0 center of slave production of arab owned 0 zanzibar became richer and more important than zanzibar 0 so they moved Oman capitol to zanzibar 0 since it was a protectorate Brits didn39t try to restructure the political econ of zanzibar o it was until 1908 that the Brits moved to abolish slavery as an economic institution in zanzibar 3 african ethnic groups o Pemba o Hadimu o Tumbatu 0 all these people had been muslims for years and culture was more arabic ugunja was the epicenter for slavery mostly slaves and squatters were there the arabs only visited the place now and then these slaves did labor from Tanganyika DRC but went to Unguja to work they formed about 35 of Unguja39s population Arab elites had the educational advantage in these areas after the world war they sent young men to get an education abroad they come back with anticolonial mindset nationalist movement forms in 1950s and its dominated by arab elite the elites push for the Brits to go the african masses in zanzibar were terrified of the arabs therefore they come together and voted in ealry elections that took place in 1957 by 1961 more reactions and 3 political parties are up and they had all become more conservative o ZPPP Mohamed Shamte o ZNP Ali Muhsinreps indians arabs 0 ASP Abeid ltarumex slaves indentured laborers all these political parties were formed mainly on ethnicity and so the elections were quite violent o Abdulrahman Mohamed Babu arab educated in London when the rest of his arab men were interested in doing what the Sultan said he became a Maoist he created the Umma party in which he led a revolution that led to the massacre of arabs the US think the chinese had orchestrated the revolution and therefore Kaluchi comes in to serve


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