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Social Anth Week 3

by: Nangesian Lekilit Waters

Social Anth Week 3 Anth 1002( Grinker, Social Anthropology)

Nangesian Lekilit Waters
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Grinker

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About this Document

Professor lecture, powerpoint, Kawelka film notes and discussion
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Grinker
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nangesian Lekilit Waters on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Anth 1002( Grinker, Social Anthropology) at George Washington University taught by Prof. Grinker in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 140 views. For similar materials see Intro to Cultural Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 09/20/15
WEEK 3 Film Kawelka Kawelkaa tribe in Papua New Guinea have been preparing a gift for the neighboring village Kawelka are a population of about 1000 people the main man working on the gifts wants to impress people thru the gift the tribe values pigsyou must have pigs for everything gifts dowry you impress others by giving one accumulates a lot of pigs and gives them out because you cant horde them on the day of the gift giving they put on their bird of paradise feathers and danced and sung they walk around the village calling out who will be given which pig then afterwards they make a speech Ongka the main man in the lm is giving his gifts and hopes to have them back with interest Ongka got more pigs from the neighbors but they didn39t perform the ritual because one ofthe elders died Ongka39s wife has to take care of the pigs Mokathe gift giving keeps the peace Moka is a framework that the Kawelka operate in at the end of his speech Ongka said quotnow that i have given you all these things i have one i have knocked you down by giving you so muchquot mauss is interested in engaging in a relationship thru gift givingthere39s a system of reciprocity that exists the most individual type of act in society is thru suicide Durkheim individual exists only if they are part of society but even the most individual thing like dying for someone or a country is part of society most society isnt interested in individual type of giving renew and think of relationships thru the system of reciprocitythat39s what Mauss wants Claude LeviStrauss Contributions kinship 0 study of blood and non blood familial relations classi cation how we classify people myth all categories of the world come from society Durkheim we live in the world based on the categories that we live in in society how can we form mental categories out of social categories unless we at least have the capacity and tendency toward classi cation we can nd a universal structure of the mind thru society and culture there39s no society WO mind and there39s no society WO mind People organize themselves into societies and make cultures and they do so using their brains he looked at things in society 0 totemism animal that is an emblem for a group modern societies have totems toofor instance eagles in court rooms might not be the same meaning but we are incorporating it into our societies and how we identity ourselves totems are metaphors for a particular group and for the unity of that group and establishing a connection between one another and identities that differentiate from other groups Radlicffe Brown people use emblems that are available for instance ifthere are a lot of bulls around you use it its about convenience Levi says theres something more symbolic when you worship the totem you worship yourself because the totem reps you totems rep a distinction between humans and the natural world it39s not the resemblance but the differences which resemble each other Levistrauss totemism unity based on differentiation 0 huntergatherers there39s simplicity in these people they dont farm or keep livestock o Kinship 0 he was very interested in kinship o matrilateral cross cousin marriage people prefer marrying their multilateral cross cousins 0 you marry your mother39s brother39s daughter 0 classi catory kin someone that39s not your kin but you can consider a kin o for instance in some societies sister exchange marriage is a thing o ifyou dont have a sister you can exchange with someone that you consider a sister 0 ifyou look at the most simple form of reciprocity like sister exchange that39s the most common form Levi Strauss was not a good eldworker he didn39t like it people told him about their day to day mundane stuff he didn39t want that hejust wanted to nd out how the mind worked and that doesn39t happen when people have feuds he thought maybe he could get down to it thru the study of languages culture could be understood as a kind of language Ferdinand De Sausser39s linguistic in uenced Strauss the most De Saussers linguistic was based on the sign 0 concept and its word existed prior to the language 0 language is made with sings and signs come up with concepts of sound and images 0 signi er is the image you get in your head 0 signi ers and signi ed have relationships that are arbitrary o unity between signi er and signi ed is created not by anything natural but the agreement that society has between each other 0 language is a social fact 0 theres only so much freedom you can have with it 0 relationship is the key thing in language not the elements themselves but their relationships 0 langauge becomes a system of differences 0 and for levi strauss culture becomes a system of differences DISCUSSION 0 Gift Giving feel good about yourself help others thanks for inviting helping friends assert power leave a legacy demonstrated wealth create obligation create relationshipcommunity Levi Strauss 0 known for structuralismthe way of organizing things 0 culture operates within a structure that people know but are unaware of there39s a word and there39s a signi er that means one thing structuralism is used in different disciplines including analyzing language myth he looks at all myths to see similarities breaks down myths into columnssimiar meanings uses Oedipus myth goal is to help us see what the myth is doing and why it includes that sort ofthing in European culture there39s a myth or story that starts quotonce upon a timequot and ends with quothappily every afterquot some of the things include good defeats evil dreams do come true


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