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week 3 notes

by: Kristi Meyer

week 3 notes 13456

Kristi Meyer
GPA 3.0
Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
Elizabeth Flandeau

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About this Document

Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
Elizabeth Flandeau
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristi Meyer on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 13456 at Grand Valley State University taught by Elizabeth Flandeau in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology in Psychlogy at Grand Valley State University.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
Week 3 of Psvch 300 Overview of what we did in class 0 There was a lot of things due in class this week a lot of confusion and a lot of schedule changes Lecture notes Day 4 0 One tail hypothesis one direction hypothesis 0 Two tail hypothesis two directional hypothesis 0 ie when you are measuring how one teaching method measures up to another method you will want to see both at the same time so making it a two tailed is best An example from the class Caffeine group H0 null hypothesis no relationship between a student s grade level and how many drinks of caffeine they have in a day Hoc scienti c hypothesis he higher a student s grade level at gvsu the more caffeine a student consumes Scales of measurement 0 quantitative numbers 0 Qualitative categories 0 Gender 0 Grade level 0 Interval o No absolute 0 0 Equal difference between two numbers I Temp on a Celsius scale 0 Ratio 0 Has absolute 0 I Time 12 o clock is twice as many hours as 6 o clock I Kelvin scale 0 Nominal scale 0 Categories with no order I Sex race gender ethnicity 0 Ordinal 0 Categories with a rank I Small medium large freshman sophomore junior etc Purposes of a literature review 1 Has the experiment been done before 2 Provide design ideas 3 Identify problems with the design 4 Do the experimenters need special participants equipment 5 Provide information for the project Start of chapter 9 What are research ethics 0 Things that limit what can and cannot be done Why are they important 0 Designed to be preventative measures so people don t do bad things Relationship between society and science Funding 0 Give people money Advocacy 0 People speak up and say what should be done with the money Con ict of interest 0 ie getting funding from a tobacco company for research of lung cancer fabrication 0 making stuff up falsification o changing results of the data plagiarism 0 taking someone else s work and calling it your own 0 can happen during reporting Avoiding plagiarism o Detect it I Reading someone s paper and they go from one way to super scholarly writing What happen when you plagiarize o Intentionally I Possible expulsion o Accidently I Talk to the professor about it and change it o In a draft I Change it before the professor sees it o In the final paper I 0 on the paper Why is plagiarism a big deal 0 Like stealing What is not plagiarism 0 Using your own thoughts and ideas must be in your own words What is the IRB 0 Institutional review board IRB they decide if your research is ethical Decision plane model 0 High cost low benefit normally not approved 0 Low cost high benefit normally approved Fidelity and Responsibility informed consent 0 Experimenter has trusting relationships participants need to know understand what is going on and done to them around the and know that they can back out of the study at any time Integrity must be honest accurate and trustful Justice who asks the questions and receive the benefits of the study The same person Respect for people s rights and dignities o If you cannot keep the data confidential then it is not ethical to do the study When is informed consent not required 0 Doing an observational study How do you do informed consent with minors o Assent agreeing to perform in a study 0 You need permission of parent and then ask permission from the child if both ok it then you have informed consent from both Passive consent 0 Giving consent by not returning the consent form 0 Returning the consent forms only for those who cannot participate in the study Active consent 0 Verbal agreement or signing a consent form for permission to participate in the study Passive deception o Deception by omission o Withholding information 0 Cannot do the study with deception if there is another way to do it without it Active deception o Deception by commission 0 Giving false information Dehoaxing before the study Desensitizing after the study You still need consent afterwards to see if you can still use the participants data in the study after you have debriefed them from the deception in the study Ethics of research reports 0 Authorship person who ran the study and did almost everything in the study is the first name in the paper Last author is who put forth the majority of the money for the study and did a little bit too The middle authors are those who contributed to the study but did not do too much


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