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by: yaya
GPA 3.93
Benjamin Palmer Whitaker

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About this Document

Hello all. These slides shows the business process of buying a surface tablet. If you need more information, please let me know. Thank you!
Benjamin Palmer Whitaker
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by yaya on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 4240 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Benjamin Palmer Whitaker in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see SYSTEMS ANALYSIS & DESIGN in Business, management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
Business System De ni on Peogle and computer technology gganized to meet a particular set of business objectives What a Business Systems Analyst Does 0 By understanding the business s requirements 0 And understanding the business s infrastructure And understanding the business s current application architecture Helps the business to change through the effective application of technology people and resources 0 O Adapted from httpswwwiibaorgCareersCareersunderstandingthesinbusinesssystemsanalysisaspx Business Systems Enterprise Business People amp Assets Processes Systems Business Rules Interfaces Software Exercise 3 Three Key Documents Income Statement Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement What do these documents do for the business A Slightly IVIore Complicated Business Model l BS Assets Investment Materials Production BVS A Revenue The income statement IS and balance sheet BS measure how well the business is performing according to wellde ned nancial reporting standards Hasbro Annual Income Statement values in 00039s Get uaner Data Period Ending Trend 1212812014 1212912013 1213112012 1213112011 Total Revenue I I 34277207 34082157 34088983 34285589 Cost of Revenue I I 31698372 31672901 31671980 31836263 Gross Pro t I I 2578835 2409256 2417003 2449326 Research and Development I I 3222556 3207591 3201 197 197638 Sales General and Admin I I 31315793 31269777 31269586 31236045 NonRecurring Items II I I 3305317 3338919 3302066 3339217 Other Operating Items II I I 399794 3125876 392369 382445 Operating Income II I I 635375 467093 551785 593981 Add39l incomelexpense items quotI 39 I 2289 9686 7242 18566 Earnian Before Interest and Tax II I I 3633086 3457407 3544543 3575415 Interest Expense II I I 393098 3105585 391141 389022 Earnian Before Tax I I I 3539988 3351822 3453402 3486393 Income Tax I I I 3126678 367894 3117403 3101026 Minority Interest II 32620 32270 30 SO Equity EarningsILoss Unconsolidated so 30 30 30 Subsidiary Net IncomeCont Operations I I I 415930 286198 5335999 385367 Net Income I I I 415930 286198 335999 385367 Net Income Applicable to Common I I I 415930 286198 335999 385367 Shareholders Currmt Assets cmmcmaqumto I ShortTerm ImamInto Not W I II I mm IIII other Cumrrt Aunts I I I I Tom Currant Aunts I LongTam Assets LongTumnvuhnurm Huck W IIII amountsta quotII WA Damnch TouAsuts I Currmt Lm Accounts quotI I snortTenn Debt I Currant Portion or Long Torrncht IIquot OIhIrCumnth TOMCumnth III LongTonnDsm IIII Oth lm III DotsrrodL rlyChIgu III Sod yummylunar tourummu stootHolamEquny CorrInon stout quotII I W39 IIII manlg IIII Treasury stow IIII otlurEquly In Totalarultr IIII tour rm 5 Equly 5893167 50 51094573 39 1 688 327131 5237489 5593438 8324528 65758quot 50 4532142 5252481 107433 51559395 3388919 5682449 5 1 5348794 5355594 244045 5594321 5375999 5715227 3km 5905558 5104847 5734181 33432176 1 1534135 1qu 5849701 51029959 5316049 5312493 2500112 5230414 5474925 5415659 5595187 Mm 5735070 534365 50 3300435 51396421 5461152 50 50 50 32818 5104847 5655943 1 52535549 15723071 5641688 50 51 5333993 5243431 3225392 0 5218021 5474792 5457293 5716976 50 131774 5751914 5180430 51 5370043 32713259 5104847 5630044 cl at 5359431 81411515 131774 Cisco Annual Income Statement values in 00039s Get Quarter Data Fallon Endllg Tuna 71292014 7139271392013 71200012 7W1 Toll Rovonuo II I I 51171412000 5115007000 5115051000 5113215000 7 Cost 0 Roman II I I 519373000 519157000 517052000 515532000 cum mot II I I 527755000 525M000 5352090110 5255350110 nundune Wt II I I 56291000 55942000 55408000 55823000 menusIo Adm II I I 51 14137000 511002000 511959000 511720000 Nonnowan m I I I 5118000 5105000 53041000 5799000 mounting um I I I 5275000 535000 5353000 5520000 own19 llcomo II I I 55345000 5111350110 510055000 57974000 A001 mum I I I 5934000 5511000 5590000 Elnllgo Baton hunt10 Tu II I I 5102579000 511010000 510755000 55553000 Immt Exponoo II I I 5561000 5553000 5595000 5000 anno Baton Tax II I I 59715000 51117000 510159000 57525000 hoomoTax I I I 51552000 512311000 52115000 51335000 Inhomy mount 50 50 50 50 Equly Elli1901000 Unconoolum 50 50 50 50 Sandaly Nd momCont Mn I I I I 593033 58041033 56491033 Not hoomo I I I 9853000 9303000 9041000 8490000 Not hoomo Applwlo to Common I I I 9853000 9303000 9051000 8490000 W 1110 712312014 5121 18033 51 591 033 1 331 GIJ 8671 14 712712013 5121230331 51 7603 51 3 12033 395521 7M12 59799000 5389170331 10324LCID 1 1 133311 7W1 5102190321 5141033 941CIIJ 713111 53918933 53331 033 0 31051911 391 1 LDIJ 53921 91 9033 531 15000 SE1 810119 5169981333 51 53916033 5168180321 52511000 53101033 50 387035 84372CD 850801 5149CID 813005000 520001000 8415030321 3111310033 521095000 5129280311 32973033 53161 011 831033 5136370331 3177311111 516297CD3 541 59011 55033 123901 31751311 5162340311 51914033 5411820311 Cumt Am cmmcmEqumm III I amtTalmlwommto III Him quotmm III I millenniumto quotI Tot Cumnt A quotI I LongTm Acosta LongTum Iwodmonto quotI I We ml Gom III I quotWAquot quotII WANquot III I mamtome Totleooto II Cunmt 1m Amtww m I wmnoobtimmtpomononongo I OllloICumnth IIII TotICumntlm II LongTumour Iquot mlm IIII WLWCW III I Hum MIMI all Totlumlloo II stodKHoIamEquly connon stou III I Capit Surplu mam19 III Tummyqu mam IIII Tot Equly Tot Llama a 15ny 5162150213 50 5508033 5913 3101131 Exercise 3 Three Key Documents Income Statement Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement How Did These Documents Get Created The General Ledger From wwwinvestopediacom A general ledger is a complete record of nancial transactions over the life of a company The ledger holds account information that is needed to prepare nancial statements and includes accounts for assets liabilities owners39 equity revenues and expenses So You Bought a Surface Tablet How did that affect the income statement amp balance sheet Revenue Cash 799 799 Inventories Cost of Revenue 39lt799 lt799 But what happened LET S DIVE REALLY DEEP So You Bought a Surface Tablet P93335233 Gfatbvlgfr You Acknowledge Charge your Book the GL Print Financial the order Shlp the tabla credit card transactions Statements MlCIOSO 39quot 7 PUt migblm Book the GL 39 transactions warehouse A l Assemble thelgtlPay for pa rtsxv Book the GLXXl Buy the parts l gt l tablet amplabor J transactions Decide to make the tablet Business Transach39ons My term for how things happen in a business including 0 How money and goods are exchanged between businesses and customers 0 How information moves within and between business processes Business Transach39ons Exercise 4


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