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Review Sheet

by: Michael Xiang Li
Fundamentals of Speech Comm
Adrinne Nowakowski

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About this Document

Fundamentals of Speech Comm
Adrinne Nowakowski
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michael Xiang Li on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GS 4030 at University of Denver GSPP Internship Consortium Predoctoral Internship taught by Adrinne Nowakowski in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of Speech Comm in University Studies at University of Denver GSPP Internship Consortium Predoctoral Internship.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
PSCI 3042 Introduction to International Relations Question Set 1 Instructions Please answer the following questions as completely as possible Remember that you must write your own answers REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING 0 Do not copy each other s answers Write your own answers 0 You must type your answers and print them out no electronic submissions 0 Do not copy the answers directly from the book Write the answers in your own words I have included relevant page numbers to help you find the answers Remember this will be your review sheet for the test The better answers you give the better prepared you will be for the exam Full credit is given if you make a reasonable attempt to answer all questions While I will check for major language problems I will not deduct points if you make a mistake 1 Define the following 1 113 at State a legal entity that government makes uses of sovereignty power to control hisher people and the land b Nation at collectivity of people s perspective of treating themselves in the same group because of the same culture background with these people in that group c IGO full name is intergovernmental organization an institution gathered governments from different states and these governments often get together to make decisions to solve particular local or global problems 1 NGO full name is nongovemmental organization means transnational organizations founded by private citizen from different country or distinctive cultural background have the rights to consult to the UN to solve global problems or search for common benefits and goals through gathering these people s different ideas and professional ideas toward a worldly issue Charles amp Kegley pl lpl3 2 What is schematic reasoning 8 Comprehending and reasoning new information by making use of memory and different kinds of communicational methods and different phenomenon in the world Charles amp Kegley p8 3 What is the definition of theory 26 Hypotheses of asserting or predicting how different conditions relate to each other in specific cases And people will make a prediction of whether or how each specific thing may be promoted to reach the purpose if all the conditions are in the right track Charles amp Kegley p26 4 Summarize the assumptions and propositions of realism 28 International politics is usually in uenced by people According to the text book people are instinctively selfish and avarice and usually compete others based on the purpose of myself or ourselves The nature mind cannot be controlled and expelling out this mind is not real So if a personpeople goesgo onto the political stage what they may concern about is for the state belongs to them For the country government of each state focuses on how to promote its national interest for the state itself This is the private duty for each state The ally from state to state is based on the same interests they share with each other This friendship may be repudiated if the interest no longer honors them For each kind of power for a state economic power is less important than military although the improvement of economic can just expand the state power and prestige it does not mean that the state cannot be always in a security situation It is because that states can never ensure their self protection through international security laws and organization they should use their efforts by the worldly governance to regulate new international behavior to ensure each states security Hence for states according to the anarchical global system it is necessary for them to have adequate armies to attack against potential enemies and to in uence over others For domicile the government should defend the revolt from rebellions for foreign countries defending being attacked So states should usually have a good base of military for the national peace and do not be hesitate to use arms due to it may make rights What is more the strong military will assure a state to expand the power If states seek to expand their power the stability will be maintained by the balance of power This balance will catalyzed by shifts in the formation and eradicate disadvantages that counter expansionist of each other Because these points above we can conclude that International politics is a war of all against all According to Thomas Hobbes due to human s hope of searching for interests and what government does just focus on the state itself 5 Describe some of the limitations of realism 3132 0 Government may lack of accurate prediction to use hisher power for national interest The government should know that what kind of power may benefit the state 0 Much of theories are vague may not be feasible for execute the national power for national interests 0 Realism may not help the improvement of world politics 6 Summarize the assumptions and propositions of liberalism 3234 Propositions International relationships can make the world to be more cooperated in the right track Assumptions international organizations and laws can control a state s anarchy and war 7 Define the following terms a Zerosum 33 a con ict relationship of there should be only one winner in a competition b Collective security 35 based on preventing a state from being invaded it is a security regime setting with a series rules under the sovereignty power for the peace of the state c Complex interdependence 35 states are not the vital roles security for a nation is not very necessary military is not inevitable for foreign countries it points out that international communication of each state may not be too much serious and cause negative effects d International regime 36 and 38 A persuasion to actors to let them support particular rules through telling them benefits in order to solve international problems or a specific problem 8 What are the limits of liberalism 3839 0 Sometimes it is hard for international organizations or institutions to solve international problems effectively because it is very hard 0 Morality is dangerous for foreign policies 0 Most states just care about their own security 9 What is constructivism 3940 States based on the selfinterest to search for selfinterest itself and construct a world power belonging to this state And social consciousness may in uence world politics in specific cases if the two states have the same consciousness they may be friends on the contrary enemies 10 What are norms 41 Standards of people s behavior once being accepted it will be the criteria to guide people how to behave in the right way 11 What are some of the limits of constructivism 4243 0 Constructivism may not be useful if new values and ideas emerged in the society 0 It overestimate the social agents have a clear purpose to change the negative conditions of social structure 12 Which theory do you think best describes world politics Why On a personal perspective constructivist theory may best describe the situation of world politics According to the test book actions of states are determined by socially construct and then accept images of reality to the meanings given to power politics Charles amp Kegley p39 Indeed if a state wants to be more powerful whatever wins a war of protecting the state or improving economics government needs to clearly recognize the conditions of the state and make the best use of them Why China could defeat Japan in the World War II we should thanks to chairman Mao Ze Dong Despite Chinese arms could hardly compete to Japanese at that time China have a good condition for guerilla war people are collaborated well that is good to be leaded and many prairies rivers mountains and forests for guerillas to hide in order to attack the enemies and guerillas can be exible to fight against enemies such as destroying communicational establishments and railway making barriers to prevent enemies from marching etc So thanks to Chairman Mao Ze Dong China could give Japanese myriad of troubles of invading If Chinese people directly fought against Japanese I think it is hard to win Reference Charles W amp Kegley 2009 World Politics Trend and Transformation Belmont Printed in the USA


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