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Chapter 3 Physical Development

by: AshLeigh Turner

Chapter 3 Physical Development Psy 2300

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > Psychlogy > Psy 2300 > Chapter 3 Physical Development
AshLeigh Turner
GPA 3.5
Developmental Psychology
Dr. Teresa Davis

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About this Document

These notes include all of Dr. Davis's powerpoint material as well as side noted included in her lecture and elaboration from my understand of the material.
Developmental Psychology
Dr. Teresa Davis
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by AshLeigh Turner on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 2300 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Dr. Teresa Davis in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Developmental Psychology in Psychlogy at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
Chapter 3 Infancy Physical Development Re exes Rooting Re ex Turning head and sucking in response to touch on cheek Grasping Re ex Curling of ngers around objects that touch palm Stepping Re ex Infants held upright so that their feet touch a at surface will step as if to walk Moro Re ex When head is neglected to be held up or it is dropped infants will thrust their arms forward as if to cling onto something so they will notfaH Swimming Re ex Tummy down infants will move their arms and legs in swimming motion When submerged Infants will hold their breath and open their eye Grasping First 2 months able to wave arms at objects 3 months can touch object 4 months can grab but timing is off 6 months can grab and hold onto objects Newborn Aptitude Tests 0 Apgar Scale Directly after baby is born Assesses heart rate muscle tone respiration re exes color Scale ranges from 110 Anything over a 7 is good Test usually ran twice with improved score on second round 0 Brazalton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale Assesses re exes and reactions to stimuli Typically used for high risk babies Milestones of Motor Development 0 Roll over 23 months 0 Sit without support 555 months 0 Can pull self up 775 months Crawling or Scooting 10 months 0 Walking 1213 months Every baby varies in their developmental abilities this is just an iiii 1 f 1 39 i n l Stage af wrm eirefapmmf A in average Several babies learn these abilities either sooner or later and are still smart healthy babies Sensation and Perception Research Methods 0 Preference Method Present stimuli simultaneously and see if infants have preference Preference which stimuli the infant spends more time looking at or paying attention to Problem faces if the infant doesn t look or pay attention to one stimuli over the other 0 Either the infant cannot tell the difference between the two or the infant has no preference 0 HighAmplitude sucking Different rates of sucking lead to different results Hard Fast sucks yield one thing Slow soft sucks yields one thing Habituation Decrease in response to a stimulus that has become familiar through repetition Look at something long enough infant becomes bored or use to it and looks away 0 Dishabituation Increase in responsiveness after stimulation changes Ex Looking at a pictures until you re used to it and then changing the picture lnfant Visual Capabilities 0 Vision least mature sensory capability Newborns can detect movement and track an object Blurry visual activity 20600 at birth 2020 by 12 months 2 to 3 months can discriminate all basic colors file brin il Weeit 3 MH39IZI39IE lillln ths From perception Understand partially hidden objects what cues do infants use Spelke 4 month old Habituate infant to block and rod with rod behind block The showed infants images C and D If infant views the rods as continuous they will dishabituate to image D Meaning image D is more new to them than image C is Habimmon stimuli V Teststimulli Whe n the 39 39 rod is moved behind the block it helps infants see the rod as A I 2m Thomson Hligiher Education C O n t I n u 0 u S 0 Common Movement Principle if parts of a particularly hidden object move together an infant will perceive the parts as a whole Glass ever Glass enIr patterned surface 39 Fleer pattern seen through i glass E Depth Perception Visual cliff Infant of different aged were placed on the shallow side of the table while their mother called for them from the side of the table across the deep end 0 Results 1 month old infants showed no difference in heart rate when placed on sthe deep side 2 month old showed heart rate was slowed meaning they were interested or curious 6 12 month old infants will not crawl across the quotdeep sidequot 9 month old infants showed increased heart rates as fear


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