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Week 3 PSYCH notes

by: Hanna Notetaker

Week 3 PSYCH notes PSYCH-11762-002

Hanna Notetaker
General Psychology
Dr. John Updegraff

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About this Document

week 3 of psychology notes
General Psychology
Dr. John Updegraff
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hanna Notetaker on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH-11762-002 at Kent State University taught by Dr. John Updegraff in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at Kent State University.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
Psychology week 3 Chapter 4 Neuroscience 0 Learning about the brain through 0 Losing parts of the brain I Lesion study surgically remove parts of animals brains and watching what happens after removal vs before I clinically observe the brain after injuries and diseases 0 Using parts of the brain I Record EEG Record the electrical activity of the brain and correlate it with certain activities I Neuroimaging Pet scan pic of whole brain showing activityenergy by detecting glucose fMRI blood flow to different regions of the brain Brain Structures 0 LOWER LEVEL I Brainstem old region that is in most animals breathing and heartbeat controlled here where nerves crossover I Thalamus functions as sensory switchboard nerves go to the thalamus which are then sent to other parts of the brain sends sensory info to cerebellum I Cerebellum voluntary movement and balance relays to the brain knows what to expect after the body moves I Limbic systemmotivations Hippocampus needed for memory formation Amygdala fear and aggressive behavior Hypothalamus o Hunger thirst sex appetite o HIGHER LEVEL I Cerebral cortex Frontal judgment decisions sends output to muscles Parietal sensory cortex gets input from skin and muscles Occipital visual Temporal auditory Corpus Callosum Divides brain at the center It connects LampR brain How LampR sides of brain share info Controls opposite side of body Hemispheres LEFT hemisphere o Perceives what you see on the right side 0 Controls left side of the body RIGHT hemisphere o Perceives what you see on the left side 0 Controls left side of the body 0 Perceives and expresses emotions o Inferences 917 psychological reality what we perceive is not physical reality what is real organisms perceive things in way that help them adapt to the world perception active process 0 brain makes guesses about what it sees not passive sensation how the outside world is perceived into the brain o distal stimulus reflected by lens 0 proximal stimulus image on retina converted by rodsamp cones turn into neuron impulse o neural impulses travel through the optic nerve perception organizing and interpreting sensations organized by brain into conscious experience seeing sensation is not a perfect process senses for 5 senses of the body cannot accurately perceive everything in the world brain 0 perceives things instantly and accurately o relies mainly on good guesses aka heuristics o slower than a computer 0 processes through bottoms up and top down I bottom up uses senses feature detectors scans for resemblances in things 0 eg when you see a face in a cloud I top down expectations what you already know I figures out what something is where is it and where it is going to go figureground 0 what is in the figure and what is in the foreground or background grouping o similarity o proximity o continuity o connectedness


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