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Week Three Notes

by: Nicole Josephson

Week Three Notes PSY

Marketplace > Syracuse University > PSY > Week Three Notes
Nicole Josephson
GPA 3.07
Dr. Randall Jorgenson

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About this Document

Detailed notes from the first week of classes. Hope this helps you!
Dr. Randall Jorgenson
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Josephson on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY at Syracuse University taught by Dr. Randall Jorgenson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
Week Three 09152015 Galen and Eysenck Galen39s Physiological Theory of Balance 0 2000 year old theory that personality and behavioral differences among people were related to the balance of the humors bodily uids in the body 0 Sanguine l excess blood Person is lively and upbeat o Phlegmatic excess phlegm Person is slow moving and controlled calm patient 0 Melancholic l excess black bile Person is worried sad depressed o Choleric l excess yellow bile Person is excitable easily angered Galen39s In uence on Hans Eysenck o Sanguine Extraverted and emotionally stable 0 The lntercorrelation of Traits Sociable outgoing talkative responsive easygoing lively carefree leader like 0 Phlegmatic lntroverted and emotionally stable 0 The lntercorrelation of Traits Passive careful thoughtful peaceful controlled reliable even tempered calm Melancholic lntroverted and emotional unstable neurotic o The lntercorrelation of Traits Moody anxious rigid sober pessimistic reserved unsociable quiet Choleric Extraverted and emotionally unstable neurotic o The lntercorrelation of Traits Touchy restless aggressive excitable changeable impulsive optimistic active H Eysenck o Believed that the limbic system is linked to emotional stability and neuroticism 0 Believed the ascending Reticular Activating System RAS is linked to extraversionintroversion Reticular Activating System 0 Responsible for regulating wake and sleep cycles 0 Selects what we need to be paying attention to quotgatekeeper of consciousnessquot If damaged a person will going into a coma Visceral Brain Activation and RAS Arousal 0 High RAS arousal and high visceral brain activation Neurotic introvert anxious person 0 High RAS arousal and low visceral brain activation Emotionally stable introvert 0 Low RAS arousal and high visceral brain activation Neurotic extravert psychopath 0 Low RAS arousal and low visceral brain arousa Emotionally stable extravert Research shows that psychopaths are able to hurt and take advantage of people and feel no remorse because they are under aroused Eysenck39s Personality Theory quotThe Big Threequot Model of three personality traits that everyone falls into oExtroversion Outgoing and assertive oNeuroticist Unstable and apprehensive irrational oPsychoticism Psychotic behavior unconcerned about the rights of others jeffrey Gray Two Systems Student of Eysenck s 0 Septal AreaD the tissue that connects the hippocampus and the hypothalamus 0 He believed that it served as a withdrawal system working to avoid fearful stimuli o Linked to the anxiety axis 0 Lateral HypothalamusD Responds to rewarding stimuli o Linked to the impulsivity axis Gray and Eysenck o Neuroticism lntroversion High anxiety lntroversion Emotional stability Low impulsivity o Emotional stability Extraversion Low anxiety 0 Extraversion Neuroticism High impulsivity Features of Psychoticism Aggressive antisocial cold creative egocentric impersonal impulsive tough minded un empathetic o Psychoticism is unipolar Temperament Buss and Plomin39sie nitgm of Temperam ent 0 quotPersonality traits that appear during the rst two years of life and endure as basic components of personalityquot Factors That Go into Determining Temperament 0 Activity 0 A persons physical energy 0 Running around children 0 Gesturing adults 0 Walking fast vs slow pace 0 Sociability o The desire to be around others 0 Extraverts score high introverts score low 0 lmpulsivity 0 Acting without thinking 0 Emotionally driven These temperaments show stronger correlations between identical twins than between fraternal twins Evolutionary Psychology and Mating Preferences 0 Patterns of behavior that relate to survival and reproduction transferring of genetic material 0 We look for mates who will pass our genes successfully l successful DNA transfer successful reproduction of themselves Mating Preferences Women 0 Close monogamous relationships 0 Are very selective 0 Are more threatened by their partner falling in love with another woman than sexual in delity cheating 0 Keeping the father around gives an advantage to the child Men 0 Are more likely to be unfaithful 0 Not as selective as women 0 Are upset and threatened by sexual in delity Difference between men and women s personal dating ads Women emphasize physical characteristics looks and tend to look for older successful males 0 Women these types of men because there is a greater likelihood of a stable family environment Men emphasize their wealth and nancial status and tend to look for younger attractive females 0 Men look for these types of women because they are more rtle and have more time to bear children m this Thm Data is correlational and cannot be veri ed 0 Despite our genes humans are very exible and adaptive and can develop different ways of interacting with one another 0 Humans are not shackled by our genes we have control 0 Our prefrontal cortex allows us to control ourselves 0 Teleological Fallacy 0 Text book example quotviewing phenomena in terms of their overall purpose design or intent rather than in terms of the mechanisms by which they occur quot Making an assumption about a phenomena based on their purpose rather than their cause


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