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Week 4 Notes

by: Margaret Moran

Week 4 Notes CL_HUM 1060 - 02

Margaret Moran
GPA 3.5
Classical Mythology
Michael Barnes

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About this Document

All of Barnes notes from week 4 of class, very detailed.
Classical Mythology
Michael Barnes
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Margaret Moran on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CL_HUM 1060 - 02 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Michael Barnes in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 09/20/15
91415 Exam 1 Information 113 114 50 multiplechoice questions Covers material from Aug 26th quotA greek Myth of Creation to Sept 18th Questions will be drawn from the lectures You need only a pencil scantron provided APHRODITE Birth Sprung from foam aphros around Ouranos severed genitals Characteristics amp Attendants Goddess of beauty love sex desire and harmony o Inspirer of early science Artistic representations often emphasize sensualsexual aspects 0 Often depicted as riding elegant birds swans geese doves o Revolutionary statue of Aphrodite naked Bathingcrouching Aphrodite Attendants of Aphrodite o The Graces Personifications of charm and beauty I Anoint Aphrodite with oil 0 The Erotes eros desire I Winged attendants of Aphrodite I Also known as Cupids I Wings show the Personifications of love s swiftness and fleetingness Aphrodite s Power Sophocles 941 p 393 o quotIn her is everything active everything serene everything that leads to violence She sinks deep into the hearts of everything that lives Power even over Zeus Two Myths Homeric Hymn 5 to Aphrodite Three goddesses over whom Aphrodite has no power 0 Athena 0 Artemis o Hestia goddess of hearth fire 0 All virgin goddesses do not feel the effects of Aphrodite To put an end to her boasting Zeus causes Aphrodite to lust for a mortal man Anchises o Handsome unsuspecting herdsman near Troy 0 Aphrodite bathed and dresses by the Graces o Disguise her as a young woman young virgin 0 Give her a fine set of robes and gold 0 Goes to Mt da near Troy 0 Passes a lot of beasts bears leopards etc animals begin to mate as she passes by similar to Aphrodite in Byrle Aphrodite amp Anchises o Anchises believes she s a disguised goddess o Aphrodite invents a story claims she s mortal o Hermes told me to marry you and have your children 0 Anchises says OK 91615 Aphrodite Reveals her Identity 0 Anchises is terrified 0 He knew from the second she got there that something was up 0 quotNo man lives in strength who has slept with a goddess 0 Basically means the experience destroys him he is infinite o Aphrodite reassures him with the story of Eos ampTithonos Eos and Tithonos o Eos goddess of the dawn o Eos falls in love with the mortal Tithonos o Begs Zeus to allow Tithonos to live forever 0 But Eos forgets to ask for eternal youth 0 Tithonos overcome by old age Eos stays away 0 Only his voice remains Back to Aphrodite and Anchises 0 Now humbled Aphrodite will stop mocking the other gods for sleeping with mortals o Aphrodite will bear a mortal son 0 Name is Aeneas o Aphrodite will return Aeneas to Anchises in 5 years 0 Anchises must not brag or reveal identity of Aeneas mother or else 0 Tell him that he is the son of some minor forest goddess o If you don t Zeus will smite you he will make you pay The Else Hyginus 94 Many years later Anchises get drunk blurts out secret to drinking buddies when boasting about how awesome his son is Zeus blasts him with a thunderbolt and kills him Other version quotsome say he died of natural causes 0 Kept his mouth short remained good true and noble as he was Aphrodite and Adonis The story of Smyrna Atoninus Liberalis 34 p 14 King Theias and Queen Cenchreis have a beautiful daughter Smyrna Cenchreis boasts that Smyrna is more beautiful than Aphrodite herself Aphrodite curses the innocent Smyrna Reveals secret desire to her old servant Hippolyte Smyrna has a quotterrible passion for her father Hippolyte s fateful plan Hippolyte tells Theias that an aristocrat s daughter wants to sleep with him in secret 0 Meet in a place that is purely black will not be able to see her face Theias fine with me After many encounters he realizes the woman is pregnant Arranges for light Smyrna prays to Zeus for deliverance o Theias is angry af 0 Carries a sword after daughter The Smyrna tree Zeus changes her into a tree calls it Smyrna quotMyrrhquot 0 Tree weeps resin 0 Used in perfumes Theias kills himself Zeus says the baby will live Their son Adonis o Grows up to be an intergalactic beauty 0 Incredibly handsome o Rub his penis for good luck Aphrodite and Adonis Adonis is a hunter beloved by Aphrodite Dies young killed by a wild boar The rose and the anemone from Adonis blood 0 etiological myths Aphrodite s tears anemone 91815 12 PLATo ON THE ORIGIN OF LOVE 0 Plato 4th century BC Athenian philosopher o Wrote dialogues featuring his teacher Socrates o The Symposium I Dialogue about a drinking party men only I Talked about the topicnature of love 0 Aristophanes myth pg 373375 the origin of love 0 Originally three kinds of human beings I Male female and both I double and completely round 0 Two faces two sets of arms legs etc o Malemale children of sun femalefemale children of earth femalemale children of moon 0 Attack the gods 0 Zeus what to do I Zeus splits us in two making us half as strong 0 Zeus sends Apollo to turn heads and limbs around to face the wound I Where skin was pulled tightbely button 0 People start dying off so they finally move genitals to the front 0 Each of us desires reunion with original quotmatching half I This explains sexual orientation


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