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Week 3 Strength Notes

by: Alyssa Notetaker

Week 3 Strength Notes ENGR 2530

Alyssa Notetaker
GPA 3.665
Strengths of Materials
Professor A. Shahsavari

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About this Document

Notes from 9/15 and 9/18
Strengths of Materials
Professor A. Shahsavari
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Notetaker on Sunday September 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 2530 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Professor A. Shahsavari in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views.


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Date Created: 09/20/15
EW i r g1quoti39j ff 39 3 Z L quotf2 339 39J39f39F W 3931 W 2 a 73 Jr 13 if S 39J I 0 Ev39amuu 5 H939 5 1 mic D g 1 4 m r c windy3921 Ea 39t 3 ME I 10 39 Uquot V hw w ahf s I t L 5 ME 2 F30 0 j 1 0 2 4 1 SW1 0 3 rF53 m shmr mmmm m w WQU u m 1 Mini WHY 7 z SWEEbES Dy1i ms m L n UWWIR 0 mil OWEm WW 4 0m to LDFWW am Are mechwr39d 0 m W EL39L TWDE EW WW 5 mm Jrcm 09 W t m EJ LL Vf Gquot 7 quot EE Mike39s LOW Lh b k b bkk k b39 a a CH quot Kb Z 999 My i3 3qu g g O In JJJJJJt 339 Hm m U 0M 3 223 I in 0 1 a i if if A I a k a m a A E w m 5 12 may 31 01mm 3 5303 Z M 39 w i r 12 fa MAG NLN VGK39Mg 14 33 391 2L NZQLNaS quot k w l 4 a 39 muaaaaaaaadamp JWWWW V l i j 1 I R Q if u UM 2139 HP I I I F LL L at 39ra 1 39 a 1 7 3 a 39 r39 W1 L W W i 0W SWW HX 4 CH quot 13 Cl 3 35quot 6 27 O HI Cu 5 ah blmi dmliw A tugjwi39w39af OT Sh f39a39t W lm mm r 1 CM r f u Ui vi i irf Midi le NWGVQ THE4 f f EE 7 quot WMquot Lf M W x fa 1 331ij Part 717quot WT M T mil tom 5w 393 Mm 010 wad 3H1 v a Cm 39 g 10 CW mm g 39 Tl 5 5 0V A193 J a I 1051122 41 Uli W 7w 1quot r Salk 239 F 39iUi 0 wi3 H i gs Wham my mmi A r T i D Oquot z a 1 E a 0 E2 739 E LEW0392 LFfYVU JO an um 01 tgw5k2 3qampJEw D gqqlga t4 l 5 01 My quot V033 3 00 L a a quot a EM 5 C t F a u 3f 6511 39 l km w quot H 1 i D L1 v e hni 41 39 J VWVJLX C 39 a g a I 1 V 5 00 ir l 41 fit NHL 1 Q If 39ka l iii Mji39 ifquot r rnl F v M39ch 439 M f3 m WUle IDOL 1 RI d G39Mf f Wadi r r r a a 1 9 Hum F R 39 39 My 395 1H 9quot I F39L K Asu will 7 d l 2 u 23 s farm gt Jr ft mquot V 8Y i H Oh r ridm UK D WOWM W demunn Yquot is I VE CVf awg Wm Ifquot quotm WY WW a SI a IQ E J O Ii 1 5 HO n h 1 3quot in 103 N hi1 KF LB Z USf 1013 K h313quotquot u r y I a FE 39 39 1M 1 s r 39 g I I Inf UHF quotr a r PL 1 l39 u an r a 0 Q M1221quot 06 3 L L33 Hf lullE754 k pp famp H a NCW a r A r a r n m a mama Wm t w x 1 i f gt 75 db 1 mm 6 WEquot K Ha up 05quot 1 w 931 1 1r vigil a 5 K L 1 25 1 g p D ijf h f f lt a La LEE Q 6 yme 390 3 L 39 k 0 0935 A JQSEl 393 H Y is To K qmm 03 WW am now TY PW Ohm i I I a 7r n r A r 39 m 155 533 twin r w r r 1 m 391 rfry p r gemrwuf u h mm m m 4r W Ofvquotp hi L mm 39 L 500 mm m 1 b0 L 25171 9 aw 3971 k39 Fl 17 39 quot117039quot quotham 7 quot5 39 39 w gt u 4 kg WW I k39fw39r 39 umt d 39 rif rl39i i quot i1 lq may 7 7 RU LO LT r4 Lg i 00 P mmquot 7 3 L 5 a 1 0 1 J E q a mm w new PfV N HU EWF Kaiin r 394 EPLb K H 500 f WW IT 9 quotH L L b I I L L 191111111111


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