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Week 4

by: Cody Cuddihee
Cody Cuddihee
GPA 3.4
Live Animal and Meat Evaluation
Bryon Wiegand

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About this Document

Week four's notes
Live Animal and Meat Evaluation
Bryon Wiegand
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cody Cuddihee on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to F_S 2114 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Bryon Wiegand in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Live Animal and Meat Evaluation in Animal Science and Zoology at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
Week 4 Wednesday September 162 2 15 12 2 PM Monday looked physically at lambs Wednesday Retail cutout on lambs39 Next week Carcas fabrication how to break them down Next Friday may be able to eat lamb Historically we have discussed wool breeds and meat breeds But now we have hardly no use for wool 0 Govt subsidies ended Most high end products are imported Most popular is marino We do not raise marino in this country 0 Mostly used for meat Before beginning to evaluate lamb varcasses the carcasses the must be identified as to their sex condition or classs and their maturity group kind it is necessary to identify kind and classs of sheep posted Lamb carcasses Approx 2 to 14 month of age 0 Have the characteristic quotbreak jointquot on at least one on their front shanks 0 Must have at least one breakjoint to be lamb o If no breakjoints than its mutton Flank muscles on the inside of the carcass vary in color from slightly dark pink to slightly dark red 0 The ribs vary from quite round in shape to moderately flat and show redness on their surface Meat Page 1 Yearling Mutton carcass Aprox 12 25 months of age 0 Have spool joints on both front shanks or one spool joint and one imperfect breakjoint or imperfect breakjoints on both front shanks Color of the flank Mutton Carcass Older than 24 months 0 Always have spool joints 0 Color of the flank muscles on the inside of the carcass varies from dark red to very dark red Ribs are wide flat and the color of mature bone Breakjoints The break joint is the epiphyseal carilagininous area of the cannon bone which is not ossified in young sheep It breaks easily in this location when pressure is applied 0 In older sheep the epiphyseal area ossifies and fuses to the diaphissi Ewes Identified by the presence of the udder n muttons the udder may be wet and removed at time of slaughter n lambs and yearlings the udder is present and it is a relatively long smooth fat deposit Wethers Identified by the presence of cod fat 0 In contrast to the udder cod fat is rough and irragular Rams Meat Page 2 Less fat in some scrotal area than either wethers or ewes Fat is irregular shaped like wether Wide heavy shoulders and thick necks Weright Hot carcass wt is almost always obtained on lamb carcasses just prior to chilling Chilled carcass wt is calculated from hot carcas wt 0 Hot carcass wt is shrunk 275 obtained to chilled wt Dressing Chilled carcass wt is divided by the live wt and multipied by 100 Ribbing Ribbing lamb carcasses are ribbed between the 12th and 13 th rib to expose the ribeye muscle and actual fat thickness 0 Lamb carcasses should be quality graded prior to ribbing Lamb carcasses are yiled grade after ribbing Ribeye area dots per Square inch answer to exam question 0 Count the dots that are touching meat thatll tell you how much meat is there 0 The area on boht the right and the left eye muscle is measured because they sometimes differ in area 0 The right and the left areas are averaged to obtain the ribeye area Quality grade 0 Based upon composite evaluation of conformation maturity and quality of lean fresh 0 Quality of lean flesh is evaluated but Lamb shoulder is usually used for ground products Meat Page 3 Rack leg loin shoulder in order of most to least valuable FRENCH MEANS EXPOSED BONE 91815 0 To rib them cut between the 12th and 13th rib Leg Loin Rack Shoulder The shoulder with shows how young the animal is 0 Back fat is measured right on the top 0 To measure the eye spit the eye and measure the fat there 0 because they are show lambs don t go below 11 or 12 0 Primary flank streaking is in the area you would think is the flank 0 Secondary is towards the head a bit more in the middle of belly Meat Page 4


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