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MKTG 25010 Lecture 3 Marketing in the News

by: Kathryn Notetaker

MKTG 25010 Lecture 3 Marketing in the News MKTG - 25010 - 003

Marketplace > Kent State University > Marketing > MKTG - 25010 - 003 > MKTG 25010 Lecture 3 Marketing in the News
Kathryn Notetaker
GPA 3.3
Lawrence J. Marks (P)

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About this Document

Marketing in the News week 2 notes, Lecture 3
Lawrence J. Marks (P)
Class Notes
25 ?





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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathryn Notetaker on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKTG - 25010 - 003 at Kent State University taught by Lawrence J. Marks (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING in Marketing at Kent State University.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
9915Lecture 3 O 90 O 00 sports tv advertising grows on broadcast cable gt gt gt gt traditional tv networks grows dependence on sport programming con nues broadcast tv sports advertising is us 8 on a compound annual growth rate basis to land at 85 billion for the 20142015 tv season why live programming little timeshifting of content and less advertising avoidance are the main reasons understanding consumer39s behaviors Moffettnathanson says as a percent of overall dollars TV sports has taken growing share 37 of total broadcast network ad dollars in 20142015 it was 29 in 20102011 importance of tracking and understanding trends non sports advertising from tv programming has declined down 1 on growth rate over ve years to 143 billion for the four major English language networks cable tv networks have also seen better results over the last ve years in sports advertising up to 8 to 41 billion ESPN takes the lion39s share with 24 billion rising 6 over ve years NFL network is at 4075 millionA gain of 34 followed by ESPN2 at 3623 million at Golf Channel at 302 million up 7 and NBC sports at 200 million up 14 Apple event to focus on new iphones apple tv and siri gt along with new iphones the iconic tech company is expected to show off a new apple tv system and a bigger role in the home for siri its voiceactivated digital assistant importance of new product introductions quotapple s master plan is to be ubiquitousquot said Jordan edelson of softwar rm appetizer mobile explaining why apple is increasingly designing its iphone and siri to interact with cars televisions and quotsmartquot home systems it isn39t a sure bet apple rivals like google samsun and Microsoft are building their own technology for internetconnected cars and homes apple sold a record 183 million iphones in the nine months since realizing iphone 6 and plus which have bigger screens than earlier models that has allowed the company to remain higly pro table even as Samsung and other phone makers struggle satisfy consumers at a pro t apple is expected to unveil a redesigned apple tv settop box with new capabilities for apps and games plus recognition fo siri voice commands to search for shows and retrieve weather forecasts and sports scores the current model is a few years old and does little beyond playing video and music updating and improving products to keep consumer interest analysts say the new tv box is part of apple s broader strategy to carve out a bigger role in the home for instance the new apple tv could serve as a hub for siri to control lamps thermostats and other quotsmartquot appliances using apple39s homekit technology it could also set the stage for apple to later introduce a streaming video service aimed at competing with Net ix and other internet entertainment services 0 go gt smarter sirieven without an apple tv new iphone software will make it easier to set up automated homes including having lights turn on and window shades go up when you tell siri on the phone quottime to wake upquot Subway is running out of options gt gt subway says it is attempting a fancy new makeover corporate strategies need to change and update sales are falling the most of any of the top 25 fast food chains as customers choose restaurant chains like chipotle instead and perception of the brand has eroded since a scandal involving its former spokesman jared fogle need to track competition image issues subway also fell 2 spots to become the 3rcl most popular fast food restaurant for the rst time in seven years but subway39s makeover plans which include a marketing campaign and menu items fail to address the biggest problems of the brand if subway cant x these issues its likely that sales will continue to fall 1 not keeping up with the competition with its vegetables and lower calorie counts subway arguable invented the ide of quotfreshquot fast food 2 decades ago but while subway stayed the same better competitors got into the space competition is always interested in satisfying your customers better than you can do or want to do chipotle offers food that is raised without llers or antibiotics and is prepared fresh in stores rehouse subs and potbelly offer elevated ingredients and side dishes such as gourmet kettle chips and potato salad americans who once praised subway s lowfat offerings are now concered the chain s lunch meats and sauces are overly processed with llers and additives quotwhat americans see as healthy has evolvedquot drew harwell at the Washington post writes quotsubway hasn39tquot The need to track changing consumer tastes and adapt to them 2 focusing only on restaurant growth as American tastes evolved subway food remained largely the same subway opened more stores without changing the menu today it has more than 42000 locations worldwide bigger than mcdonalds quotmore people have money to spend and theyre choosing to spend a little bit more on better concepts where they get better productquot Darren tristano executive VP of industry research at the data rm technomic quotSubway s strategy has only been to open more stores and ultimately those stores just cannibalize each otherquot in other words subway is so ubiquitous that customers leave one restaurant to go to a closer one that does not produce growth


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