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Week of Sep 14 notes

by: Kyle Marshall

Week of Sep 14 notes RELI 180-001

Kyle Marshall
GPA 4.0
Ernst, Carl

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About this Document

Notes from Sep 14, 16
Ernst, Carl
Class Notes
25 ?





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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kyle Marshall on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RELI 180-001 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Ernst, Carl in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see INTRO TO ISLAMIC CIV in Religious Studies at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
Sep 14 2015 The Qur an Day 2 Source of contemporary violence 0 This is how it is viewed 0 It is 100s of years old it makes no sense to extend violence to a modern context Opening 7 verses long Sura Z longest Sura 3second longest o Decreasing size in general Very few date markers 0 Meccan early short powerful rhyme intense imagery o Medinan late long prose debates 0 Delivery over time questions answered as they arose 0 Last sura in the Qur an was the first delivered Why long to short 0 Aesthetic o Caliph Uthmad wanted it 0 Answer is unclear Who is audience What texts is it related to o Refers to Hebrew bible new testament Talmud and books cut from the Christian bible I Qur an meant for those who knew a LOT about these texts o Intertextuality 0 Never really completes stores only completes the story of Joseph 0 Assumes people already know the stories IMPLIED AUDIENCE o Familiarity with other sources eroded over time references are lost I Ex Entry of Israelites to Promised Land does not name Caleb and Joshua specifically just mentions that two people made it I Meccan apparently already knew their names Intertextual formulas o Qur an as the continuation of gospel texts o Refrains of sura 55 and psalm 136 I Qur an comments and debates election of Israelites as common people 0 Law of retaliation Exodus 212325 AND Sura 545 o Narratives of Sura 18 People slept in caves dogs slept at its feet 0 Mary Sura 3 and the Infancy of the Gospel of James Ring Structure Symmetrical Composition 0 Called chiasmus making an X or chi or chiastic composition I AB A B 0 Easy to miss we are used to linear 0 Why ring structure I Memory aid in ancient times I New testament Iliad Chinese lit preislamic poems written in this form 0 Types I Simple Chiasmus ABA B I Parallel ABCA B C I Mirror ABCC B A I Concentric ABCDXD C B A Sura 60 o ABCDC B A 0 Calls believers to not be allies of God s enemies I Loyalty to God trump family ties New Testament Ring indicates Central Part of the Sura the most important aspect at symmetrical center Qur an indicates multiple religions are in God s plan Sept 16 2015 The Struggle For Leadership Fitha seduction or temptation as a term for civil war Background of 1St civil war 0 O O O commander of the Believersquot by decision of a Council I Abu Bakr 632634 I Umar 634644 I Uthman 644656 Selection based on close association with Muhammad and piety Tensions during Uthman s reign I Competition over loot I Argument over ownership and taxation of conquered land I Tensions between soldiers and well connected land owners I Positions of responsibility given to youth I Minor alteration of pilgrimage ritual I Resentment of codification of Qur an Con icting accounts of revolt lack of leadership First Civil War 656661 3440 0 O O O O O Assassination of Uthman 656 Selection of Ali Shi a support My awiya rejects Ali A isha amp allies raise army for Battle of the Camelquot Ali s attempt to appoint governors known for piety Failure to punish assassins some avoid choosing sides Battle of Siffin 657 postponed for arbitration Ali deserted by Ultra pious believers for caving in to arbitration Failure of arbitration Mu awiya conquers Egypt Suppression of Kharijite rebellion and sequels Ali s son Hasan favors Mu awiya Criteria for leadership 0 Piety o Precendence in the community 0 Kinship to the prophet later development 0 Practical leadership skills Sunni Rightly Guided Caliphsquot 0 Will not discuss caliph disagreements will not discuss civil war 0 Can t expect perfection in a leader no one is sinless Between wars 0 Resume conquests I Expanded to N Africa Persia Constantinople o Resentment of Mu awiya s large estates 0 Still recognized Christians ews as believers 2nd civil war 0 Mu awiya attempts dynasty for his family 0 Shi ites as partisans of Ali and his descendents I Son of Ali crushed in revolt of Husayn 680 Shi ism identity based on matyrdom o routinization of charismaquot Weber turns religious movement into increasingly ordinary organization 0 disputes over rule over Believers within small circle of Quraysh Recitation Misconception Islam has no one authority 0 False There are multiple Quiz Review Sep 17


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