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JRNL 120: Week 4 - 9/14, 9/16

by: Sam Sizer

JRNL 120: Week 4 - 9/14, 9/16 JRNL 120 W02

Sam Sizer
GPA 2.92
Journalistic Tech/Prof Writing
Erick Lauber

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About this Document

Journalistic Tech/Prof Writing
Erick Lauber
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sam Sizer on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JRNL 120 W02 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania taught by Erick Lauber in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Journalistic Tech/Prof Writing in Education and Teacher Studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
Journalism 914 Chap rer 3 cont Wri ring in inver red pyramid con r quotlead con r 0 summary lead I combines m oF all 5 W s 4 mos r impor ran r oF rhe W 0 delayed inden ri ca rion l wi rhholds name oF person 0 immedia re ide ri ca rion l uses public gurecelebri ry s name 0 anecdo ralnarra rive l s rar r wi rh a mini s rory 0 scenese r rer l descrip rive like c rion I not For hard news 0 blind I ex rreme delayed inForma rion delibera rely reases reader 0 roundup l ra rher rhan Focus on one personplace rhing gt impress wi rh longer lis r 0 direc r address I use secondperson voice 0 s rar ring s ra remen r l ca rch reader oFFguard in rs r sen rence o wordplay l amusing s rar r quotavoid leads like 0 Topic leads I convey no ac rual news 0 ques rion leads I irri ra ring s ralls 0 quo re leads I don r summarize s rory 0 dic rionary leads 0 speak rover39 leads I no r impor ran r rha r he spoke i r s wha r he said 0 rease leads I roo cu resy 0 fhere rhere39 leads I s rar r wi rh rhere is are were was 0 calendar leads I rha r rime of year rha r quotaF rer The lead 0 add ano rher paragraph I nu r graph in a nu rshell39 gt adds res r oF Fac rs used iF no r all W39s are in lead quots rory s rruc rure no onesize rs all 0 inver red pyramid l hard news I breaking news 0 mar rini glass lead key Fac rs chronology of even rs kicker 0 kabob anecdo re nu r graF mea r mea r mea r anecdo re keeps readers From being bored wri ring rips 0 keep paragraphs shor r 0 one idea per paragraph 0 add rransi rions 0 use ro break up grey rex r l bulle r l sidebars l subheadings big nish 0 kicker I plan ahead I don t end in summary I avoid clich s I end wi rh a bang 916 Chap rer 3 cont Rewri ring wri ring is rewri ring 0 makes i r be r rer 0 Few s rories come Fully Formed quot5 reasons ro hi r dele re key 0 passive verbs l s rar r sen rences wi rh subjec rs I replace quotro be wi rh s rronger verbs 0 redundancy I avoid unnecessary modi ers o wordy sen rences 0 jargon o cliches Fogindex nd a rypical example avg number oF words per sen rence number oF hard words wi rh 3 or more syllables add avg number oF words ro number oF hard words mul riply by 4 mos r Americans read a r abou r a 9 rh grade level I aim For 7 rh or 8 rh grade level I Bible Mark Twain TV Guide gt 6th grade level quotEdi ring 0 beFore you wri re l assign s rory I plan angle l es rima re scope l an ricipa re packaging 0 while you wri re l wa rch layou r 0 aF rer you wri re l edi ring con ren r I copy edi ring l cu r ringpadding l assign Follow up s rories News wri ring s ryle quotevery news ou rle r cus romizes guidelines 0 copy desk s job ro s randardize s ryle 0 know AP amp news ou rle r39s s ryle Making The deadline Deadlines are manda rory quotPass The deadline checklis r 0 accuracy 0 Fairness and balance 0 wri ring s ryle 360


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