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BS 161 Week Two Notes

by: Sarah Struble

BS 161 Week Two Notes BS 161

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Biology > BS 161 > BS 161 Week Two Notes
Sarah Struble
GPA 3.95
Cell and Molecular Biology
D. Koslowsky, J. Merrill

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About this Document

Chapter 3 and 4 Macromolecules and the Cell Theory 9/14-9/21
Cell and Molecular Biology
D. Koslowsky, J. Merrill
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Struble on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BS 161 at Michigan State University taught by D. Koslowsky, J. Merrill in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 91 views. For similar materials see Cell and Molecular Biology in Biology at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
BS 161 Week 2 Notes Ch 3 and 4 Nucleic Acids polymers DNA RNA monomer nucleotides Bond in Nucleic Acids bond between monomers Phosphodiester bonds DNA always double stranded held together by Hydrogen bonds between base pairs C G A T antiparallel RNA U replaces T single stranded one molecule can base pair with itself alpha helix structure folds on itself there are RNA molecules that perform enzyme functions rybozymes Lipids hydrophobic energy storage Fats fof4 not polymers but are made from smaller molecules bonded through dehydration reactions constructed of 2 smaller molecules glycerol and fatty acid glycerol 3Carbon alcohol with hydroxyl group attached to each carbon 7 H r H ll C IZ H OH OH OH fatty acid carboxyl group attached to long usually 1618 carbon skeleton H acidic because of the carboxyl group 2of4 Triglycerides 1 glycerol 3 fatty acids combine through dehydration the 3 fatty acids can be the same or different N I H H H H H I u I l I I I H L U C f I H I I I I I H II H II M 0 II M IIII H II I I I I I IhlOCCCH I I I I I II II II II II II II II n I I I rH I I A I A U I A I q I a I z z z t vary in the number of carbons and the presence of double bonds no carbon double bonds saturated these have ALL the hydrogens they could have they are saturated with hydrogens solid at room temp fatty acid with one or more CC double bond unsaturated there could be more hydrogens if the double bonds weren t there cannot solidify oils are unsaturated H O H H H H I Hco5t a n AAAquot 0 H H H H H H H IIIIIIII HC O C CC H H H H H H o u H H H H H H u 5 I 39 39 L 39 39 H c O c LC C H H I N N N Hquot Phospholipids two fatty acids one glycerol phosphate group at the end polar hydrophilic head nonpolar hydrophobic tai amphipathic molecule water liking part and water hating part 30f4 phospholipids dropped in water form layer with fatty acid tails sticking up into the air phospholipids blended in water form a sphere where the surface is the head groups and tails are inside away from the water called a micelle another type of micelle vesicle phospholipid bilayer with heads facing the water and tails inside 0 at quotrV gt t g 4 a 39 quot339 39 f J 393 Water riff is 5 5quot 539 39 vesicle s 2 46 JL g J I c if h F c damn Mlcelle Other kinds of Lipids Terpenes found in biological pigments Steroids hormones an no N m N N N I 1 N I 4of4 Cell theory all living things are composed of cells life processes happen inside the cells metabolism heredity basic unit of life all cells come from cells by division cells are small cells are compartments little bags of chemistry to get glucose across membrane it takes energy what goes in does not equal what goes out why membrane Prokaryotes karyote nucleus pro beforewithout prokaryotes are cells without a nucleus Eukaryotic Cells diverse developed internal membrane membranebound organelles Nucleus info center DNA codes for RNA gt RNA leaves the nucleus and then codes for protein in the cytoplasm RNA moves out of nucleus through pores proteins are made in the cytoplasm but instructions are given in the nucleus proteins have signals signal sequence depends on the signal tags on the protein MM 00 i Y39Jo llllf a vu may MP WM r I M amun39bOkb l r u dv r 3 if a quotmen quottn 2 I 54quot 3 an I 1mm h hhvs oJsl M39ahcoj39a Sondra


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