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Week 3 Lecture Notes - Recent Theories in Sociology

by: Jessica Twehous

Week 3 Lecture Notes - Recent Theories in Sociology SOCIOL 3100 - 01

Marketplace > University of Missouri - Columbia > Sociology > SOCIOL 3100 - 01 > Week 3 Lecture Notes Recent Theories in Sociology
Jessica Twehous
GPA 3.8
Recent Theories in Sociology
Kara McGhee

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About this Document

These notes are straight from the lecture!
Recent Theories in Sociology
Kara McGhee
Class Notes
recent theories in sociology
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Twehous on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCIOL 3100 - 01 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Kara McGhee in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Recent Theories in Sociology in Sociology at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
98 Notes week 3 Presentation Commodity thing that satisfies human needs Use value and actual value More value to items that require more labor time average skill of work force state of science technology degree of practical application Notes Marxist Philosophy amp Economics Money is true because we believe it it is a fictitious commodity What is capitalism A mode of production in which tradecommerce are governed by a notion of private property we either have a scarcity or a crisis of abundance resource distribution causes certain classes to emerge the worker is involved with continuing the wheel of capitalism Wealth Use Value Exchange Value quot These explain how capitalism functions Marxist Philosophy quotPhilosophers have only interpreted theh world in various ways the point is to change itquot Marx Xi Theses on Feuerbach Review 0 Alienation 0 Structural workers can39t even afford the items that they make exploitation o Psychological workers feel like cogs in machines because they can39t see their finished product 0 Material conditions 0 Geography amp natural resources 0 Population density 0 Mode of production Marx recognizes 5 the tools and knowledge that we have Mode of Production 1 Primitive community huntersgatherers Slave state a few are serving others Feudal state who owns the land lord gets a share Capitalist system notion of private property includes commodities Socialist society we39re living a sustainable lifestyle environment humans W WN What is life 0 Dialectical materialism a way to theorize existence 0 materialism was important because it opposed idealism 0 Historical materialism theorizing social change throughout history offshoot of dialectical Previous opposing theories 0 Mechanistic materialism we39re all governed by certain natural laws and there39s only one way that things will go o Metaphysics considers the process of development on a quantative level Hegel 17701831 c Dialectical idealist the worker can get over their exploitation if they believe their life is great deals with the spiritual realm o Dialectical believes that things are related NOT separate interconnectedness the world isn39t black or white it39s grey Marx Roots Relationship to Methods of Production Mobility Class Branches ldeas family religion politics justice beauty Hegek Roots ldeas justice good truth relligion Mobility State Branches Individual existence Dialectic Synthesis Thesis gt opposition lt Antithesis The Dialectic in Action Thesis Feudal Lords Antithesis Serfs amp Peasants Synthesis Thesis City Life Antithesis Guilds Antithesis Proletariat Synthesis Thesis Entrepreneurs Synthesis Classless Society quotCommunismquot Exploitation 0 Relationship between capital and labor 0 worker has to be paid less than their labor is worth for profit 0 Mathematical or moral o Marx says it39s primarily a mathematical principle 0 surplus labor how profit is made workers not being paid for what they39re worth 0 laborers put in time and effort to improve their work being healthy sleeping eating improving benefits the capitalists without them being compensated for that Presentation LaborPower and Capital Marx 1867 Labor Power The capacity to do work Labor the physical act of working The abstraction of human labor into something that can be exchanged for money Labor power exists in any kind of society but on what terms it is traded or combined with means of production to produce goods and services has historically varied greatly Rules of Selling LaborPower Labor can appear on the market as a commodity only if the laborer offers it as a commodity The laborer must be the inarguable owner of his own labor Laborer and owner of capital must meet in the market and deal on the basis of equal rights quotequal in the eyes of the lawquot Laborer should sell their labor only for a definite period Avoid selling themselves slavery Rules of Selling LaborPower Laborer must offer sale only the laborpower within themselves means of production must be provided People are consumers before and while producing Labor must be able to be reproduced Supporting family basic needs food fuel shelter Must be able to reproduce conditions of work Educationtraining is a commodity Value of LaborPower quotMinimum limit of value of laborpower is determined by the value of the commoditiesquot Value fixed up on entering the market Notes Marx is obsessed with where value comes from bc a lot of people in his time focused on consumptioin and not production What is the origen of this value Not what happens to it when it39s exchanged on the market Where does value come from LABOR If the value of commodities comes from labor it is not honored by society Main points Commodity fetishism Labor power Usevalue Exchangevalue Marx would say wage labor is inherently expoitative Workers must be paid less than their product is worth in order to make profit It would be irrational for capitalists to not to maximize production with the cheapeast cost of labor Mostly because labor is paid for AFTER you do it Fetishism to associate value to an item intrinsically Money is a social construction we believe in it It39s NOT objective or intrinsic Money alienates people from each other In society there is always labor power it39s just in what form it39s a process and phenomenon that39s specific to that time and place Commodity is anything which has exchange value Humans are alienated from their own labor from the capital Labor is extracted from humans Fetization of monev happens when we forget that people have the power not the money our power and agency is not rooted in objects Capital is more highly valued than labor Great amounts of wealth are created by debter Crediters assume you are going to need the bank39s money to afford your things Debters are just as important to the system as the crediters


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