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Weeks 3 & 4

by: Ashley Jerread
Ashley Jerread
GPA 4.0
Basic Working Relationships
Mr. Robert

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About this Document

Here's the last two weeks of notes guys! I did them together because there hasn't been a lot!
Basic Working Relationships
Mr. Robert
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Jerread on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SWK 240-002 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Mr. Robert in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Basic Working Relationships in Social Work at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
SWK 240 WEEK 3 amp 4 1082015 Review WAT we need to listen and ask questions no talking Improve upon what they39re saying no pattern Why don39t ask why questions What would be helpful to work on 0 Good positive opening question Strengths perspective 0 Let the client set the tone and run the shower you just need to be listening and accepting how can I help you with this Trauma Ask how you39ve been able to make it through 0 You were able to show up here today how39d you do that 0 Look at easy step by step goals 0 What do you want to do 0 They have to make a choice 0 They need to decide if they want to be open with you 10102015 Strengths Look at speci c strengths What is your client good at What do other people think your client is good at Give them examples so they understand what you mean SolutionFocused Interview 0 Explain what client can expect during the meeting 0 30 minutes talk and take notes 0 Then take a short break amp review notes 0 Bring client back in and continue talking 0 Con dentiality Paraphrase Elicit client successes so far Listen for what39s important to the client Paraphrase Ask what the client has done Direct compliment Summary Ask questions Be an attentive listener Summarize what39s said WNHooooooo 10152015 10172015 SFBT Basic Practice Steps Handout from Class Complaintant my husband child says or is This is a complainer Customer type relationship person decidedwanted to work on something called in themselves Visitor was sent to see the social worker this happens often Crisistrauma this is a completely different ball game NonProblem Talk chit chat or conversational talk Con dentiality however will talk to supervisor if needed Take notes short hand slow down keeps you focused don39t think about what you39re going to ask use key words from the client Short break in the middle can be 30 minutes or can be very short depends on client PRESENCE be really present and focused with your client RELATIONSHIP amp BEING FELT this is very important Attunement listening to tones and phrasing honor who they are as a person Resonance sensing feeling FELT How is this a challenge for you ask this if you don39t understand how something is a problem for your client Optional questions tell me more about that What would you like to work on HOW VS WHY Christopher Germer passionate mindfulness Bruno Brown vulnerability Miracle question 0 Go through whole day and then you39re asleep 0 Miracle happens 0 Try to focus the client on something realistic with current resources 0 Expand quotI won t be sad ifquot or quotWhat does that look like to youquot Look for exceptions what else very important question This is a game with the client be creative and let the client think out of the box Moving forward ask for details about the changes what39s different now that this miracle has occurred Find out their goal here has anything like your goal ever happened before exceptions What was successful How can we work towards this every day So if you39re not depressed what else can we work on compassion show support here Constantly repeat quotwhat elsequot Desired outcomes how would you feel if How would you do that How39d you do it the last time How can we make it happen again Positive attitude 7 on a scale is doing GREAT Focus on the strengths they39re doing the best they can with what they have available to them Don39t focus on depressed times focus on times they were happy What was going on then that made you have these positive feelings On the scale only work up little bits at a time make the goal seem achievable and close in their reach Give them a con dence scale what would it take for them to maintain that con dence or to move up 1 point on the scale what about a half a point THEN after discussing the scale we take a brief break Regroup feedback Paraphrase everything that the client has said compliment them here amp show compassion amp show that you have been listening to them Here use the strengths perspective Give the client a task to determine what exactly has been working well for them have them determine the exceptions from the bad times Focus only on the good times FINISH session ask client if session has been helpful have them use the scale again thank them At next session you always start with quotwhat has been betterquot


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