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General Management and Operational Effectiveness

by: Mrs. Brice Lang

General Management and Operational Effectiveness GBUS 7608

Marketplace > University of Virginia > OTHER > GBUS 7608 > General Management and Operational Effectiveness
Mrs. Brice Lang
GPA 3.56


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Brice Lang on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GBUS 7608 at University of Virginia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/209569/gbus-7608-university-of-virginia in OTHER at University of Virginia.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
If You Can t Take the Heat 58 Fletcher Robbins Kitchen Makeover 9272007 ft Sort gt Goal Eliminate the muda and prioritize the inventory gt lnventorled each shelf and drawer gt Rated each item based on frequency of use High emed multiple times perweek 48mmsunngmvegetablepeelm rehhit sounuel MediumWomanme multipletimee permonth Low ml or redundant items 1 Cookie unirs mm W meet him Never dysfunctional or expired items I Standup grater drinking straws canned sauces gt Results Retained High39 and Medium items or relocated Low items f Discarded Never39 items Sorting What you don t know can 39 9i 3 Containers of Peanut Butter 5 Wh39SkS Corner Cabinet Middle Shelf Inventory gt Takeaways Utensil Bin We store a lot of utensils that we never use due to redundancies Several occasions of duplicate inventory of consumables indicating that we purchased supplies before we needed to Set in Order gt Goal Utilize available space more effectively by prioritizing placement of items based on frequency of use gt Stops Minimum Establishedvaluetorealee me J Eyebvditembeuommnmhhpm Tepdtmieumtobeuundme 4 Fmtefahelfieeupe ortobaek 4 mwummwmwmmmmm Determined iiorganizational accessories would bebene cial Considered physical limitations of items ltemsmayonly tenee alnshelvesunleses bmgemved Setting in Order Everything in its place gt Best real estate upfront and within arms reach dedicated to most hmhly accessed items gt Decided against lazysum due to awkward geometry 5 145quot Top View of corner cabinet interior r J himg rm n gagumgg W69 R 5 WE i lfi ii im Vi l i f 9 d T 39 mBiQ Q voir u if swmsaiiu drawar am 94195 cabmngt EC pmm hag nggmgamma amagggfg g 9 Shine 5 Goal Ensure that that area is safe clean and Inviting Steps Wummdlmmwrm onm Rdocutodcumn yinnppmpnamyphoodm J Wampum J memmmowdhh mmw J mmwmmmhw Wanddunodmpamdummnwnwy Assignad utens stocomparunentswmn dmeroruaninr gt Results Dangerous utensilsand ro hazards have been waived Unsavory perishables have been props of Shelves and drawers are more appealingto open Standardization s Goal Develop a set of practices to maintain a good normalquot condition and assign responsibility to stakeholders s Steps Identity potential savings to standardizing work Obtain buyin from management Le my wife Develop a nightly audit process Create a visible invean system that guards against redundant purchases and tracks expiration dates Ensure checks and balances if one person does the cleaning the other person performs the nightly audit Standardization Bene ts and Management gt Potential savings and bene ts Es mmmmmhmmmmmdwm 50worthofeoneumeblesendutenelledeumdredundentor expired Healthierenvtmnmentendlncteaeedlomevttydpropelly malntalned equipment dif cult to quantity gt Management buyIn and checks 8 balances SSWMaMwh yhardsolsincemymlamednvento mlntalnlno deenllnees than myself lnoorporatedmywllelntheea lerstaaeedftheproject ammmmmmmmm I Reenmmendeduganiza onalaecesso es Challenges Mymlsonnnomofmwnsolamlenmmm Standardization Nightly Audit Process gt Puform sweeping visual Inspection through kitchen Sinknnddryinonck 4 mmmtmmumhmmuwm Wreandhblumnabm J mummme J mmmm nwm mNmtmmwmm Gountursandrmguop I MOM A mallsploupnmundaumhdonmpinm Utensildrawer Am utensils in appropriate pompammnt f mmmy WEWIIE W o QM WB may Grimm o W mmgh WNW w l xb k wb n my mm I Hum Wm H Wham Hm f Wars3quot H ng 1 hi39quot 11c 5 x Ja u M r wank ags 354 v wquot 1 77 r 2339 I 139qu BL h L L Af rm L 5 H q A El En Sustain gt Goal Develop discipline necessary to realize bene ts from 58 project gt Takeaways Sorting step eliminated e lot at redundancies which were not missed during the week Audit process designed in promote standardized behavior was not truly tested due to minimal disturbance to the system over the course of the week Order was maintained within the target quot333 099 39039 the WV Wei Wail Drawer 1 week later 53 Outcomes and Challenges gt Estimates of tima saved Cleaning10mian J WWwMuWMWMwW J Mammammmmmmmmmaa WWW Shoppirigzominperweok A Drymbommmoppimw A Munsmmamwmmhm A WWISQWWMMMMOWMM gt Lingering challenges Comer Cabinet AmmmwmaWWMmmmm Sustaining accountability 1 Matrix breaks down as sdndulos change Appendix Bad Normal State From Previous Submission Current Condition gt Location of need Kitchen Food prep utensil drawer Plastic tupperware cabinet Nonperishebles cabinet gt Operators Myself and my wife gt Typical Use 5 occurrences daily 2 separate breakfasts 2 lunches 1 dinner gt Examples of Good and Bad normal exist Evolution of Normal gt Different layouts present challenges and Opportunities 0 Previous residence J Seplete shelving unit designated tor lnli39equenuy accessed ltonns J quotmains rack for sto mldlaphvim pols Fm utensils less dupllcates Raising oountertop eploe reek Current residence 4 Lezymrean buiiHn forstorlng pots and mlxing bowls Deeperoabinets allow nuns to get lost Awkward comer bind m operlino with deep mess gt Good and Bad habits carryover Good habits employed for flatware pistesldishes cups and glasses wraps and foils Bad habits persist for challenging utensils tu mare misc I Bline Key Accomplishments Eliminated large platform at end of B line reduced WIP to O at electronics stations Benefit One piece flow simulates pacedindex line aids visual managementstd work audit Established sequencing rules for B line to optimize flow Benefit If orders enable sequencing we can eliminate repeat bottlenecks Moved operator from A line manifold cell to new manifold cell at start of B line Benefit eliminated supply constraints on B Implemented greenyellowred light to pace line stations Benefit Demonstrates time remaining at work station encourages pace setting Bline Accomplishments cont Revisedshifted WS activities eg WS 3 to WS2 Benefit Allows for WS time below takt time Established water spiderline roamer roll to replenish parts break down boxes support assembly at stations 3 and 4 when mix outside of takt time Benefit Allows water spider to complete work otherwise reserved for line associates enables water spider to fill in when mix is outside of takt time Established water spiderline roamer standard work Established area administer standard work and audit schedule of standard work Established playbook for outsidetakt time options eg ca button offset doors for electronics stations Bline Loading Chart BEFORE Time in secs Operator Loading Chart B Line Before 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 O 2 2 900 3 3 1150 4 4 1140 5 5 1040 6 6 720 7 7 1020 El Station I Time Station I Bline Layout AFTER Operator Loading Chart B Line After TT 1125 E 1200 7 0 0 m E 0 E I Station 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ITime 1046 1052 1104 1060 1070 1097 1041 Station Time to test air test first 5 manifolds ofthe day


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