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Topics in Algebraic Topology

by: Ila Haag

Topics in Algebraic Topology MATH 8850

Marketplace > University of Virginia > Mathematics (M) > MATH 8850 > Topics in Algebraic Topology
Ila Haag
GPA 3.5

Michael Hill

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About this Document

Michael Hill
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ila Haag on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 8850 at University of Virginia taught by Michael Hill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/209573/math-8850-university-of-virginia in Mathematics (M) at University of Virginia.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
L C U re BOCVSl dA Spchra Sequences More T39i e Covef o dang edJ lan a spacMJ seguenae B cts n 53 quotNch cw Nb mam Flow deA NEW 0 book Keeping conwlx ons La39l 2 be a an OWN 13 NA Id peK be 0 cabal 2712009 Lee H lac o 3 Kmoa 23E TLQ 3045 th R kokon o H wi k resped 0 P is 31m L3 EMF pquot H M49 43910quot 3C MGM as suck 4L3 MUH ha 1 on M s lawHuh M is KM Mad13 39p dwisi39u0 39 M m6 Fan Gr 0 n 39Paai 0 Ram Egan 90 Pm SMShan3m39 51 Pquotm m7s D F n lg EM M TR Cellvnkons we ve Mcokarca before on no r like 4143 39ILH F was 3 F M QgE A CJbukon is Iquot M an M g 02 FARM Thetac noL39ons are Mpofjrwd39 shun 4103 k us 5 how Wt a My0 m A c2 H I 4m musk 4 Wok W 5 1 M L n aws 39fdivh39lble elcva39s 144 Ln hank RH 3 HdeoF 0w 2 410 is um obvious Now cowsfdgr 51 3Mquot end Stowems 393 o lmfquot EH H lm50 Essakqug b3 msbwko FmFMH 5 43 FP Moddle ms law mm 1 easier in wofK Wm m good cases 39 a IF the EM has pquotquotd M in Fman M 3 a 34 Appl lna L M k6 W ns h 55 LAB LES HnmFIl gt idea6 v HnmF 6 HayWA FH3 Am we ad M exad cwph DMquot Hpqm 7 L Dpquot2 139llgtDaq E 7 HvqFP F H II Hqu F 0 Hpiq P P 1 FD I F a Ell HNJEP F9 Hrquot FFKr h 59 0 gt DP mumF94 gt HM 9 TL assodokd SS is h Bods rcin spedrd Seqvmm 1139 d emhqk m nt BocKS fm SS Wrg Ht 39P CNBn0la 43F dlmuhal and knee delta Phrslon Ho iZp 0 TLIA F nr l 8quot 11 J TL uSu 2 Maps 8 1 arm1M 0 11403 HF nHF39HH 1 L o so EPJq Wz P9 oePn I I 0 0A Lc Ps com pn i d 56h HVHF91FP quFHFn gr 613m reasons 39Hm39s La andquot 39rF Pig la Connecting mm W m u diagram 0 552 quotu39k Saw0AM 1 HFnFml mars 0 39Hrt gm 0 1 HFn 3quot gt 3quot 4 0 4 3quot 21 Rum I 372 0 117 1 lo 0 gt ENE 93 Tl3quot Z 70 3quotquot c gt 3 quot H 0 1M WP H FI 7 H F FnL is Ko o aviouS Swab 30 we Conckd CL HIFnF HFn1pw3 is cm I39so 2 EL 2 P o o ow Z Z t New 0 2 oso H E 01 OJ 5 expecled Example a SAM sdwp M 17 2 Again Equot fZz P PM 0 OJ 4 93 aquot o amz gtvl 5 gal37 a l4 H La e a 2 s Tl gt a WM 9 o quot1393 3 H 0 Undv Em 3 EM Fnz d C 1 l d 0 Few LL oc tampuk Jo C a 1 1H GMQUH S h exWMS our d xa uu M2 90 O 3 9 2r anl quota galgm 399 D 11quot l39 q l o oxyzfll a 2quot s TI 5 amam o and e an a o m auckw 0006 a suds a h 14 awake E g1 we N H gv W


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