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Week 4 Notes - Recent Theories in Sociology

by: Jessica Twehous

Week 4 Notes - Recent Theories in Sociology SOCIOL 3100 - 01

Marketplace > University of Missouri - Columbia > Sociology > SOCIOL 3100 - 01 > Week 4 Notes Recent Theories in Sociology
Jessica Twehous
GPA 3.8
Recent Theories in Sociology
Kara McGhee

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About this Document

These notes are straight from the lecture!
Recent Theories in Sociology
Kara McGhee
Class Notes
recent theories in sociology
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Twehous on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCIOL 3100 - 01 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Kara McGhee in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Recent Theories in Sociology in Sociology at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
917 Notes week 4 The Spirit of Capitalism and the Iron Cage Time is money Credit is money Money is a prolific generating nature The good paymaster is lord another man39s purse pay punctually The most trifling actions that affect a man39s credit are to be regarded We think money is most important thing but our WELL BEING is most important How is capitalism religious How do people act together weber How are people organized or divided marx When a society is industrialized a peasant becomes a worker Marx39s Conflict Theory idea of bougouisie vs proletariat both of exist within a system but have oppoosing interests because of group membershp there will be conflict we all have to imagine we39re one human community to overcome social problems Marx says about consciousness it39s their social being that determines his consciousness Marx capitalism Weber bureaucracy These theorists are not in opposition to each other Weber builds on Marx39s theory Marx Historical Materialism Weber39s Questions What are the origens of capital authority Why did modern capitalism take hold in the West doubts about modernity through science and through hard work that humans will improve themselves Religion tool of the capitalists to keep the workers working marx idea Religion more complex proletariat is not a victim but religion touched everybody39s lives Weber felt that protestantism reflected the economy here in the US Versteten idea that social scientiists should seek to understand notjudge Positivism amp Causal Explanation is hard with people in societies How does religion support capitalisim when it39s looked down upon to have too many possessions here on earth Life chances Weber came up with this concept some people will move up some down but some people will have more life chances than others based on luck and resources Weber39s main departure from marx is STATUS Weber thinks class positioned is determined by more than just yourjob but by a multitude of things Ascribed status vs Acheived status ascribed born with can39t change acheived things acheived Everything is relational you know what you are based on what you are not Most people are status consistent Weber sees alienation in specialization hyper rationality Social action based on four different motivators 1 affectual social action human response personal response to situations 2 traditional social action rituals tradition 3 value rational social action belief of the quotright wayquot to do things 4 instrumentalirrationality social action means to an end reaching a goal Iron cage of Capitalism Food is a commodity humans are only entitled to food if they have the capital to get that food society and the conception of what life could be to people metaphor for groups being stuck in things they don39t want to be doing and don39t benefit them marx describes what living in an iron cage does Relationship between ideas and interests Weber elective affinity ideas have a life of their own Marx false consciousness ideas become ideologies in class struggle they are used in benefiting the upper class in a class struggle Nietzsche cognitive dissonance ideas are used by individuals to make sense of their own realities Capitalism 0 Compulsive apparatus or o Locus of freedom Weber capitalism is freedom without equality Marx capitalism is compulsive apparatus Freedom 0 Realizing necessities Marx or 0 Making deliberate choice between open alternatives Weber Weber is focusing on individual liberties Marx is focused on how classes and groups of people are looking for freedom Weber Methodology 0 Comparitive method 0 Unique preconditions o Combats 39naturalization39 or inevitability 0 Take into account the sociohistorical situation 0 Predominant psychological state 0 Social structure 0 Meaning of an object Social Action 0 Level of cause objective conditions 0 Level of meaning subjective reality Ideal Types of Social Action 0 Tradition custom or habit o Affectual crying at a funeral o Valuerational praying to get to heaven 0 Instrumental rationality calculate most efficient way to achieve goal Dubois o Veil dominant group needs to have lifted o Doubleconsciousness people with a marx status have to deal with live in your own realm but also account for how other people see you based on your social status 0 15th amendment There are theoretical insights through LIVED experience Marx and Weberjust theorize from what they know about things not actually have lived them


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