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Life Span Development

by: Vanessa Mraz

Life Span Development NUIP 2240

Vanessa Mraz
GPA 3.98

Connie Lee

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About this Document

Connie Lee
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vanessa Mraz on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NUIP 2240 at University of Virginia taught by Connie Lee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/209612/nuip-2240-university-of-virginia in Nursing and Health Sciences at University of Virginia.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
ChapTer 6 The FirsT Two Years CogniTive DevelopmenT Connie W Lee AssociaTe Professor SepTember 12 2008 The FirsT Two Years of Life lCogniTive developmenT proceeds aT a phenomenal pace lMany Think iT sTarTs aT concepTion lThe firsT period of cogniTive developmenT begins aT m lTransformaTion from an infanT To a Toddler Thru adapTaTion AdapTaTion The essence of inTelligence IAssimilaTion 0 Schemasquot Is a menTal sTrucTure ThaT represenTs some aspecTs of The world We use H To organize currenT knowledge and provide a framework for fuTure undersTanding lAccommodaTion New informaTion To The mindreadjusTmenT and refinemenT PiageT39s Theory p 148 l InfanTs Think exclusively wiTh Their senses and moTor skills InfanTs are acTive parTicipanTs in Their cogniTive developmenT PiageT39s 6 STages II Reflexes BirThl monTh sucking grasping sTaring and lisTening IIIFirsT Acquired AdapTaTion 14 monThs Reflexes To environmenT grabbing a boTTle To suck iT lIII Making InTeresTing SighTs LasT 48 monThs Responsive To people and objecTs PiageT39s 6 STages conT uIV New AdapTaTion and AnTicipaTion 812 monThs Purposefully responsive To people and objecTs and anTicipaTing evenTs and engaging in goaldirecTed behaviors Trying Table food many will spiT iT ouT aT firsT because The don39T have The coordinaTion To chew and swallow and whaT noT uVNew Means Thru AcTive ExperimenT 1218 monThs LiTTle ScienTisTs by Trial and error uVI New Means Thru MenTal CombinaTion 1824 monThs AnTicipaTe and solve liTTle problems uConnecT cerTin behaviors wiTh cerTain ouT comes InTelligences lSensory OPosiTive vs NegaTive OYelling aT The child To change behavior or praising Them can Tell by body launguage or Tone aT young age OPleasure vs pain OCan recognize The colours of food They like vs don39T like yellow organge OPercepTuaI experience lMoTor OAcTive vs passive parTicipaTion OIf walkers are used Too early The child doesn39T crawl as much and Those moTor skills will suffer lLanguage Language InfanTs are well equipped To learn from birTh oBrain readiness oAudiTory experiences during The 3rd TrimesTer oFeTus can hear whaT is going on around iT oNoises and gesTures oCrying To mulTiwords oChilddirecTed speech oDon39T correcT baby Babbling aT 67 monThs Deaf infanTs Babbling universal Deaf infanT will be delayed in speech speech is learned Through hearing A few words aT abouT 1 year of age When vocabulary reaches abouT 50 words Then 50100 a monTh Language delay


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