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ARCH 5450

by: Mr. Wilton Marks

ARCH 5450 ARCH 5450

Mr. Wilton Marks
GPA 3.87

Earl Mark

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About this Document

Earl Mark
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Wilton Marks on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 5450 at University of Virginia taught by Earl Mark in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/209616/arch-5450-university-of-virginia in Architecture at University of Virginia.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
POLYGON MODELING Primitives modeling is Maya usually begins with simple primitive shapes used to create complex ones create gtpolyg0n primitivesgt attribute changes can be made in channel box best to change these right away Components vertices edges faces component mode Iightclick and hold on object to select which component type you want vertex poin edge same as selecting all vertices touching edge face same as selecting all vertices touching face UV control texture placement components can be manipulated normally except for UVs a er selected Booleans polyg0ngtbooleansgt union join two polygons into one difference second object selected will be subtracted from rst intersection where objects interesected will become new object Starting from scratch polygonsgtcreate polygon tool creates polygon surface from scratch click vertex points and press enter to close surface ensure planarity keep surface s points all in one plane Extruding select any amount of faces editpolygonsgtextrudeface gives you a universal manipulator ased on normals of object not world coordinates 5 channel box divisions attribute allows you to change subdivisions on one extruded face at atime if you lose manipulator press t to show it to switch manipulator from local to world click little blue circle on manipulator allows you to rotate multiple surfaces on world axis rather than all their own individual normals random if on extrusions will randomize intensity of manipulations keep faces together if off adjoining faces will extrude apart from each other ANIMATION General video 30 frames per second can set this in animation preferences box in lowerrighthand comer preferences timeline playback speed realtime 30 fps Keyframing a new le starts on frame zero select an object press s this sets a key on the current frame a red tick mark is added to the timeslider on the frame that the key was set move to a later frame and manipulate object as desired with object still selected press s again a second key will be set press play or scrub through timeslider to watch object move from rst keyed state to second keyed state move to yet a later frame amd maniupulate object again with object still selected press s again a third key will be set press play to watch object move from rst keyed state to second keyed stated and then to third keyed state Keying from Channel Box setting a keyfrarne in the channel box allows you to select only the attributes you want to key speci cally makes modifying animation simpler later on pressing s sets a key on ALL of an object s keyable attributes to set a key select object and click the name of the attributes you want to key rightclick and hold on the attribute s name release on key selected Keying Shortcuts shi w key all translation attributes shi e key all rotate attributes shi r key all scale attributes Deleting Keys click and drag around some keys red tick marks on timeslider press backspace or select red tinted attributes in channel box rightclick and hold on them select delete selected Scaling Keys condense keyframes speed up animation or spread them out slow down animation click and drag around some keys in timesli er click and drag outer black arrows of red box you dragged around keys Moving Keys click and drag around keys in the timeslider click and drag inner black arrows and slide keys where you wish Animating on a Path create a curve select object you want to follow curve shi select curve animate gtm0ti0n pathsgtattatch to motion path motionPath node edit to get correct orientation set on curve positionMarkerShape node edit to change timing values set on numbers click number on line ends and middlemouse drag them to change where on curve object beginsends Graph Editor use perspgraph splitview button underneath toolbox mathmatical curves are colorcoded to match their attribute listed on the left can click a single attribute to display only the graph for that particular one press f to frame displayed graphs can zoompan as normal in graph editor as well manual editing black dots represent a keyframe can move whole lines with movescale manipulators marquee over part of a line to select it can marquee over dots they turn yellow and movescale them can set individual coordinates of a dot in stats boxes timesnap will keep dots on frames won t allow them to be sit on fractions of frames tangent handles each dot has 2 handles that can be moved to in uence curves to tweak animations select a dot marquee around a handle middlemouse drag to rotate a handle tangent types select a line tangentsgt spline smooth and oaty linear constant velocity no acceleration stepped no animation in between keyframes good for camera cuts at smooth tangents are at Cycle Curves allows an animation to repeat forever in graph editor panel select curve in graph editor curvesgtpost in nitygtcycl e to see it graphically viewgtin nity What Time Is This Place Kevin Lynch mm Pnssszh dmMissadwscusaudlmmon rumquot 55 1015 rm Av L3 C b ovyrishl v um m Maxwthuyn b mm nr lulumlugy nu Mk uslemma av mu LlMhmd mum by leH I39anui Drmr m m m Lmu lm mm mm m Wm 1y M n r vth mm i comm r aAJ wmd by m c m m uy m in nlumal a mm no vi 4 m msmx m 1 pmumu mummy quotWNW rum5 and 39g m m m my mum mngu m mlhu quotmum m mm an he 1mm Longwucaml mus in l ublmmn Om Lyml KM ml rnlluvyhn39v v my p mgrt nkAddnsw V m u mags lmmcs cymme 4 n m mme cmsM 5 1mm v so 7271M 5sz 726271204 The Turn Inside The hnughh 1me how mu cnmmnmcnl upw souls m min rmxresunnhr pm me pieaent and m fulum m M mm mu bummrdcr rmmm huw nur mm m our mim 5 expwlnnrc limkhmv me xsbulh mu m and yet zlsu huw w uuu ws have anqu II I 14 the it ul his mlcnml me lo the Rim m idv 1 i Nu thm u thl b k zm39mu emphasig nu a DS pulm n o rn l r 3 m5 of me unive e and guhlc m mu nun minacn uyu mnvumrnl mum Hgrowthmundcmnmlmrmnncprnduh 1 m rhythms havn mm p munIhulviJmunmLlrmdunqr unr lhc aliemitmn of deep quota r quot ebnmnmg39 a 5 1s 5 mm 0 am pm n y lvulwu n ma npe 3 n d n 1mmmmunmrmonmshmm 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