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Introduction to Architectural Design II

by: Mr. Wilton Marks

Introduction to Architectural Design II ARCH 2020

Marketplace > University of Virginia > Architecture > ARCH 2020 > Introduction to Architectural Design II
Mr. Wilton Marks
GPA 3.87

Monchaux Nicholas De

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About this Document

Monchaux Nicholas De
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Wilton Marks on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 2020 at University of Virginia taught by Monchaux Nicholas De in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/209617/arch-2020-university-of-virginia in Architecture at University of Virginia.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
ARCH 202 Intro to Architectural Design Spring 2009 ARCH 202 Scholars Lab Class Page httpwwwliblirninia 39 39 39 39 I I sclassarch202indexhtml Scholars Lab httpwwwibVirginiaeduscholarslab gt What is GIS Geographic Information Systems is atechnology for Visualizing analyzing and managing geographic data To start the ArcMap GIS software in the Scholars Lab Start gt Programs gt GIS gt ArcGlS V93 gt ArcMap gt GIS Data Scholars Lab Shared Drive K Double clickthe desktop icon Scholars Lab GIS Data This opens the GIS data directory on a library server K and launches Windows Explorer Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville provide GIS data for use for UVa faculty staff and students for educational purposes These datasets are copyrighted and not to be redistributed or used for other purposes A few of the data layers available on the K drive City limit boundary polygon Building Footprints Census Boundaries Blocks Block Groups Tracts Hydrology Streams Rivers Lakes Parcels land ownership polygons Recreation Parks Trails Rec Centers Schools Districts Buildings Elevation Contours Transportation Bus Routes Roads Parking Lots etc Imagery aerial photography The most recent Albemarle County GIS data is available for download at httpwwwalbemarleorg where you will search for GIS Dataquot and go to the first link returned to access the download page for GIS datasets On the Scholars Lab shared drive KAlbemarle7CharlottesvilleCharlottesvilleM RSIDMosaic you will find a 2002 aerial photo covering all of Charlottesville


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