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Introduction to Architectural Design II

by: Mr. Wilton Marks

Introduction to Architectural Design II ARCH 2020

Marketplace > University of Virginia > Architecture > ARCH 2020 > Introduction to Architectural Design II
Mr. Wilton Marks
GPA 3.87


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Wilton Marks on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 2020 at University of Virginia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/209619/arch-2020-university-of-virginia in Architecture at University of Virginia.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
Architecture 202 Alexandria GIS Spring 2007 Chris Gist Digital Scholarship Services Alderman Library cgistvirginiaedu Geostat Website httpfisheribvirginiaedu ARCH 202 Page httpfisheribvirqiniaeduservicescassarch202indexhtml Geography is information about the earth39s surface and the objects found on it as well as a framework for organizing knowledge GIS is a technology that manages analyzes and disseminates geographic knowledge ESRI www gis comwhatisgisindex html gt Alexandria GIS Data The City of Alexandria has provided a large amount of GIS data for use for UVa faculty staff and students for educational purposes This data is copyrighted and is not to be redistribute or used for other purposes The data is available for use via the network in the Geostat Lab and on DVD in the FAL The data layers available include the following Enterprise Zones City Limits Building Footprints including 3D Census Boundaries Hydrology Piers Shorelines Streams Lakes Parcels Zoning Recreation Parks Trails Rec Centers Schools Districts Buildings Elevation Contours Transportation Metro Roads Parking Lots etc Imagery Viewing GIS Layers in ArcMap ARCH 202 Alexandria GIS Feb 9 2007 Page 2 ArcMap is the premier desktop GIS developed by a company called ESRI and is part of the ArcGlS software suite which includes other data management and visualization tools Sorry Mac users ArcGlS programs are only available for Windows In the Scholars Lab fifth 1 v 1 I 11 H Double click Virginia City GIS Data This maps the GIS data directory on our server to the U Drive and launches Windows Virginia llny I315 Data Explorer Start ArcMap Start gt Programs gt GIS gt ArcGlS v91 gt ArcMap In the opening dialog box accept the defaults and select OK To add data click File gt Add Data or just click the Add Data button from the toolbar Unfortunately the resulting dialog box does not have the U drive listed Use the Connect to Folder button to launch the Connect to Folder dialog box In this box you should see the U drive Select the Alexandria directory and hit OK You will now see contents of the Alexandria directory in your Add Data dialog box In FAL or other ITC machines Get Alexandria discs from reserve Insert disc into drive Start ArcMap Start gt Programs gt GIS gt ArcGlS v91 gt ArcMap In the opening dialog box accept the defaults and select OK To add data click File gt Add Data or just click the Add Data button W from the toolbar Unfortunately the resulting dialog box probably does not have your optical drive listed Use the Connect to Folder button E to launch the Connect to Folder dialog box In this box you should see the optical drive Select the optical drive and hit OK You will now see contents of the disc in your Add Data dialog box All Users Browse to another data layer and add it to ArcMap ARCH 202 Alexandria GIS Feb 9 2007 Page 3 4 untitled r ArcMap r Arclnln W lmll l bnlw quot13907 lxmlsvmv lmlv raw jl l graham lime l l llo xnra Menu and N toolbars k Data viewing area Table of Contents w E into n ltl M cum gin Li a ulA390391 may ln llW32 39llQlSEOEllk l idl Ll 1 l lxmlspmv may ll i must Ll ix f mule n4 jll ljnIg Avavl i 311mm 51 ssazssu 2mm Notice the data layers draw in the viewing area in the order they are listed in the Table of Contents T00 80 you may have rearrange the layers in the ToC in order to see them in the viewing area ARCH 202 Alexandria GIS Feb 9 2007 Page 4 Symbology There are two techniques for changing the way a layer is displayed 5 Untitled v ArcMap r Arclnlo le Edit yew insert election Incl 3 595 F5 Layer Alaxy The first method involves double clicking on the swatch under the layer name to launch a dialog box where symbology can be changes Edltur v v V 5 Layers Bldy Cl Alexy El Symbol Selzclnr The Symbology Selector dialog box is pretty straight EM forward am a mammal m El Qumran v cm The other method involves right clicking on the layer name and selection Properties gt Symbology tab Layer Pmperlies Gsnerall Suume Sabedrunl Dlsplay Symbalagy Frsldx l Damian nuawl Labsk Juinxrnerarasl Shaw 7 r 7 quotham all lealum using Iha same twiran 1mm Symbul 1 Advanced we Label EDpaallng next m lhs whal m table Ur cuntsnls fim 92mm Q Additional descrlnllan apneaun next In lhe symbd in your man39s legend Eancel ARCH m Alemdm Gs Faber 2001 Page seal Geographers use a dmerem sca e Wat archnects and engmeers We use a ram somemrng hker 24 000 Tm means r mm on me map e ua s 24K mm on me ground Srnceme sca e rs a ram me umts do not maner However when usmg tee theVoHowmg equwaxencres exrs r some H v r r200 H v r500 H weso The sca e can be adjusted m we Map Sca ewmdow 1 i 339 m we ArcMap too bar Imagery One at me drrecmrres m we A exand a 3 8 data rs caHed Onhos mm drreaory rs spm between thetwo DVDs on me FAL DVDs wnmn mrs drrecmry are geore errenced rmagesmr use m 3 8 or photo edmng sonware A exand a 2004 Onhophoto rrdex ARCH 202 Alexandria GIS Feb 9 2007 Page 6 Preparing for Output So far you have been viewing your GIS data in what is called Data View To prepare for output you need to switch to Layout View Either select View gt Layout View or hit the Layout View button at the bottom left of the data window Diaplar SIJurmimi 31 p i 2 rr ll Drawing k Fquot E v A v llEj anal l1 Li a I u a Now you will see that the view had changed and the default 85 x 11 sheet of paper is shown at Mndaw deiv in39dti mm 39ii2iDikiUiquoti ixix 0 jstpmvlmgiv ji 1quot Lil mil 39EE g Q m Ei It a W a a W e Para 3 1 7E is if quot l2 ik o 3 fer E3 a r aulsuq Md i9 yyyy ngvlT39luvAvltual jlln nlg v0v VLv The page orientation and size can be changed by clicking File gt Page and Print Setup Page and Print Setup 39 Printer Setup e 39 27 39 quot Properties ame Status Heady Type Gestetner P02 PCL 5e Where P121B155204 Comments v Paper ize Letter 85quot 4 11quot V Primal Pallet Sogrce Auto Tray Select v Prime Margins Orientation f Portrait 5 Landscape El Map Page Page Lawn E Sample Map Elements quot Map Page Si 5 1 Use Erinter Paper 3 eltings Page39 Standard Sizes m width 33 m Height 24 Inches V Urientatign 5 Portrait 6 Landscape ii 7 7 i9 ms rm jagm39 emigrant i quot 39 39 39 e V as I Cancel ARCH 202 Alexandria GIS Feb 9 2007 Page 7 Then the data frame on the page will need to be adjusted by either right clicking on frame and selecting Properties gt Size and Position tab or grabbing handles of the frame and moving them manually um Frame Pmperlies General 1 DalaFvame Eamdmalesyslem l lllummalmn and l MaDEache l Ammananaw 1 Extenmemangfes 1 mm s zeampmn r Pasman X t4 s Dllsel tslance r A Pevgenlage Anchquuml r EfeseweASvemRaW Irk 4 I I lili UK Eancel l Anny Scale bars north arrows and legends can be inserted by clicking Insert from the ArcMap menu Unlined r ArcMap r Arum le a lm usevl ialealun Incl Mn D a u g 5 Bahame Layer Am B a A gm 1 Let r a a NavthAme v E I EcaluBarm Ll ma Scalefgxlm The map page can be exported in to a variety of formats by clicking File gt Export Map Untitledquot V TIFF tif v As seen above many formats are available including PDF Saving Map Projects ARCH 202 Alexandria GIS Feb 9 2007 Page 8 To save a map project click File gt Save As This action creates a map file with an mxd extension Please keep in mind that the map files stores the absolute paths of the associated GIS layer files Therefore if you move the map file to a different machine your file paths may be broken Layer Pmperlies iii 52mm 5mm l Selsclinnl away Symhulngy was 1 Delmmnn Uuavy Lahzlxi Jam r Helm Exlanl L2H nasazna mam n l8 auuum sausmasuza n Dale Sam2 Dela ma Shawls Faulma Elan Shepard K Aiexanaua2umanumavywau mu seamewrwe PaLann PiwleclsdEunidmalasyzlsm N D 383kalePlannugimaNmllLFlPSJ False Easlmg 11682915566 555 may n 555 5555555 557 EanliaLMaH laquot JEEUEIEIUUEIEI sundmjmauau mums SlandavdjavalleLZ as zannnnnn aux Dala wme H El To remedy this right click on the layer name and select Properties gt Source tab Then select Set Data Source and browse to your data layer m i gt Sanborn Maps The Sanborn Map Company amalmmcmywucgzcnmmandzlcmssoxMaosumnm anquot Egg has created acomprehensive 62 at W Wigs W w l collection of survey maps for 9 39 7 Q quot 5 25quotquot W 5 39 V B 393 an incredible number of giggle v a seam 9 gmma u M Mm Amer39caquot of a 39arge period of time As scene in the r w image below the Alexandria maps range from 1885 to 1959 NOTE These maps can only be accessed from UVa or through the UVa VPN UVa Anywhere Please see our website for detailed information on the Sanborn Map collection a on BROWSE me MAPS bysezemngapnm smcv sum Wvglma sum clrv sum om 1 Alexandria Select a date v 341 maul 1555 C IMe Et ARCH 202 Alexandria GIS Feb 9 2007 Page 9 After selecting the wanted year from the site thumbnails of all the available images is presented The first images are always the reference map for that set which also has street index cm an map in ed Alexandria Nay tau he 7anilla Firalnx 4i Elle gm 112w 5a awkwaka 10015 ag 393 L mpusanhumummmvaagsaidatetdruuuum gl 0 Ga l Getting Started E LatestHeadtms Digital Sanbom Maps 1867 1970 um Salad my 5323 spala 7 Alaxanuua l Nov 1507 vi t i t n i 39 t u a i y y 1 w i 7 Sheel Dune 71 mm 02mm 2 mm me my Viewing a 1 El El El 7 s at The navigation aids for the site are frankly a tad clunky We recommend just downloading all the maps The come in PDF format Download maps is done by clicking the Download Map link at the top of the page ARCH 202 Alexandria GIS Feb 9 2007 Page 10 As can be seen in the following clip there is a wealth of information on these maps Not only information about the building construction number of floors current use and equipment windows etc there is information about utilities and streets r V c I 0 32 39 4W pl 5577M 39 JD lugt 7 M L SlELL PL NNG MILL 320 Q 2 o 2 iiquot L Margy Silo3 ME 5 JQPITTEIi NJ HOP ZJIP n ma Ewandorm t MIRMoran g 3 Bums9 5 all 515139 IoLemar 5317 no at rm I 5 I dum m lmw puma nuqu m ms nu 39siuoir waon puum vile rum pg m


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