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Planning Process and Practice

by: Baron Nienow

Planning Process and Practice PLAN 6010

Marketplace > University of Virginia > Environmental Science > PLAN 6010 > Planning Process and Practice
Baron Nienow
GPA 4.0


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Baron Nienow on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PLAN 6010 at University of Virginia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/209625/plan-6010-university-of-virginia in Environmental Science at University of Virginia.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
PRESTON AVENUE Charlottesville Virginia Promoting Livability and Accessibility City of Chariot Zoning Resldenual 7 Law Denslty Malurmmmemlal nghtlndus mal El focus area V A e v 15mm V r Q J Corridor l v h 39 History of Preston Avenue gt Monticello Dairy building in operation as a working dairy from 1937 to 1970s gt 10th amp Page neighborhood historically middle to low income African American area gt Preston Avenue once accessible to Downtown by street car Preston and Main 1935 Credit Dave s Railpix gt Area Designations Principle traf c route Entrance Corridor Historic District Overlay Central City Corridor Mixed Use Zone Historically Underutilized Business Zone gt Road type Boulevard 4 lanes wide median with trees gt Key Intersections Rose Hill Drive and Preston Avenue 10th and Preston Avenue gt Proximity encourages Walkingbusing to Downtown UVA and West Main St gt Primary Use Thoroughfare to Downtown Main Street UVA and Barracks Road gt Secondary Use Neighborhood commercial and service area PLAN 607 Planning Process and Practice Fall 2005 Kathy Cacciola Kristin Carlson Harry Hibbitts and Clark Larson i 4i sf V RESIDENTIAL amp COMMERCIAL Existing Conditions Residential gt Imbalance between renter and owneroccupied housing gt Strong social network in 10th amp Page and Rose Hill neighborhoods gt Aging population in 10th amp Page neighborhood gt Residents worried about crime and property maintenance Commercial gt Central City Corridorquot Mixed Use District and a Historically Underutilized Business Zone gt Commercial growth is a stated threat to adjacent residential areas gt Large underutilized parking lots in front of businesses Before Objectives Proposed Additions gt Ban Mixed Use Development gt Grocery Store gt Incorporate a mix of residential retail and of ce space gt Pharmacy Residential gt Book Store gt Increase homeownership and affordable housing opportunities gt Optometrist gt Encourage a mix of housing types udio Commercial gt Coffee Shop gt Support locallyowned businesses and national chains gt Deli gt Establish neighborhoodoriented retail and services gt Card Store gt Encourage consistent signage and building facades gt Farmers Market gt Build to human scale ie 2 to 4 stores gt Parking Garage gt Prevent parking spillover into surrounding neighborhoods Before LAN 07 Planning Process and Practice Fall 2005 Kathy Cacciola Kristin Carlson Harry Hibbitts and Clark Larson 139 r t TRANSPORTATION Existing Conditions gt Vehicles on Preston Avenue per clay 22000 gt Safety concerns from incomplete pedestrian network gt Bike lanes on Preston Avenue and Rose Hill gt Over 500 daily bus boardings on Route 6 and Route 3 gt Parking overflow from Downtown and University Objectives r Stairs end at sidewalk on both sides of 7 the street without connecting crosswalk Roadway Design gt Enhance historic entrance gt Increase pedestrian accessibility gt Maximize green space gt Minimize parking lot surface area gt Maintain bicycle lanes gt Maintain current traffic flow Crosswalk Design gt Elevate pedestrian presence gt Enhance pedestrian safety gt Ensure handicap accessibility gt Address unsafe road crossings 39 A F Constmct raised pedestrian crossing Bus Stop Design gt Provide bus shelters gt Elevate presence of bus routes gt Display live schedule u dates gt Connect with Charlottesville Trolley loop P 607 Panning Process and Practice Fall 2005 kathy oaccioia Kristin Carlson Harry Hibbitts and Clark Larson ENVIRONMENT Existing Conditions gt Street cleaning provided once per week gt Good air quality moderate carbon monoxide emissions gt Stormwater runoff ows untreated into local streams gt Approximately 30 pervious surfaces residential yard space and vegetated medians gt Approximately 70 impervious surfaces roo ops sidewalks roads and parking lots gt Trains per day 202 Objectives gt Mitigate stormwater runoff gt Promote a clean street initiative gt Increase quality and quantity of green space gt Encourage infrastructure and building designs to promote environmental sustainability Clean Slreel gt Minimize train noise for 10th amp Page neighborhood gt F jmmessem y 3 EWDWEMD E EE Sand Filler gt Collects and filters cuntamlnants befure Entering sturmvvater system 135313 T215311 31quot 23 n m MawMu Irv cth M w Mann ml W E swam nu aur Credit rivlmrirllemal F the larl Agarquot canola Staml Mei Management Manon Credit lneWasnlnglan Past Porous Parking Pa vers Design gt Reduces ruriuff by increasing lnflltratlun gt Reduces Tutal Maximum Dally Luad cuntamlnants gt Reduces thermal pullutluri PLAN 607 Planning Process and Practice Fall 2005 Kathy Cacciola Kristin Carlson Harry Hibbitts and Clark Larson


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