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Cell and Molecular For Engineers

by: Marion Champlin

Cell and Molecular For Engineers BIOM 2104

Marketplace > University of Virginia > Biomedical Engineering > BIOM 2104 > Cell and Molecular For Engineers
Marion Champlin
GPA 3.66

William Guilford

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About this Document

William Guilford
Class Notes
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This 35 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marion Champlin on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOM 2104 at University of Virginia taught by William Guilford in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/209628/biom-2104-university-of-virginia in Biomedical Engineering at University of Virginia.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
Pregiancy anthrax and protein separation Pregnancy test Anthrax test same gt Lateral ow immunochromatography Amino acids at pH 7 Nu lIniIIu ni t Ier mm mm 39 I m I I I I I I I I I I IIH III Luna mumm ILIamn mgam Amino NH2 L Carboxy1ic acid OH Mai Imim midi m cam a u ma In III m mm In El At different pHs Ammn cmw m M LH Amway mum M L W W 7N im Anth wvw M A V W mm w How pH alurs protein charge pH4 chivgex y Ammo ands m and and basu buffexs Du nN in vm a s c hm m a wusm m Isoclcctn39c point pI 1 me pH is luwaed mm ands pmlunalE nng ma Emmy gnups and lavmgpusmvely charged ammu gnups 1 me pH is msed ammn ands depmlunalE Eu 2mg ammu mups and lavmg negatively charged Erbuxyl mugs gt The xsuelemn pmm p1 sthepH at whmha prman s net chargexs zem p1 depmds un me relahve numbers urpusme and negzuve ammu ands Uswmsm39gmm lsoelectiic focu sing D A gradient of pH is created in a gel D A protein sample and an electric eld is applied D The proteins migrate through the gel until they reach a pH Where they are uncharged D By charge repulsion from the electrodes they are focused into a narrow band D The pH Where they come to rest is the pl Electrophoresis D Separates molecules according to their charge and D Apply a positive charge to the bottom of the gel N 200V I Why positive D Proteins are drawn through the gel D They move in bands at a rate that is determined by their mass and their total charge I Will larger proteins move faster or slower D The proteins can be stained to show Where they are lsoelectiic focusing protein PH 3 mummt l mmm Imlmm lemma 391quot w Example D Some proteins from muscle D Different stains can be used to emphasize different things like total protein versus phosphorylated protein lLTNWERS Ygr V lGIMA total Control ULWEHBm39 mm SDSPAGE gt SDS sodium dodecylsulfat gt Discriminates manquot a demth charge AND mass Minquot1 Unfolds or denatures the protein 1143 gt Do lsoelectrlc gt PAGE polyacrylamide gel IN focusmg 1n a tube elecrophoresis gel gt The buffers are at high pH V gt Place the tube gel N10 on top of a SDS Sepamtes molecules mainly I V PAGE gel and do according to their mass v 1 electro hgresis I p 39 I because shape and ch e differences have been negate UN martargy xfmm m ff z f v Chromatography bulk preparation w u s i rargam 55 o kff hz m m rawhix z 34 so 51 a w 1 r36 3 i9 m hm mpmu39m by size gel chromatograph Wm runMn We mm 39 A wquot mu44h Mm um my ltration q Pmpamtion by charge ion exchange chromatography Pmpamtion by speci c bin chromato hy 39 mew g 4 mum a 53 we ng w W Cami Dogma and antibody diversity continued Papers are due m dass un Thursday 5 paintsday peauy furlale papa Red erFouR Duples Flase pledge RMLDNI mud new UNI c meehardsm oftmnscxiplion Transcrlpllnn Bubble mm mm m ruwmerlse armwanm UNAVsz vVIRG Transcription e RNA pelymerasebmdsm me DNA made begmng era gme 212 site Ellede pmmer e The pul se unwmds 39heDNA expesmgme bases e CumplEmBn39ary bases are added agamstthe tarnplale Strand e The resulhng messmge RNA mRNA Strand 15 ned me pnrrary hansmpl Amino acids are represmtcd by codons UNn39 vVImx Um wwmmm The three roles of RNA in protein symhe 39 Messenga RNA mRNA mesmrumauun tripled fmmDNA m me fm39m Ufa sanes Drum base cud ns Tmnsfa39 RNA LRNA denpha i me cudeby dehvenng a mum mu m m n39s assunaled mums mbusum RNA rRNA assunaleswnh a 581 Dr pmlans m cm nbusnmes 251mg as sums ufthe key Enzymes m mess machmes spu cing 1n mammals the bulk quheDNA m gene 15 m me rum ur man s gt Theseare rammed after transmpum by Wang Ummmmxm Altema ve splin39ng 7 savi 5p c gt Fm39an damams elypxmlly encuded m 529mm Exuns Snmenmes 39hEre is mumman une Exnn m gven dumam Thus we gens mmakemme man uneversmn Ufa pmlan by al39emauve 1 mg quhemRNA m Umvamnvvvm x Translation by ribosomes mRNA bum in ms nbusume gt A cumpIEmEntary uan unda39lymg cudun 5 RNA 39RNA mm m an 42 w The central dogma DNA is transcribed mm RNA t RNA is translated mte pmtan and net Elly pan erme tantra dugna DNA is rephmledlu rem mare DNA Antibody diversity What WON T work t Sepamtely ancude ach anubudy m a gme 7 Nu ya have with afdm xem mohadlzs yet than are amyummd 2535mm gems t Allemauve mung umeNA7 qbecmlse eachlymphncym gemmzsannbdusmd TCRs wnh the am mogenspcx cnyfan s faqzan Hawcmdd ymlspllce the mRNA 5a xepmdmfbkV anlwhatWlL that ends re lg eentem mtanhangzble Tmsuccursdunng anug eludepmdmt dlffermuauun enympheeytes Edy m hfe Umvamnlem An body diversity t Euth39hehavyandh tehamsare mvulved m mugen bmdl mg and st bath eentnhute m anthn wen my Eachhavyandhghtchamhasa meme regun x J These hypezvznable reguns elusta m the fulded prmem at the anugan bmdmg stte ain genes are modular U 139s s h ym 39exemcapwsafvamhlz segman Heavy ch mm Ligm chain g m segments gt Nu Dummy semen m me by Chan gmes m spmv m spmv Degee of diversity Havy cham cumbmahuns 3mm x sun x s SAUEIEI VDmenars Lxghtnham cumbmahuns mm x 4 Wm HavyLxgqtnhancumbmahuns 54m x ADD CTCCCACG s mm CCT ccG ACG emadzspm thr CCTCGGAOG em asspmmg thr 2m39 39mnwn iimfnn chG G dzs kph mum ng A mms cuuld asly adapnu avmd Rmn39angemenl Jmnmg cununues unm successful me sysLEm Junctional diversity gt Thejmmng urv D and 1 segments is dehba39ately imprecise Fur Example LheV sequmce CCT ccc Enbe jmned wnh me sequmce TGG ACG m fuur m aemwa s Hnning your paper Hnning your paper Furmamng Refamces WWW Ems m N pm my yum pm 155 mm um vs Wm mruwsamxmzmm m gu vganmfmwmmswd MW 33 3 ij quot W sv H s Mum Emma g u pm m mm m a v cm 2 mm mam yshnwmmgh mmmmmvmmm mmmmm quotmm mwdmmy rstdn bmxshlghlyncammzndzd Ammm m hwy Rammhex mm a s hymustbe armm whammyu 7W mine a My WWW my mm D Thmsday mummy Rawaw amt mth Unum mum UNWmn39Yn Uh39 ml39n39n Quotes Fraud gt Plagiarism Usmg ulha39pmple39svmrk wnhum 3335 cumudnmh lhfhbailansilml mg pmp mmmpmeamwledg l E a sym n me 3 gt n 39nspmjed unly fuundas cams cummarmmum m Mm gt mm paraphrasebul Elte Emma mm gt La mg umhe quot marks and mmgpeuple39 s Fallamngthzanmmafanexmngmwmclzmd wnung wmd fur mm Even wnh a ntaum at me essemu ydnphunng s aw and Minus md an be cunsuued as plaganm mug cam zte blacks a zxt mm mm mules wnh mmm wxdclurges Is zcmse n39san publlc damnandc m mfamgn languges mwhwh mzmhexs m vzm Dellhentzlyauccldzmmycmngthz wmngamclz as m same afml39mmaonn m memt dues mm mm um n ls nub mumpqu alsely clung a suurce m atmbuung vmrk m a suurce rmme therefa39mced mum at ub39amed Must cummunly seen m Lhs pm 31 as cm mm um um mused cm mks wn mm fth tum UszmmJ c 1 arbasis ofimmunitymullip sclerosis and tramplam rejection Wth a may mm mm tnulugy Multiple sclerosis Sanzssmd vameums A sluwly prug39esslveCNS dlsasenham by falches ur dandmahmx menz n the Exam and 5pm curdresulung1n mum and symplums Mm dusmdumces mm hckafwdgmzm emmmml hhxlny ma wzeprg ax laugh ed med nmmlug Types of Ms Lwnmnuu gt Classi ed by pmgessun ur symp39nms 39Rza mingme 39 smmypmgnm 39anarypmgxes ve 39Eznlyl Multiple sclemsis Sunalxmpad cummmmgem Mammaummm smmmswcmybegmbmnzmm WWW mm WWW Tmmwmmmmmmhmm Mummmmrmxrmmwm UmwnmmJ Terms Ummurmmmm E nomxclmpact 5 a mum m me Us annLElly Euology Unknuwn but leads m Autmmmune snack agamst uhgudmdmcytes 7 cells m mvel p mnlnrand mhernerves ufthe nugm smsme capblz afmdvcmg an Immunz xeswnse Epl39 e adlscntzpn afmm genthansmngzmc Thzncanbe manyeplmps lanogen Amway Amm mbm gmym spu ceplmpsfax zm ca nnmdehmmmmn Aummmune disease selfbecamzs ncagnmd 5 vinyl Terms Aumran m gamma um 15 ncagnmdas an mogenmammmmm Amphylaxxs A symmw snug mm 5 WWW a 1mm sling reasonn ale lls um ardbecamz mm hummus Dxfrene A ce becmnesmme spu c mm mam andfunconn Multiple Sclemsis UNIVERSl39merMJINM Qualities of the immune response gt Divers ity7 to respond to a wide array of antigens gt Speci city 7 can respond to the one antigen that is present rather than all antigens gt Memoryi for previously encountered antigens to give a faster response on subsequent encounters PMNs gt Neutrophils gt Basophils gt Eosinophils gt Often called PMNS because of their multilobed nuclei levmsrwgm39munuat Granulocytes Polymorphonucleocytes Basophn Neutrophll Leucccyte levmsrwgrwmmm Divisions of the immune system gt Humoral immune response Antibodies bind to and inactivate antigens gt Complement system An enzyme system in the blood that can directly kill some foreign cells gt Cellmediated immunity Cells respond directly and actively to eliminate antigens levmmg 39mumm Neutrophils gt Membrane ruf es gt Granular gt Functions I phagocytosis chemical attack on bacteria and other foreign objecw via degmnulation Lymphocytes Large melee Capableerpmmeeuer Emmswe ER sue reassess Phgmwgs Dmc h mgaftmge sens memenerems Immunz resperse Umxmw mm Two types oflymphocytes humor m r Benells allm unny 39 Se eanhbudaesmm bluu Antigen Receptors r The humoral and cellrmedAatedresponses 6 mm both rely on anuger Ingest digest and army pans ufznugens receptors r Receptor versus at gt Trcells eeu mediated rmmumcy r antigen receptor 15 areceptorwhose Dmedc eeeu Bantam lrgandrs an anuger 39 Emd in infected calls deliver tuxms Induce aptlylusts r Anubodaes are only one class of antigen receptors m wxmm Reeepmengand interactions lock andkev39 Protein structure decemline function Proteins are smgle unbranched ehams of ammo and monomers There are 20 dAfferent ammo ade r Aprotem39s ammo and sequence determines xts threerdAmensxonal structure r In tum aprotem39s structure determines the function ofthat protein UmvammJ Levels nf structure r Ammo ands r anary structure ammo andsequence gt Secondary structure local foldmg r meary structure global foldmg mm domams r Quaternary structure assembhes ofmuluple protean UmvammJ The side chain R group ofench amino acid is di emm Amino acid Hydrophilic amino acids Nmmwwmmm Hydrophobic and Special my acids Covalent bmds The resultofelectxon shanng In proteins1nclude e m s disul de bands wenal Enzymemnnced Emsshnks and mudl muuns Umvzmw 1mm MINI Pcpude bonds connect amino acids mm linear chain mm me uplam stul debunds rum N u 39 many m uxldazmg swag 39 39 enmrunmenls N Exmcelhllarspce Wm xmmmrmymgmm Um armwanm Disul de bonds in protein structure Hydrogen bonds An 3mm belwem an dedmnegauve mm m Ems mule a in an e and hydmgm mm demmegzuve 2mm m annLhEr Invulves some shanng ufelemmns Um Vim Secondary 5mm the a helix 2 3 UN Secondary menu the baa sheet smme ml Tem my structure Three dimmsmnal fuldmgmm dnmams lmmlves39he me fumesas secmdary maxmm u39hers Umxmnu mm Ionic Bonds Uh1wn mm Hydrophobic quotbondsquot 7 9391 t Invulves hush uf t Result mm A elemmns between amms u duannmnafvmmhydmgen me wan shanng bambymmmmmS 391 A 1 Vaymk awkwarmm t Tend tn brmk m the presmce ufSlts hydm mmc paths dawns m 4 P mm mm mm 391 5 gm merges mvulved 377139 arememm mpmam fumes I a its dnmngprmemfuldmg memmne i 4 r nm E 4 A Quatem struc ary tum Theassunauunufssva39al pmlanslu mm supramulech ar assembly Rlbbun cultured by Chan Ball at sunk cultured by alum UN vaV NI 1mmquot gmphml presentations of an antibody 39 HymnsWA mm Pmtein Data Bank The Rom Fm39an Data Bank wwwrcsb ugg gt SWAssFDE szwer m us my dbv Antibody r Two funmzons Bmdmananugen we domains Vanable durrams r where antigens are buund nsr Cunmnt dam mvulved m cell bmdmg W39A39Imml UNIV Anugcn bmdmg and the vnnablc Imnmu s r Because antibod es are mulnvalent e can bmd muluple antigens e they can crossrlmk ant ens r Immunoprempxtauon e antibodies crosselmked vmh ant en can form a precipitate hagucylusls maEmphages and nautmphlls deganulauun ufganulucyles mail eeus nsuh39up s and eusmuphds ammhun erme eemplemem sysLEm Amide domains gt A Y shapedmulecule Anogen agenb damn Fah s see He slum Thzlzg Fe m r Alenapepude M We chairs b Tvmxdznocalhzavy gt mm m ham Pemnserao39nxare L39s mbleandcunsvanl maxmsan Uymmnm m e eomplexe Antibody classes Igg Where lg stands fur Immunuglubulm IgG the bulk erseeeeued anhbudy agamst bluude heme anhng As muchas 2 er semm ng agamslmucusal epithehal anhng IgM anhgen recap1m unE eeu sur ee and me rst unse 1 IgE mm m rrast cellsand mggar deganu aum and me exasse emerge memequot Alpha heuees are sometimes used cross hpxd bxlayers r Integal txansmembrane protems contam on mo trans leavmg the polar backbone protected Hydropathy hydrophobicity p10 Selftest gt Apluluflhe gt How many 53 en axlng n hydrophobe ammo hydmphubxcw E ands are required to 3223de E span a typmal cell pusmmmthe membran primary mudure Two types oflymphocytes Brcells humeral immunity Se eanhbudaesmm bluudsmrn Lymphomes and 39er antigen receptors hgestd1gestand may pans ufznugens r Trcells cell medaated xmmumty 39 D 7 tan Emdm xnfemed cells dehvertuxms apupluss a a a i E Induce Leukocyte zc vn on r Oeeursmrough mdme ymrdugqsdluhlemedramrs cymkmes relased 39nm dmer cells med cumad bmdmg dran anagth a cell Lymphocytes and antigen receptors r B calls OnE eeus me anngan reeepmrs are manhmns huund xmmunnglubu ms lg 7 aka ambudles En h g These 1nd free anu Ens to nes are small protean that cause T can aedvadorr prolrferauore drfferermauor or T 15mg mew Mum hm 3mm mOVEmEnt of eeus T can mew gt Direct Contacth mrougr andger receptors These mud annng Mare mwlayed rby under sdfcdls maxauran Umxmnvm TCRs Important Facts p Each anhgmrecepmrrecugnzes a smsu number lgG T cell ram ufstruaurally related Ep pes Ldekand key meehamsm r Regardless ufthelypemnce differmualed ach eeu 15 edmrrdued m pmdmrrg 0an omz wen c an gen reeepmr rarerer msexpxamsme wen nly uf39hexmmunesysmm e um lymphucyte fur ach Epl39 pe r Thus yuu need many lymphucytes m prddueem huge may ufanhbudles needed fur drversny The genesrs and daversrty oflymphocytes gt Ongmsandlmuuns uflymphucytesand mar prewar gt Anhgmrmdepmdem haman Arrgmrrepmm memururr Ummurmwa d h r preeursors Lvmvhmd sum EeHs Umvamnlem Antigen independem differen ation gt S39emcdls gvenselumanym hms urm amz u yrcummmedlymphu es E an Each mly pmduces me speci c anugen reeepmr ganemled at rand m r Happms befure mm m pnrrary lymphmd me presenee ufan m e ussues and dues nut requrre anugan UNn39nVIm Posi ve and negative selection in T cells I wnh TCRs tbmd adequately r 5 I mgr Wm magma rarerer m Lhuse cells Lhatbmdroowelltu self cells I gt Dwasny at me Expense ufsume selrmemm a cellsundagu aslmllar p O gt Fusmve Keep umymnse T eeus meess lt5 muran Clonal selection in diversity Only Lhnselymphucyleswhuse receplur renames meanugen bemmeamvated and Lhm p Mauls so 2 ag and AntigendependentDiffemn n on Onceananh anbx dsluananngammllyr manned cell that cell dundes prudu ng many 1y acnve e a urcdls The e edur cells furE cellsare plam cells Mmmm mums mlarge qunmzs um avurs eymmmmn Lkselfcells mam pmummg 1 Tull mum mhxce s malmrg 1de 21an Menmme mmmm SquuxuxTul Jeanswpzessthz mm xespurse m cammnnlyenmnnmnd antigens ammlzme Ummmmwm Adiva on ofB call gt Anthn bmdsm sunace lg mmblm un wnh cymkmes mm T cells the a s are gamma ua e Hm ce s 7 m surface and seemed lg memyce s 7 mmam a secandaryxesplnse Umxmmwm Primary and secondary immune Spouses r In addmamae ecmx xyce s 39 nspunsem a pxwlmlsly encmlmed mogzn UN Acuvauon ofnonrlymphocyte wme Cells Anhbudlesbmdluanugens These cumplexes may mm lchreceplurs unmany immune cells rmu nmzbly ganulucytes They are summed musing deganulauun and phagucylusls ran 5 e eg Maslcellacnmuunm asthma Urm nm39w Major Histocompa bihty Complex MHC e walaybuundbnsufanhgmm T eeu recepturs e Tvm dasses Class 1 e an all nuclzmd ce s Class H eenmngenpzesemmg eeus Prumswnus e mey are ml wen ctu pamcularanhgens mey wall may mythtng T cell Receptors TCRs gt Alsu xmmugubmns kaeanubuda s We em wnh mandiblz meme thanth dammrs each T cell males mm vemnn m m mzmhm ems Used by T eeus m reeemze mhgms as anhbudaes are usad byE cells e am unlybmd anngm when presmledbya MHC MHCS Exogenous Pamway mg u est a phagucylused anthn usng lysnsnmes m muman pesw h muman camera cells a dislmgmshzdby us an mselves makz r mel and sell pmtzms m pllmpd mm m ERbyan ABC mpumx ands nsequzndymsphyzdbyMIICJ w j nan Ummmw CD Transplnm rejection gt CD4 and CD8 stulas MHCTCR Bantams p CD4 Smbmuscammsbemenmiis mamIan cm 0 n mmd mandya nT ce s n Th enemas Thansyuumakebuth Smbmuscamacts mman anT cellsmdMHCJ ma 3 F ml Wes YD mus cmsfammymr nus lt gt The cesufanyl penplemnmungmesame twu alleles ufMHC 13nd armameblnnmype g 15 mggtzvmgly luw Except wnh class Elames Elms b nnmmns y aka T 098 quot39 quot3 MHCs are me pnnnry antigensthal eumune gt MHCs arepulympurphl They rave xmnmnerespnnse uftmnwlanquemun many Mam alleles gmen maums r 3951le undreds nrunem oeeunence Rheurmm anhnus Sgshemlc disease whhspeeme mehsememeuv Type Diabetes hmemeh mackanpnncxea c bee cells n37 vae s msase Largeslcmlse afhypnhymldlsm n 257 hmemeh anacan he hyhleghha Mmhples Emsls shwlypmgxeseve amuse enh bmn Andspma curd n 75 V Um um 1mm Autoimmune dlseases and their rate of UNIV Pmexhte etiology Molecular mimicry e Ah ahhgeh inmates an mmun mwunse The resulung ahugeh recapturs nessmemnme wnh a selfpmlan LYEV mmmi39 the ahugeh e The selfpmlan 5 Ellede am gm The selfprman rmy bemh nlted enhe Dunlammg cells demyed Ummml Molecular mimicxy examples gt Calla ms 5 39apmtszmmdmgmns suchas whzalandxy new 12 a MHC Rheurmmmanhnus all m pmem m glans mlegms Epsem Emvmls gt Mmuple selemsls myzhnh c pmlem z 777 UmvzmmJ Schwann cells In the penpheml nervous system a Farmmlnnnllha 55W Myelln snemn Am I 7 huma4 39 WW Y 3w mu New wkmkanmwzmmmue bmln e memm eemwm 7 The myelin sheath gt There is no substance that can be called myelin gt Myelin is a cellular structure With a unique lipid and protein composi 39on m Nodes of Ranvier Mud n n lnh ul unul u Schmunn ull Mvglul i mumblingI UNIVEISITTy VHQGINIPL Myelination reduces the time constant gt The myelin sheath increases quot 39 membrane resistance rm but leaves the internal resistance r unchanged gt It also decreases membrane capacitance q gt The time constant 1 is the amount oftime necessary for membmne potential to reach I r 63 ofits nal value givena quot39 3925 step change in current m m mug mmmnmmkmumgmgm gt The myelin sheath increases membrane resistance r but n i 39r vi leaves the internal resistance quot r unchanged quot v v gt The length space constant A is the amount of axon en necessary for membrane quot potential lose 63 ofits initial 17 change value r 39 l39m quot given a step w change in current 1 quot l rm Ir 20 Papers last minute reminders e Fullquhe fumamng mmenms 39umLhB web 51 e gt FOUR A COPIES Central Dogma and Antibody Diversity e Luuk uvenhe Example paper furanxdm enhe depm bmdth and mi expemed gt men pages duublerwaced lrm fur39he ml Chap 5 m 391 WW1 hm e Prede ned pmalues r Incame pupxs x fammng Pm Naneangmal nng Us Drum Ummme maxemme Diversity in antibodies The cmtra dogma e Yuu mreeemze milom ufdlffa39ml am e DNA 15 transcribed mm RNA mummy 7 even me yuuvenever encuuntered RNA 5 Enigma m pm gt Is this mungquot wane mme gennmet mese sepamtelyv and nut Elly pan erme central dugna DNA 15 rephmledlu rum mare DNA All nucleotides have a common structum Um armwmm There are ve principal base n nucleic ma a an m msz A I G Cavamesemmnun I w M N A U G CavEmesemmR n w 6 Imr M n Arurmhcbase u y gt Muse urdeuxynbuse m J mg n Oneurmure phnwhales Nucleotides are nch by phomhod PuPr EnIZAL39Ifj LEZ EW mmplemmmy bonds u P gt Hydmgmbundmg between V lesphndusmbunds m K basepmsmq m GC fa hulds the Wm Strands W E m m ether Hydmgenbmdmg makes Lhebases wen c fur une uma r cnnylztmmary an resulung 1 n rratchmg Strands bmdmg wen mlly m une armlher gt James Walsun and Francis Cnnk 1953 The sue nr langvh hr DNA 15 mama m basepau39s W mim 1W ONLY cumplem mud mu ahhal bmd Chromosomes A dummusums 15 a DNA Strand and all me gmes n was Emma lypxmlly have a single rCUlar nhmmusume Humans cummhzz msur nhmmusnmes 45 mm me Dram par mm mum and 39um dad mwemvely hth an capyafeachchmmnsamz mm mmpzsafeachchmmnsamz Um Vim The compaction problem TheE culxnhmmnsumeasaneamplehasa cunmurlenghufl 3 mm Haw dues n all m was the 52117 sat m The hurran gennme Bantams appruxlmalely 3 mm Easepars ufDNA What 15 t misnth ufyuur NA7 Supercoiling N an n mmms hm relaxed m supmuea slates Fusmveandnegzuve supercmhng Pusmvesupemmlmg 3939 dunes chances hymnan mmpmm deuces m amnnmufphymalspce DNAaccuplzs Tam Tupulugml xsumersDNAs Mm m Lhar slates ufsupa39cmhng ng unly Tupmsumaases Umx man im UNAVsz vVIRG Problems compacting nsmml zes me negzuve afarge ume pmme bankbune mus ramming repulsve fumes f 1n sukargmtes DNA 15 buund m hsmne pm39ans Umxmnuxmx Histones Hmunes are pusxuvely charged Hmunes A nucleusume Ca 21m pm ween can parables 7 ahmnSEIr EI bp m each nuclzasamz emampussesabmn map a DN 39nm hmnnes is an amve regu aled pruness 3 Chromatin gt chmmaun xs DNA ande gt Euchmmaun In mammsm 4 athzmse mt campcmd Acme Chromatid Fully cumpaded Seandmngce vmun 1 15cumpa11unmhu Umvzmn mm Nucleolus DNA cudmgfurnbusurml RNA rRNA Fm39ans and rRNA bang assanbledmm cumplele nbuscmal subumts m me maplasm and imparted fur nal assembly wnh RNA Cumpleled mums are Lhm expunedm me cymplam UNn39 v mm Mitochondrial DNA Almnst exclusively malarial m mhemance m rrammals Why De nition ofa gene More gene terms D A gene ds me mum nuclei and sequence math D Exuns necesary rd me synthesis Ufa madam DNA 1m damnng andthznfanexpnssed pulypephde D mums D DNA reguns that dude fur RNA mnlemles nay alsube Duns Bred gmes D In IZHWOWS genes he aman large expanse dr nunfunmmnal numudlng DNA and gmes may alsu cmmuregm NA DNA um hzsimbelween expressed segmzms wnhm A s ufnuncudmg D D Immns Exms magma D gem but dues mt mad fax pmmn Extrang DNA thathesbemengzms gen 1 gen 2 Nucleic acid synthesis Replication D and DNA an RN mam arepmduued by 1 Dupymg uflemplale DNA Strands D The Enzyme A mmpr ufpmlems unwmds DNA 2 A puma is added laccnmphsh ms are Ended 3 DNA pulymemses D Nuclacand smds mwm me 539 a 339 dlre mn D RNA pulyma39ases En whale mud m DNA pulyma39ases require a p pulymemses Add camp emzmnxybases mm A DNA mm tn 2 239 enda h mm mud but me D Nedmmems A Camping tn capy Asmnd mwhwhmaddwnmzxa Easesmadd


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