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by: Jake Davis

PresidentialvsRadicalReconstruction.pdf 2112

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Jake Davis
GPA 3.15
American History since 1865
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About this Document

It was the first set of notes taken in class, over the debates over presidential or radical reconstruction.
American History since 1865
No professor available
One Day of Notes
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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Jake Davis on Thursday September 11, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 2112 at a university taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 190 views.


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Date Created: 09/11/14
Presidential vs Radical Reconstruction Get the outlines off of the ELC 1865 Civil war ends It is the most important event of our history Reconstruction happened after the war Getting Southern states back into the Union it is a con ict ridden period 0 0 Who gets to be in charge The president Congress Both Very vicious on who gets to be in charge When you have two opinions it is either quick and easy or slow and harsh Another question is how deep is reconstruction is going to go What about the freed slaves There were 4 million of them What does America look like in 1865 Only 30 million people lot less many white immigrants most in small towns in the countryside haven t gotten to the big city life lndustrialism has started but hasn t happened in America yet Lots of people died many were injured the issues that caused it did not end with the civil war The easy reconstruction was the presidential reconstruction It was associated with Lincoln 1863 before the war ends he already came up with his plan to get the south back in it was the proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction it s remarkable for its gentleness All you had to do to put yourself back in was 10 of the voting population so it s small since it was only white males with property if they signed a loyality oath that s 50 done to get it done Then the legislator had to write a new constitution that said slavery was unconstitutional and renounce immorality towards the civil war His 2nd inaugural address even supported it The CSA supported this idea too However there was no mention of freed slaves in that plan it was an interesting omission considering Lincoln Lincoln was more of a moderate for his time he thought that it was immoral But he wasn t as radical to the point of illegalizing slavery Lincoln goes to the theater one day and dies His VP becomes president Andrew Johnson does he like anybody He loved drinking He s a southerner and was president How did that happen The mountain areas in the south didn t support the confederacy since the CSA was only for rich cotton eld owners He was from Ashville and he hated plantation owners deeply He was the only southern senator to stay in DC when the South seceded He continues Lincoln s plan he hates radical antislavery people too so he also despises abolitionists So he makes high ranking Confederate people they had to go to DC and get a personal pardon from Johnson to get their citizenship back that was the only change though Some people up north didn t support the gentle approach The folks that hate that were in congress and were radical republicans and supported a radical reconstruction that was long and hard to reconstruct There were Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens that were well known radical republicans They fear that the south was going to rise again they want it to prevent the return of the confederacy They wanted to recreate the slavery system because they lost a lot of wealth and power with slavery So they used state laws to recreated it They made black code such as must have employment if you are black and they can t travel without permission of the employer so they had to stay where they were since they were already at the slave cabins So when the Southem reps were getting reelected they were electing wealthy plantation owners There were CSA reps getting reelected to Congress like Alexander Stevens and they start getting reelected and the GOP wanted tougher policies The 13th14th and 15th were amendments for the reconstruction 13t outlawed slavery 14th gives black people citizenship 15th gives black men the right to vote both were hugely important Why is important that blacks could vote They weren t going to vote for former confederates They set up a govemment beuarcharcy known as the Freedmen s Bureau to oversee the welfare of slaves most is based off education for freed slaves and oversee contracts for employers between blacks and whites The Bureau wasn t popular with the south and some northemers didn t like it too for the dem minority Johnson hated the Bureau he would veto their funding but congress kept on overriding When black men got the right to vote they got the right to run for of ce too The military force backs it up too there was an army you could call on for muscle Things that come ahead the radical republicans wanted to get rid of Andrew Johnson since he was obstructing the GOP so they wanted him to go whatever moral right they had was unconstutional the GOP passed a law called tendured of ce act that said he can t re anyone without the permission of congress Johnson was about to fire Edwin Stantin the secretary of war he was a radical GOP Johnson ignored the act and congress stepped in and impeached him and put him on trial He was one vote away from getting impeached By the 1880s what the radicals feared happened the plantation owners took over politically and slavery was defacto recreated the GOP agenda failed long term How did that happened The panic of 1873 big depression one of the worst depressions we ever had everyone was worrying about themselves Economic collapse took tension off the south Another reason racism the northemers that hated slavery still did not believe in racial equality The radical leaders were dead it was slowly slipping away The court was very southem too and took out most radical legislation they enter the area of industrialism and start to forget about the south and business leaders were mostly plantation owners The Southemers needed to prevent blacks from voting that s when the KKK came in and terrorized them to stopped them from participating in the political system What seals this deal Compromise of 1877 the presidential election was close Tidden vs Hays Hays gets fewer votes and demands a recount it was thrown to the House of Representative and was 7 GOP and 7 dems and 1 independent So they make a deal GOP wanted to make Hays president in return they will pull the troops out of the south so there was nothing to stop the KKK and other intimidation groups to stop the black people from Voting


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