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Programming Languages

by: Mrs. Carolyne Abbott

Programming Languages CS 6610

Mrs. Carolyne Abbott
GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Carolyne Abbott on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 6610 at University of Virginia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/209694/cs-6610-university-of-virginia in ComputerScienence at University of Virginia.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
Foundations of Logic Programming Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr Deductive Logic eg of use Gypsy specifications and proofs About deductive logic 7 Godel 1931 Interesting systems with a nite number of axioms are necessarily either incomplete there are statements that can t be proven or inconsistent SS such that S and uS can be proven true Interesting systems include Presberger Arithmetic 0l and Peano Arithmetic 0l Recall all inconsistent systems are complete Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr First Order Predicate Logic Logic programming is based on FOPL FOPL is complete J A Robinson amp resolution theorem proving 7 quotAll clauses logically implied by an initial formula may be derived from the initial formula by the proof method quot BUT FOPL is undecidable 7 An attempt to prove a formula may go on forever but there will be no indication when to stop Without sacrificing formulae that can be proven Egt completeness of FOPL is of theoretical interest but of limited practicality completeness is predicated on there being a search strategy that knows when to stop a particular unproductive line of deduction Higher order predicate logics and calculi ones which allow predicates of predicates are not complete Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr Foundations of Logic Programming Logic programming is based on Horn Clauses 7 In the propositional calculus all formulae can be put in conjunctive normal form disjuncts connected by A 7 Each disjunct can be expressed as A1A2 Am v Blv 1B2 VV 1B gtA1v12 VVAmVIB1AB2 Aa Bn 7 A1VA2 vvAm BlAB2 A Bn interpretations m gt 1 Conclusions are indefinite one or more are true In l Horn clauses m 1 ngt 0 A lt2 B1 ABZ I39 Bquot definite clause 1 conclusion In l n 0 A lt2 unconditional de nite clause fact m0ngt0 negationofGBlAB2 I3939 m 0 n 0 lt2 the empty clause contradiction In logic all clauses can be represented as Horn Clauses Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr Proof by Refutatlon An important proof method P set of axioms Q clause to be proven 7 show P A Q is false by deriving a contradiction 7 ie assert Q and try to derive empty clause which represents false 7 In this context Q is called a goal Propositional Horn Clause Resolution PHC Resolution 7 In doing a refutation proof the following general PHC resolution step can be performed A1 lt2 B1 AB2 I39 AB lt2 AlAA2 AIAm lt2 BlB2 39 ABnA2I AA 7 Keep applying this until lt2 is achieved Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr More PHC Resolution eg to prove A2 A1 lt2 A2 lt2 A1 A3 1 2 3 A3 lt2 4 lt2 A2 negated goal proof leading to contradiction 5 lt2 A1 A3 apply 2 amp 4 6 lt2 A3 apply 1 amp 5 7 lt2 apply 3 amp 6 Note Prolog and other logicbased languages are based on this resolution proof strategy Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr First Order Predicate Logic Predicates can have arguments constants variables other functional terms eg l 6100 lt2 mX 2 mX lt eX 3 ec lt 4 aX lt2 5X 5 5b lt2 6 lt3 800 When we start dealing with variables we need Axiom of General Speci cation A clause with logical variables is true for every set of values of the variables 7 Supports generalizing PHC resolution into Ham Clause Resolution HCR by systematically instantiating variables Unification Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr FOPL cont eg 1 Pt 2 qX lt3 PX 3 lt3 mm 4 qt lt pt X t from 23 andsubstitution 5 lt p t from 3 amp 4 6 lt from 1 and 5 Egt resolution is combination of uni cation and elimination in one operation Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr More Proofs Using 1 aX c mX 2 mX C eX 3 ec c 4 aX c sX 5 sb C 6 c aX 0 with goal lt2 aX step 6 we can derive applying 1 amp 6 applying 2 amp 7 X c applying 3 amp 8 also applying 4 amp 6 X b applying 5 amp 10 gt gt ugtooi HOVVV f Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr Alternative Proof Strategies Top Down what we ve just seen collecting variable bindings 7 Start with goal and reduce into subgoals until there is only the empty subgoal Bottom up Combining facts with rules or rules with other rules Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr Using 1 aX lt mX 2 m X lt2 e X 3 e C lt2 4 a K lt2 S X 5 S b lt2 6 lt2 a X Combine rule 2 m X lt2 e X combining with fact 3 e G lt2 rule with yielding m G lt2 a fact yields combined with rule 1 a X lt2 m X a new yields a c fact 0 or Combine rule 1 a X lt2 m combining rules with rule 2 m X lt2 e X to make a new yields aX lt1 600 11116 0 allows us to make discoveries from known facts and rules Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr Closed World Assumption Inabilty to demonstrate that something is true means that it is false 7 assumes user made no typos and specified all things that need to be specified to properly identify true queries as true 7 leads to joining quotunknownquot and quotnot provably truequot into one class 7 failing to prove something true leads to conclusion that it is false CWA says that all things that are true have been speci ed as such or can be derived Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr Closed World Assumption 2 Possible alternatives 1 leave system alone accept CWA 2 allow negation in clauses but not in conclusion of Horn Clauses 3 allow statement of negative conclusions search positive search negative report unknown 4 work in constrained environment where everything is known 5 work in statistical environment where answers are expressed in terms of likelihoods Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr About Prolog Prolog lends itself nicely to concurrency form p0 pl p2 p3 p4 A canbeexecuted concurrentlywith communications about bindings quotAND parallelismquot or HG HG quotOR parallelismquot HG Copyright 1999 Paul F Reynolds Jr 8 Feb 99 Session 6 CS655 Reminder Assignment For Thursday 11 Feb Read Unit 3 papers in file drawer by Thursday 11 Feb 7 Barnes Liskov Liskov Wulf Wulf Shaw Shaw Ada Clu Clu hist Trends Globals Abstraction SE Writing none this week Instead be exploring project ideas 7 Be prepared to discuss in class today 8 Feb 99 Session 6 CS655 Nametags please 8 Feb 99 Session 6 CS655 Today s Topics Project topics Imperative languages FORTRAN ALGOL60 PLI ALGOL68 Pascal C 8 Feb 99 Session 6 CS655


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