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Elementary Chinese

by: Orin Blick

Elementary Chinese CHIN 1010

Orin Blick
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Orin Blick on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHIN 1010 at University of Virginia taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 85 views. For similar materials see /class/209722/chin-1010-university-of-virginia in Chinese at University of Virginia.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
2011 CHIN1010 Review Sheet L6 L9 em 11 V 9 V will iT WE K E KL Q i AE QLEEQ 2 EJrVNoun 6399 KEJrV N0un want stronger desire 75 V lt gt K E FV want Egt a wgiwma 332KE531EFZZHE gi i g Egt a e i ga z me NKXU gt 235w 9 MiaNEW Egt AEHEWELE39EDE Igt BJJ ZWHJ LQ 3AwBV cgt m zm wuim emamkiwm Egt ma zawa mm a rm i39ju t g 4 Egt eewmwwm um V i zg 5 HairWE L i ampgTHE mmx g Egt wia atwrwzmw z 6A BV Egt E i i Weie zuzmg 7 r6 vs E gt zruwzaaamaKam zg Egt ze m m ampAB Egt E we me zmltltna Egt EW W Eg AEEH E i T f Wu qing wenji1aoshizai bu zai Egt E i39 JK lk E i I DMREEKEE WU wojiu shim Egt E l lt i 4ki lt ui hdzt b 4ND nin shi na wei shi Ji laoshi ba Egt El ltf i l y zg 3H E i Win ni you shenme shi r you shi r mag 9 z l l Egt WEW7ltT E ampWM I MEA I D WL iT E y you mei you shi jian kongr you shijian ma ni mang bu mang ni you mei you shi r fangbian ma EWiT 3 ampNWWMHZ 33545 shenme shihou I EU 7 fJL731ElQE JLK ft Women zai nar jian mian Where can we meet face to face tn x 1 V f5complement VOV f5complement ltamp amp 1 g lt 1 mgc gt lt X mgc wgt zgc gt n emngcwxwgt lt AI I oc K gt 27g fiLadj vs V e JLO 39gt imft EW e4hungry TE We 3 Share your experience in learning Chinese pronunciation characters grammar speaking listening reading and writing Interview at least Wll l a Some sample questions that can be used to elicit all this information l g i i JEKXE agilig i if g i g lk i E a f iHA if t u Li 39 f i rf zx TEEBUEW aware if tlj j f thi g 2 2 Write a summary of your interview with one of your classmate based on the notes you took in the above table 4 6 51 1 gt sv5E gt s1E l vo7 Egt l i g Egt magnumrg Cgt E1EE WEEEWTQ 5 2 gt s Egt 4kg Egt jiE Egt U 1 Elva Cgt i k i Cgt i g Egt fl H m ZtF t u Cgt WEEWJLMIJJE39E ETE f iIJJi W i QiWEf jJ 39 o EA how loin whalway gt E v cgt gsvi cgt JETMEET Egt twat3 IEAZ how come gtsEA Egt ega taazza a Egt W i Egt gmt Egt a wa gze 7Iiitampj gt stime past mvoT gt stime futurehabitual vo gt stimej v0 jcan tgo with 7 gt Fii E Tg Egt a i ilv qjx b ig Egt rmu agwm E Fi i i g Egt Wn7 atgila Egt lll b u ZUi cgt zh j c magician s sEadj Adverbs E and 7 are used in exclamatoiy sentences If the speaker wants to make a more objective statement or description f2 are often used cgt r us muggy gt 3351 lu 1 The Position ofTime When Expressions the time when expressions of time should go before the verb e g gt lm ErnaEEK Memeswa ijzulawl kmur xuz Di Ei j i f u Mi k u g EiUu Z u id 3955Et i l iu 2 sv1 T 01UJE WEV202 The adverb 592 can also connect two verbal phrases and suggest that the second action happens as soon as the rst one is completed Cgt 2 77 Bll ui iu Cgt r l l a Egt wring T WH ig 3 mV10139jZlV202 cgt eizum i g Egt z i i i m Cgt g g EUiU Z E i i o 4 sv0 1sb02Double Objects Some verbs can take two objects with the object which represents a person or persons preceding the one which represents an inanimate thing Egt W ll 7y ii g Egt U 7mc g Egt zi l l g g s Uplace GKf v0 s K placevo gt 2 ng iigga Egt ki i i 113153 gt i g UI 6 3 1 1 when the relationship is close 37 usually can be omitted Egt 239515 WE RE rthE J E EHEE JEHE EEEGHEH vs 332 2 When the adj is more than two syllables including two syllables 39 Cgt iEElA VS lEjCE J E l 13W E li 7k l 3 We have a 37 structure when a noun a pronoun or an adjective is followed by the structural partical WGammat icallva 37 structure is equivalent to a noum Cgt 532k333m0 Egt A 1513in B i kcl i i A k g m B it 8 EiE Jo 7 IEEEE adv gt 52IEEEV0 gt 51v1 0 1 SzIEEV2 0 2This structure expresses the ongoing process ofan action at a certain point oftime Egt EEEi 39 g cgt gemmam mama39s Egt h i i Will 1Efti 39 g cgt mugm S gEEl fWi Ai 39E i measure word I gFK 34 357i EILEkf I H E33 551 157 E i E 2 y HEW y 5E fli 33quot 33 lg llli allll k ELLE WE W133 gg x Elia l l l p A aaaaaaaa 2 J9ly1 Egt 39 Elvgri thlt OriX I i EB T u ln ifz i lj c Egt z l T ln i l 3 FE v sli 01 sth v02 Egt f XEfig lEK Egt l m f j l g 4 be capable ofdoinga certain skill Meaning that a certain skill is acquired through study orpractice Egt ll XU R i i Egt W m Cgt MI JLE KAE FH EEHE Foryour reference 243 means will A rtgmr mn B 7 z f i7g71 i i 5 Can circumstances allow sb to do sth gt s vo gt s vo gt s 7llt Evo 0rs von3 Egt FEWi ll li Cgt l 2HZE l i Cgt i g F iH L ZX E mg 6 HIE can bepermilledby law authority orperson lo do something gt sW U vo gt sz luvo gt SkiW UJFWUlvlol 0rs uvon3 gt svo IWEIIEJ A setphrase t0 askforpermission Cgt d A mewEu Egt A uim g ELIE lm BziiSTQE JE T KElLLLUZi l ng ko 7 T T Hn the end of the sentence indicates the change of situation Cgt EFXKJUZ 3234 EFJUZm LlQ Egt LLLHU HEWAE EW EEEETD Cgt L i i 39 iiI i l T a make vour own sentence after each example below 1 be capable of doing a certain skill will do something ji ll an kl g K ti E a l3 X53 possible maybe 2 51 be able to do something because of objective capacity or circumstances DEW i a a T a Bing4 le got sick KEEUEVEDEJ EE WEE KE EUEVYED W g3amp4 E i l l 7 in this case g and El BL can be used interchangeably if t lf w E i g K il a 3 EU WKElLLLEdWCEDZEEQ in this case t is also okay lll j i F LFE KE 43X El BL 5 7 in this case you don t use E E it if HEW 1 i157 liang4c12measureword R T93 f 52 2 WE 21 EE E EEQE g Ea WEE WJWFE 3 KW 9FE1 1 9 Eii3TTJ 13 H W WE 4 i zii i j 5 35157 713 ji EFK 4 x E 353 EFL dalpei4 collocation 1 14 9quot 13 35 Wk KW T TEN r k QZH 7 57 EXWE E xWpair Rsingle 79415 EE 229 c u05 gt g lt gt mmn 1w30 E 33 X 3 vs d i REE ME D Ei necessary clothing 32 712 Accessories opposite gtFl E tu take off a opposite gtEj zh i take off gt i iu A ismA i Egt f u w wz himA fI JE WW Grammar and Structure 1 Adj E43 i g gm i ui m 1 gi w mgt XXV7 gt i don39t forget 5 here 5 H gt gt 2 A f B 7F FF Igt x EMU WKK 1 AW E IJBBltJ 13 gt Emmi mm XWy E Kg 2139738 um 137 754 gt mama mm itt a EZIEEWEHE 4 gtzmawamp Em M f 2 Awan 7F 13 adj Egt ZIEZIE Eaf 12m 77 gt A E J UE J g ji BE J E l E j u 3 4 W g 72 cannot be omitted whether or not is used in the rst clause X gk ktg 1Ej 7 F kg i taf i k 3t l gf i i g 4 u B4113 subj vgt if Sacti0n Egt ta x x i zi k u Mi k 391 iii Egt WEEi EE Mi 391 W i Egt uEH thjti MEMHA Egt uEH thjtiy Ei g ij W iJQJ39XEWZhe l Kiel these ii W Rf iEfEA b i gj l zgi i aianZ k0ng4 11inthe blanks 55 32 Zl x quotgluix J gx 3 HE E J KHZ 1 x 75 JL WE 534 32 ll mJ l ii 39 y 33 ETELLWF J ASJ qJXEE UEEHEER i hg l F u ELU g like EWHE K iE L l l Z u y 39 w m EE J T llllll a FHl WmXXWJWFEE J 0 323213 h ilf g o El jl i tE E F3UEQE EEQZEH Q ampK W yW o l gan3 enl jie2T 39 39 ZEE LmrhKm ii El n maybe perhaps n Skit Shopping for clothes Your want to include color size clothing items and of course amount of money in your skit W I Am kg a mI A y Ei mai4 to sell EE mI Aft ki u era Eil l z gim 12 ma 6 2i 3 29 33 in i a i f iz ti a 7 2 proofreading ii y mltl g ll jamp kg g 137 i g iy F H K i lEEu qjlt m l g rlhll l l i ampUVA g M m4 i g IQmbpomH i575 1 ui if ih ig 2 i i m j j t g 3 i i l f m g


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