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Energy on this World and Elsewhere

by: Ubaldo Jacobson

Energy on this World and Elsewhere PHYS 1110

Marketplace > University of Virginia > Physics 2 > PHYS 1110 > Energy on this World and Elsewhere
Ubaldo Jacobson
GPA 3.93

Gordon Cates Jr

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About this Document

Gordon Cates Jr
Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ubaldo Jacobson on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 1110 at University of Virginia taught by Gordon Cates Jr in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/209751/phys-1110-university-of-virginia in Physics 2 at University of Virginia.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
Energy on This world and elsewhere Ins l39r uc for Gordon D Cafes Office Physics 106a Phone 434 9244792 3 email ca l39esevirginiaedu Course web si re available Through COD and Toolki r or39 at h Hppeoplevirginiaedugdc4kphys111fal08 November 13 2008 Announcemen rs 0 Mid rerm paper no r due Lm ril Tuesday November 18Th 0 Read Chap rers 13 and 14 from Energy I rs Use and The Environmen r Rod cluster con trol assembly Tap nozzle Fuelde J lug 39 Grid I I assembly ntml rod 39 Ca guide thlmbl tube U Pellet Commercial fuel r39od OSSemblies Typically uranium oxide in which the uranium is enriched to around 3 o 235U is formed into pellets The pellets are then placed into long metal tubes that contain the radioactive materia The fuel rods are then arranged into long fuelrod assemblies Fuel pellets can also contain mixtures of uranium and plutonium Core of reward reactor in Swi39rzer39land Boiling Wa rer Nuclear Reac rors EJH C0quot 01T d drive Uranium is contained mcclmmsm u n In fuel rods also called fuel elementsquot The wafer serves Pressure both as a modera rer vessel and carries off The emergency hea r That is produced Steam e Safety rod inserted in W gt Hot steam out Confrol rods which absorb neu rrons can H comml quot d be inserted and Reactor core wi l39hdrawn To control VVquot Fuel elements The rate of The nuclear reactions Coo water in The concepT of The halflife of an isoTope L O o 5 2 E 3 C a 2 5 a I atoms remaining 0 01 1 l l O 3 One halflife The halflife of a nucleus is The Time iT Takes for one half of The original amounT of ThaT subsTance To decay RadioacTive decay is an exponenTiaI process RadioacTive wasTe and HS half lives Table HA RADIOACTIVE WASTES FROM SPENT LWR FUEL Fission Products Actinides Nuclide HalfLife Years Nuclide HalfLife Years 9 5r 237Np 2 x IOquot g9Tc 23 7 89 Ru 239Pu 24 x IO 3955 V 14 68 x 03 3934Cs Z Pu I3 3937Cs 2quotPu 38 x IO5 quot7pm 39Am 458 395395m Z43Am 76 x IOl 3955Eu 8 2 Cm 8i Some WASH i250 u s Dcpartmcnt cl Enemy WiTh The excepTion of TechneTium The byproducTs of fission are r elaTively shor39T lived The acTinides however ThaT r esulT from neuTr on capTur e and subsequenT decay are very long lived WiTh quotreprocessingquot The acTinides can be quotburnedquot r39esulTing in r elaTively shor39T lived wasTe Nuclear Reactors CaMninmenT Strutth Pressurizzr cum 5 Generattr The Westinghouse AP6OO Containment Vessel Natural convection air disc arge PCCS gravity drain water tank Water film evaporation Outside cooling air intake I Inte39ma condensation Van Steel containment vessel natured rebircgla on Airbattle New reactor designs such as the Westinghouse AP600 incorporate socalled passive cooling so they will not melt down at least for a few days even with zero human intervention The Technology of breeding r 9 9 K 92U238 11 gt 92me a 93Np 39 53 V 94 3 7 Using breeding in one form or39 ano139her39139he 993 of uranium That is NOT fissionable can be converted in139o Pu239 resources Q 411 reactor Reactor I f r V r a CW mu ambibl W563 nu J Rocket snack a A Average annual m awn 191992 6 rocke Nel genevauon 3392 awn wmch narraw y missed the yeacwr39s mm are Am m 27 m7 NW The Advanced Fuel Cyclequot and Generation IV sysfems Genera on I Generation JI Generation HI Eariy Protoiype J Reacinrs Commercial Power Genem un m Remquot Semion w Highiy Economical Enhanced I I Safety Shlppmgpo Deploymen Minimal Dresden Fermi l A Waste Magnox LWR PWR BWR ABWR Proliferation i System 80 39 CANDU AGR 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 I I I I I I I I I I I I The advanced fuel cycle LcwLavel Wasre lLLW Disposal o m Ia Uramum only Slmnlium Ceslum Uramum Fabricailon ugm Waer Rumor Omel Flsslon 11 a n 5 3 3 Process Losses Transuramas g HIghLavel Wasm Geclogic Reposnory Transrrwlalion Fuel Fabncalicn 7 Trmuramcs Frssmn Finducls Uranium Process Losses MmrngMunng i 1mm Fuol mav Advanced Buth Reactor Wi rh The advanced fuel cycle The volume of highlevel sfor age can be reduced by a facfor39 of 10100 Was re accumula rion and resource u riliza rion using The Advanced Fuel Cycle and Genera rion IV reoc ror s Heavy Metal Mass Thousand Tanres Worldwide Spent Fuel LWR Once Through LWR FasKReactol Cumu rive NaturalU m nTomss w sa ma 2m 2m Year rldwide Uranium Resource Utilization LWR Once Wow an a Intioguced ma rm Reactors quotmama ma actors ma High level wasTe would be largely burned and Thus greu Hy reduced A large fraction of The U238 would be quotbredquot info Pu239 Thus greale extending our resources Example of Genera rion IV reac ror l H 1M my emmn annular


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