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Introduction to Regression Analysis

by: Nola Williamson

Introduction to Regression Analysis ECON 3720

Marketplace > University of Virginia > Economcs > ECON 3720 > Introduction to Regression Analysis
Nola Williamson
GPA 3.91

James Harrigan

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About this Document

James Harrigan
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nola Williamson on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 3720 at University of Virginia taught by James Harrigan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 98 views. For similar materials see /class/209774/econ-3720-university-of-virginia in Economcs at University of Virginia.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
University of Virginia Fall Semester 2011 Economics 3720 Econometrics the theory and practice of economic data analysis Lecture Tuesdays and Thursdays 12301 45 and 2003 15pm Monroe Hall 130 Instructor Professor James Harrigan jamesharriganvirginiaedu http people virginia eduj h4Xd Monroe Hall Room 215 Office Hours Tuesday and Thursday 330500pm and by appointment Teaching Assistants Andriy Blokhin ab3dj virginiaedu Tianshu Li tl4bzvirginiaedu Meifang Wang mw8vvvirginiaedu Prereguisites A very good understanding of basic statistics such as Stat 2120 3120 or Econ 3710 and multivariate calculus such as Math 1220 or 1320 will be assumed If you hated andor did poorly at intro statistics you will probably hate andor do poorly in Econ 3720 and should not be an Econ major You may not take intro statistics or multivariate calculus concurrently with Econ 3720 Economics 2010 and 2020 are also highly recommended Introduction This course is an introduction to econometrics which is the theory and practice of analyzing economic data Topics include statistical theory measurement and applications Theoretical discussions and problems will be connected to analysis of real data At the end of the course successful students will be qualified to understand and conduct simple economic data analysis in the real world Reguired book and software M Introduction to Econometrics 3rd Edition by James H Stock and Mark W Watson httpwpsawcomaw stock ie 3 Copies of the 3rd edition are available at the bookstore and online If you purchase a used copy of the 2nd edition you will be responsible for making sure that you are aware of any discrepancies in page numbers content assignments etc between the 2nd and 3rd editions You may also buy the e book version of the 3rd Edition at this link httpwwwpearsonhigheredcomeducatorproductIntroduction to Econometric sCourse SmarteTextbook97 80 l 3 6 1 23682 page software StataIC 12 You should purchase the siX month license for 65 Product code ICGP6 Via this link http stata comordernewedunradnl an gp campus html Make sure you don t purchase Small Stata if you do you won t be able to do your homework assignments or empirical project Gradin Homework assignments 10 First midterm 225 Second midterm 225 Empirical Project 225 Final Exam 225 The median final course grade will probably be a B Failure to attend an exam or hand in the empirical project on time will result in an automatic grade of zero for the course Course policies Homework There will be 9 homework assignments Each assignment must be handed in to the TA at the beginning of the lecture on the day that it is due usually Tuesday Homework handed in late will not be graded Your homework grade will be computed as the average of the best 8 assignments handed in You are encouraged to work together on your homework assignments and up to two students may hand in and receive credit together for a given assignment If students collaborate both students must understand and contribute to all the work handed in Copying homework from other students or failing to fully collaborate on joint assignments will be regarded as an honor violation Allowing another student to take partial or full credit for your work is also an honor violation Homework will be graded by the teaching assistants Grades assigned by the TAs are not subject to appeal unless an error was made by the grader in other words please don t argue about how many points you think you should have received on a given problem Your work is expected to be neat and legible and typing your answers is encouraged If the grader finds your work too sloppy andor illegible it will not be graded or points will be taken off Exams Exams will be a mix of multiple choice and short answer Exams are non cumulative and cover only material since the previous exam Empirical project The empirical project will require students to analyze real economic data and write a short report on their findings Details will be distributed later in the semester Like the homework assignments up to two students may hand in and receive credit together for the project subject to the same guidelines as for homework Lectures Lecture notesslides will be posted to U VaC ollab but not necessarily before the lecture is delivered You are strongly encouraged to print out a copy of the slides before coming to class so you can follow along and take notes on your copies of the slides Use of computers and mobile phones is not permitted during lecture Posted lecture notesslides do not contain all the material which will be discussed in class and failure to attend all lectures means that you are guaranteed to miss important material Attendance at all lectures is required Honor policy I trust every student in this course to fully comply with all of the provisions of the honor code which is an institution that provides important benefits to all of us On every exam and assignment please write quotPledgedquot and sign your name On exams it is expected that you will neither receive nor give aid nor access any material other than a nonprogrammed calculator All alleged honor violations brought to my attention will be forwarded to the Honor Committee If in my judgment it is beyond a reasonable doubt that a student has committed an honor violation on an exam or assignment that student will receive an immediate grade of zero for that exam or assignment regardless of any subsequent action taken by the Honor Committee Exam and other accommodations All students with special needs requiring accommodations should present the appropriate paperwork from the Learning Needs and Evaluation Center LNEC to Professor Harrigan It is the student s responsibility to present this paperwork in a timely fashion and follow up with the instructor about the accommodations being offered Accommodations for testtaking eg extended time should be arranged with Professor Harrigan at least seven days before an exam Planning your semester As you can see from the tentative schedule for the class the end of the semester will be extremely busy In the week after Thanksgiving you will have to hand in your empirical project and your last homework assignment and take the final exam You are strongly encouraged to finish the empirical project before Thanksgiving break since you will have all the background you need to complete the project by November 1


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