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by: Favian Lemke


Marketplace > Georgia State University > Physics 2 > PHYS 4700 > ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM
Favian Lemke
GPA 3.68

Nikolaus Dietz

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About this Document

Nikolaus Dietz
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Favian Lemke on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 4700 at Georgia State University taught by Nikolaus Dietz in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/209851/phys-4700-georgia-state-university in Physics 2 at Georgia State University.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
Aqogqqoo 333an m5 gmmmwmamg ltHOHOW mowzdbxwm gtEx9uxEo gtXEXQHEgtOTQFE dx io 425 138XEudx igtbx 9 amp a at P H i 2 v 2 z a a at 5 P w H w NNQA v a P a RCmewVHxmerKVx a a a AS H e A ev H ee ltAgtEuwxAltxgtwgtxAltXEESgtAgtltE ltA03 H O 1526 H 8 ltAgt3HltJPltQw d k u gtglt5iltw gxwxwwuwg xklewg xww lt 1314st gtilt x3 ltxwau2wryAltgtEEltgtTltE ltXAltXEHSltTltgt grasm QWx QWx quva QN gt w H y a m A 4 v RA x 98 a Q A wae be QM m QP V Q9 Q mu 3 g g E g 31 32 2 14105 143de 41031 2 VECTOR OPERATIONS 21 RECTANGULAR COORDINATES Vufc quot 23 yay 232 V A 2 2M 214 31 31 32 214 8A 8A 8A 8A 8A A 2 K 73 K I z K 73 I V X X 23y 232 gt y 232 23 gt z 8 8y V quot 23x2 872 2322 22 CYLINDRICAL COORDINATES K871 K1871 K871 Vuzpw lj 25 123 12141 214 A77 A 7 V z V mp Hp 23 232 V X A Z I 1041 35 34 34 p 3139 32 32 3 K 123 1214p Zl 4 p 33 8271 pap pap Q 23 SPHERICAL COORDINATES i 8271 V271 2 3w V f la 1quot ar r2319 vrsin88ltp 1 a K 1 a 1 2141 hAZiiJA if 1 A 7 v V r2 8T r r rsinz988bmg o T511119 8quot f 23 K 214g 1 1 a4 23 K A7 i K41 7 iK4A VX rsim9 2319 11 8 1 23 lm 23 23W d a W K314 lEM 2319 191 20 21 lt22 lt23 24 25 26 27 28 291 30 18 V271 7W7 T2 3r r w 1 g r2 sin 8 38 sin8gt 1 8271 r2 sin2 8 23 3 VECTOR INTEGRAL FORMULAS 5 A da 2 V A dT Divergence theorem 9 V 5 A ds V X A la Stokes theorem 0 S j7Lia VudT S V ngxda VgtltAd7 S V 5 uds Vu x da Cquot S 5 71A da A Vu uV AH dT S V jBA da A VBBV A dT s V 31 36 37 38 4 FORMULAS INVOLVING RELATIVE CO ORDINATES WW 2 Mai 81 817 VfR V39fR v V AR v39 Am V x AR v39 x AR V2fR V392fR R VRz VRz zPL R R E R 75 0 Physics 4700 7700 Electricity and Magnetism list of formulas Electrostatics AV 1 11 W 4760 r2 8485 x 10 12 0231 m2 Coulomb s law 160gtlt 10 9 C F 7 F 10E clcctric cld 10 1 r 4 pornt chargc W60 139 C ng LA 2 2 Gauss law 50 7 r T ncar conducting surfacc co r 2 linc of chargc new 7 r 2f shcct of chargc 0 1 r 4 sphcrical shcll r 2 R W50 0 sphcrical shcll r lt R r uniform sphere of chargc r lt R W60 Electric potential and potential energy V y f 1 1 11700 1 U I f V V E ds AV 2 E d if E const 1 1 9 4M5 r point char gc n N 1 c 2 Vi Z i n pornt chargcs i 1 4760 ri i Capaeitanee qV dc niticn of capacitancc 39 A mi parallcl platc capacitor 275 L r K 0W cylindrical capacitancc a C 2 4760 E spherical capacitor a C 4M50R isolated sphere of radius R N CM 2 2 Q n capacitors in parallel 11 1 1 t 7 n capaci ors in series Cw jg 2 r2 V 1 CW 11 x D i i electric otential energv 2C 2 I lt ml 39 E2 x u energy density Electric currents and magnetic elds JLQ dt PiVirV r 1a 751 TlMquot LG 3 j xIrcr t dt 15 1M 1 170 i lRC t dt M7quot lICr Fl qv X B H r qB de nition of an electric current junction rule loop rule sign of V is iniportant de nition of emf 5 Ohms law current in a single loop circuit n resistances in series n resistances in parallel Joule heat charging capacitor charging capacitor discharging capacitor discharging capacitor magnetic force a charged particle circulating in a magnetic eld fBdAz0 Gauss law for magnetism dltlgt jfEds d tB Faraday s law dltIgtE Bds 2 H080 dt uoIenc Ampere Maxwell law Displacement current i e dIE d 0 dt 5 dE Jd Odt LC and RLC oscillations 61261 q 105 QCOSW lt25 1 xLC wQ Sinwt qb d2q dq q LE 7a 5 qt QeRt2L cosw39t l lt15 w M2 RZL2 Q2 2 f 0 U6 6 RtL Forced oscillations 575 5m sinwt Isinwt gb VRle 20 1 nglXO X0 w 0 gb 90deg VLZIXL XLZLUL 290d g 1 5m R2 XL X02 XL XC t anqb R Z R2 XL X602 Pav212 rmsR Ermslrms COS qs 5m E ITTYLS I 5 rms displacement current density energy of capacitor energy of inductor LC oscillations charge angular frequency of oscillations current RLC oscillations charge electric eld energy if w m w emf current resistive load capacitive load inductive load current amplitude in series RLC circuit phase shift in series RLC circuit impedance of series RLC circuit average power root mean square values f w l 13 27 T 27 ll FIgZ iLXB xB u U B to ids X r m 47f x 10 7T mA 1 126 x 10 57 mA dB HM B 27W New NeL ia ib 27 l B FM 2 ibLBu sinpi2 2 ngds HOTth B yin leiN B 27739 1 I g 2 BA dd 3 dt dd 3 dt NltIgt 5 5 N L z 1 lienry1 H 1 T 1112 A Ll Hana dz L 6 dt i 11 717quot L TL i km MTquot V 1 i L7 iLz2 82 u 7 B V 2H0 Maxwell s equations 5 EdA 150 magnetic force on a current carrying wire torque on a currentcarrying coil magnetic dipole moment Biot Savart law permeability constant magnetic eld of a straight wire magnetic eld at the center of a circular arc force between parallel wires Ampere s law magnetic eld of a solenoid magnetic eld of a toroid magnetic ux B J A B uniform Faraday s law of induction loop with turns de nition of inductance unit of inductance inductance of a solenoid self induced emf rise of current decay of current magnetic energy magnetic energy density Gaussquot law for electricity


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