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by: Cara O'Hara


Cara O'Hara
GPA 3.85

Mariana Montiel

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About this Document

Mariana Montiel
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cara O'Hara on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 3000 at Georgia State University taught by Mariana Montiel in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see /class/209874/math-3000-georgia-state-university in Mathematics (M) at Georgia State University.




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Date Created: 09/21/15
Crw l Q 4 I X wt W flt X UH17 x we 1 m a 7 3963 mmz gt kta gmngq o4yz if mL a u 1 a Ea KWA ibk k b i u 1 C 53 pm f CvP L Qap k w m w J W Um 399 2a domLLQ WA k fs jte c lg Q 7 LL r M Ar Mm LK y Q DOMW U N 5 Reg E 5quotquot JV 7H 80 rn1 x e mmhh mm W WOW 39 3 39 i I A i 5 H VI 1 3 t v 4 r k V E J 5 quota I r h rs x 9 figuh 3 M n c ma a U igux S j ncf 1151 Y3Q A d u 1 R7 131 Q lt 3 3 R x 0 0t 7 quotEd 391 a 0 1341er a an a 3 HM NZ 3 a 5 a if 391 Hm K 5 6 A3 quot 3 T H M 10 14f r1 Fquot darna f 9 C WEVW 3 ON 0U w 3 A upghc n so me C H f i i m 3km H 9m 4 rquot w quot 55quot 7 I3 440 UL 36 v m 31 iiquot 2 us 00 Wis i V 2 X61 03 gig is E e 1 Cquot d 7 II39A Z 1 e 4 x Zki X C 0 l 7 r 17 Z 6 0 1 1 1 0 WU cm gems CH 5 301 T 7 3E 75 5 La 1 24 X H a j n o L K K o f U g I L 3L 9 Z J f x zl Hm I quotf W 39 Tke I l u i o i 7 7 f r X 1 3quot My N quotx t HQquot A J M W x H mm y x 39 3 y pi a i My m Owl Rb quot39 vg x X i jxji i 20 Dom Lquot vooylj U 2 00 OJ m A x K 9 quot 39 WI 39 73 l l 4 I 393 39lt39 4 439 A 3 39 51 L s 223 Mo ward 1 06 7 315 39 x 39 V q H 3 IA S I MM Y 3x 1 I i u A 1 w ill 1 WM 11102ng a C Kim L 50 391 Lugs A An 100 Hwy Cm u x p D a p r 1 x JI M i icy L L 1 b E 39 fwv RUX HY EUQL n L1 CY s 4 g 1 I E A n L i for QQCIW L 4 L A V TIM a 7 f 3 I V f quot 1 4 3 r t xi Fl k k L a 3quot EN 56 xlw U E k gt kW 1 r q 5 U 1 610 21x43 MW M quot15142 43 A Ex 4 1i 2 u 39m Hm WWWMN k6 1 2 H l be M D 3 k R E 02pm 28 I Iquot N 0 a W To 1119 n 71 3 o 4 1M0 Hm 39 x Sol Orr Qkxm TEQOTfm 41m a h HQ 4553 m Onev39bOnh mmLxumfp Skowano 003gt0RJ 39C93 14m N5 A Q L a 0st 3m 002V Ov fcynd a 7 Hm m I SO g mz K Hm w 3 y C rki g 5 M 4 13 1 0 l l3 Q SQl QC Rf q x Ef b t HUKYT 1 J2 3 Clubs 7 Que H Mr HMS t QGQ EQGA St39 A Hm 13 VINO 7 03 St 0 rn Ry 63W Heme CHOU 6amp0 raft V 5 u xr h Rquot Q Qna myush A 34 39Mmn 29 ox FHGlrqp ar m1 F Rh S Inga if in 39 v quotk quotu r 39 t I 0 h we as f 39 Arfquoti39gt Wk wM If flJT39iWquot H 40 55 r A Kquot Yuk J Ax 3 1 L 3 lmi P 1 quot nxpc IS MtI39M 390 F M Ma UM U I W I mumw 5 th J A 3 MEIR H J U r g E r p fquot rp 0 A Q UmC m J k n m I I p mm Hence n V quot f m r g M q 8069031 0 CmA 5 ox 9M9 xed ARE wimpU h 30quot L 3 39ln 3 mek39s link quot1 i 045 WINK 5 Wm SOth Thquot ancl ha a Mk K m N hm 3 b g waQ C V In HUK C emeagepo 4L STU DE m ltng Em 553w 95 3 3 CA QYOVQAW T 1M Mqu mOWP 5 CK dQnumqm 59 s ed we know 30g 32 b a 4 Z gtT 56 42 6 quot a M H 94 i f 5K 31gt Re ex K rot n H lt x9 Z A E 0 Lf 66 f 362 ti 3 f 39 9 Wm 91740 33 We H sre v S On0gt I I w 5 fwdW A WKM xszM and i g 3 00 Prove Hue t 0 5J3 has mdianips 0 X64 0 4 130 QCSMr 0 X a 239 e 593 U 56 352 099036 2 j A6 0933 M X a ux 00 255 aka a j 2amp6 92 M X 31 71m 0 a i y bIAIX IvO39 ZZJampltSOOOad rsaJe 7K m rb 73U56 Aug ii4e 602e Judrail 05 093 K C a 5 m N W G Cm awek 0C a b m hcg gV H Mb 7 NO 2amp9 h QAm 5 La wwum lb 0 nae a n2 4 z 6 nab 9 R 1 33be g 5kg 35 4mg 13 W lm th o NM 3 EEO or Q c 9 3732 6 3 FP9 ga Jozb m 3quot WNWWK WWE 5 0 UFO9 OF radas 1 s 602 z7 S 03 Cc Th3 3 m bileouon I Ofm 6 is we bu i 5103 Coshpmt Q7 61 an EXOme Q CG m O39WQDSQ Eek a A om E as ME mi H06 3 WWW A183 IS nk nomQmphd ML W 5 W hm i Tim A05 N dmumeragl b 15 Aim5Q Euajg g 53 Q Jka M 09 W3me 53g b8 WAY We gondmn h 033 dder xs wwwm an mo RUE Ad 4ML22A2 wwo sm A wave La 5ch ag 4 M x h 390 WW 91 KG 1905 7 Xe orxe lg 1 n Lf n K MP3 n 5t 90 X A5 21 as 0010 M304 MM is 43mm EON 90 7 Showx oh we 33 Sin Hf K Q 3 395 om o og LL 1 WNW ak59 I H0 iw HWW Q 13 0 539143 gt331 YE m w I Amni ts abdedw wx 71m 1 w 3 31 1013 W A it amp2 4 XXX 0 bimczian 10 I 0V U Q 0n0gti5 WEE an 3 U U30 3C3 Mammy WAR 391 m Q dwmmb e 1351st 9 We 00106 O l3 0chle 5 5H 3 4 Q fe Od a a jnm fcx R33V R1 amt 77 9quot 3 g0m440n 3 9Q p ggt and 0amp5 Ech HM h 9 yLgtE Q Gav 3 ML Proue Is no Qamior s Thom1 s 4 WM Hm f f5 A113 0 567 LaH We arji g damIna number 34 Er3 mf lic 5 no Q7 S ewemot L1 FPON I M 5 q Ajncgm 5 H 74 Is cam zbm f6 24 fixv lpk Q ra bg m 7 A Q 13 C0n o f Q I5 9 uivaWM 0 some eu osqk Q WM N qu 5 g3 bi 9044 ance A 6 J0 Q A 333 gunmgm g


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