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by: Mr. Destiny Lindgren


Mr. Destiny Lindgren
GPA 3.77

Timothy Brezina

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About this Document

Timothy Brezina
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Destiny Lindgren on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CRJU 2200 at Georgia State University taught by Timothy Brezina in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/209879/crju-2200-georgia-state-university in Criminal Justice at Georgia State University.




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Date Created: 09/21/15
Beckett amp Sasson Ch3 Murder American Style There are four interrelated factors that underlie the unusually high rate of interpersonal homicide in the US l A profusion of guns 2 High levels of economic and racial inequality 3 Illegal drug trade 4 Meager job opportunities In the 1980s the Us sentences for violent crimes were similar to those in countries that had lower rates of homicide Less serious offenses were punished far more severely in the US than in comparable countries 0 The US was the only western democracy that imposed the death penalty on some of those convicted of murder The argument that US violence is caused by violent media imagery thus implies that life imitates art only in the United States Although media violence is almost certainly not a direct cause of homicide it might be one among many background factors GUNS 0 Guns are the instrument of death in 7 out of 10 homicides in the Us 0 The surge in juvenile homicide thus appears to be related to the spread of guns among youths o A surge in the practice of keeping and carrying guns seems to be a reasonable explanation of the spike in gun homicides among youths o The US now has more federally licensed gun dealers than gas stations Inequality o The correlation between the homicide rate and various measures of economic inequality is especially strong in democracies and wealthier countries 0 A great deal of crime in the Us can be explained by a contradiction between the dominant cultural code which prescribes material success above all else American Dream and the economic organization of society which denies to most people the routine means for achieving such success 0 Countries with higher levels of social and economic inequality typically possess ecological and neighborhood conditions that directly contribute to high levels of cr1me Ecology o In the suburban areas where most while Americans live rates of homicide are comparable to those in Finland 0 Although the ethnic r quot39 of these high A quot J J areas changed the propensity of these neighborhoods to generate troublesome youths did not 0 In the absence of effective adult supervision and control juvenile delinquency ourished o It is the degree to which a neighborhood suffers form povertyrelated social dislocations not its racial composition that helps explain its homicide rate Race 0 The sharp increase in joblessness among African American males that resulted form this economic restructuring deindustrialization reduced the poll of marriageable men which in turn contributed to the proliferation of singleparent households and the intensification of innercity poverty 0 The percentage of families headed by a single parent is the strongest predictor of the homicide rate and is in turn strongly associated with the rate of j oblessness among men 0 Racial segregation is the product of racial discrimination Drugs 0 Three types of drugrelated homicides l Psychopharmacological caused by intoxication person gets high and acts out in a violent fashion 2 Economic compulsive committed in the course of property crime motivated by the need for money to buy drugs 3 Systemic result of conducting business in an illegal market 0 It is not the chemical effects of illicit drugs but the nature of the illegal drug trade that accounts for much drugrelated violence 0 By destabilizing the drug trade the police crackdown may have contributed to its violent character 0 By arresting and jailing such a large number of minorities the war on drugs has become a significant source of joblessness and family disruption in poor neighborhoods two social conditions that are strongly associated with high levels of homicide Code of the Streets 0 At the heart of the code of the streets is the issue of respect loosely defined as being treated right or granted the deference one deserves 0 One is capable of violence and mayhem when the situation requires it that one can take car of oneself 0 Young men have multiple avenues for attaining statues and demonstrating manhood In increasingly poor and isolated urban neighborhoods however most of the conventional avenues for doing so are dead ends


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