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by: Mallie Crist


Mallie Crist
GPA 3.62

Louis Henry

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About this Document

Louis Henry
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mallie Crist on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSC 1010 at Georgia State University taught by Louis Henry in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/209887/csc-1010-georgia-state-university in ComputerScienence at Georgia State University.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
Chapter 6 Output What is Output Data that has been processed into a useful form called information 0 Text 0 Graphics 0 Audio 0 Video What Are Output Devices What is an output device Any hardware component that can convey information to a user 0 Printer 0 Monitor 0 Speakers Display Devices What is a display device Televisionlike Information on a display device sometimes is called soft copy What is a CRT monitor Large sealed glass screen Screen coated with tiny dots of phosphor material Pixel or picture element is single point in electronic image Three dots red blue and green combine to make up each pixel What are typical sizes for CRT monitors 15 l7 19 21 and 22 inch screen size Viewable size is diagonal measurement of actual Viewing area provided by the monitor 0 Screen size 0 Viewable size What is a liquid crystal display LCD monitor Type of atpanel display Uses liquid crystals between two sheets of material to present information on screen Electric current passes through crystals which creates images on the screen Where are some features of LCD screens Lightweight and compact Consumes less than onethird of the power than does a CRT monitor Page 1 of9 Ideal for notebook and handheld computers What is a Webenabled device Allows access to the Web or email 0 Cellular telephones o Pagers Many use monochrome LCD displays to save battery power What is an 39 39 book ebook Small booksized computer that uses an LCD screen Allows users to read save highlight bookmark and add notes to online text Download new book content from Web What are the two 39 39 39 used for LCD monitors Activematrix display 0 Can display highquality color viewable from all angles Passivematrix display 0 Color often not as bright 0 Images best viewed when working directly in front of display What is a gas plasma monitor Flatpanel display uses layer of gas plasma between two sheets of material What is display resolution Describes the sharpness and clarity of image The higher the resolution the sharper the image and the more that can display on the monitor 0 800 x 600 most common I 800 horizontal pixels I 600 vertical pixels 39 WW 9 1 79 31174 39 39 quot Pm t m nit r e quot7II48 1 1 39 P 1 t 1439 L 39 x 1 1 1E ujju u mu is What is dot pitch Measure of the distance between pixels Sometimes called pixel pitch Smaller the distance between the pixels the sharper the image N am a unamit tu fpo 39n39 A 1 rt a mm p mvm x Put n 11111111111 J Lanna What is refresh rate Speed at which monitor redraws images on the screen Page 2 of9 Should be fast enough to maintain a constant ickerfree image Highquality monitor will provide refresh rate of at least 75 hertz Image on the screen redraws itself 75 times per second What is a video card Converts digital output from computer into analog video signal Controls how display device produces picture Also called graphics card or video adapter How does video travel from the processor to a CRT monitor What is bit depth Number of bits a video card uses to store information about each pixel Also called color depth Determines number of colors a video card can display Greater the number of bits better the resulting image 0 8bit video card I Uses 8 bits to store information about each pixel I Can display 256 different colors 0 24bit video card I Uses 24 bits to store information about each pixel I Can display 167 million colors What are video standards Vidc m 39 m J J A quot39 VESA developsvideo standards 0 Resolution 0 Simultaneous Colors What are various video card cunf quot Video Memory in MB Color Depth Number of Colors Resolution Page 3 of9 What is 39 ic radiation EMR Magnetic eld that travels at speed of light Small amount produced by all CRT monitors 0 Sit at arm s length from CRT o EMR is greatest on sides and back of CRT monitor 0 LCD monitors do not pose this risk What is the ENERGY STAR program Program to encourage manufacturers to create energyef cient devices that require little power when not in use Monitors and devices meeting guidelines display ENERGY STAR label What is Interactive TV Twoway communications technology in which users interact with television programming 0 Select a movie 0 Vote 0 Bank 0 Shop 0 Play games HDTV works directly with interactive TV Printers What is a printer Output device that produces text and graphics on paper Result is hard copy or printout Two orientations 0 Portrait 0 Landscape What is an impact printer Forms characters by striking a mechanism against ink ribbon that physically contacts paper Ideal for printing multipart forms Can withstand dusty environments vibrations and extreme temperatures What is a dotmatrix printer Impact printer that produces printed images when tiny wire pins on print head mechanism strike inked ribbon Most use continuousform paper How does a dotmatrix printer work Page 4 of9 When ribbon presses against paper it creates dots that form characters and graphics A higher number of pins 6949 249 means printer prints more dots per character which results in higher print quality What is a line printer Highspeed impact printer that prints entire line at a time Speed measured by number of lines per minute lpm it can print What is a nonimpact printer Forms characters and graphics on piece of paper without actually striking paper 0 Ink j et Printer 0 Laser Printer 0 Thermal Printer What is an ink j et printer Nonimpact printer forms characters and graphics by spraying tiny drops of liquid ink onto piece of paper Most popular type of color printer for home use What is the resolution of a printer Sharpness and clarity of characters Measured by number of dots per inch dpi printer can output 9 e e How does an inkjet printer work What is a laser printer Highspeed highquality nonimpact printer Prints text and graphics in very highquality resolution ranging from 600 to 1200 dpi Typically costs more than inkjet printer but is much faster How does a laser printer work Page 5 of9 What is a thermal printer Generates images by pushing electrically heated pins against heatsensitive paper Ideal for small devices such as adding machines What is a photo printer Color printer that produces photo lab quality pictures and prints everyday documents What is a label printer Small printer that prints on adhesive type material that can be placed on a variety of items Most also print bar codes and estamps What is a portable printer Small lightweight inkjet or thermal printer that allows mobile user to print from notebook or handheld computer while traveling What is a plotter Sophisticated printer used to produce highquality drawings Largeformat printer similar to plotter and is used to print quality color prints Speakers and Headsets What is an audio output device Computer component that produces music speech and other sounds wav les Speakers and headsets are common devices What is voice output Computer talks to you through speakers on computer 0 RealPlayer What is Internet telephony Allows you to have a conversation over the Web just as if you were talking on the telephone Other Output Devices What is a data projector Device that takes image from a computer screen and projects it onto a larger screen What is a facsimile fax machine Device that transmits and receives documents over telephone lines What is a fax modem Modem that allows you to send and receive electronic documents as faxes Page 6 of9 0 External fax modem 0 Internal fax modem card in system unit Must have OCR software to convert to characters What is a multifunction device MFD Provides the functionality of a printer scanner copy machine and fax machine 0 All in one Terminals What is a terminal Device that performs both input and output 0 Dumb terminals 0 Intelligent terminals 0 Specialpurpose terminals What is a dumb terminal Has a keyboard and monitor but no processor or memory Connects to host computer that performs processing and then sends output back What is an intelligent terminal Has monitor keyboard memory and processor Similar to a PC in that it can perform tasks independent of host computer Programmable Special Purpose Terminals What is a pointofsale POS terminal Records purchases at point where purchase is made Output from POS terminals serves as input to host computer 0 POS terminal in a grocery store 0 Scanner and keyboard are input What is an J teller machine ATM Selfservice banking machine that connects to host computer through telephone network Output Devices for Physically Challenged Users What is the Magnifier command Windows Magnifier command enlarges text and other items in window on screen What other output options are available for visually impaired users Change Window s settings such as increasing size or changing color of text to make words easier to read Page 7 of9 Blind users can work with voice output Braille printer outputs information in Braille onto paper Summary What are 39 output devices for the Home user Speakersand headset What are 39 output devices for the SOHO user u u39r 1 H mi N Irma r V1quot man r kin quotminim d V J u a Izabel printer Fax machine Speal ers and headset What are 39 output devices for the Mobile user What are 39 output devices for the Large Business user 4 9 9r 2 l ineh eelenGKller LGDmeniter GelerLLGDdispla hfephandheld eempwer JzaserhpritnterTblaek a d white 4er 39r Tv nrintrPrlnr r t e u 4 ME babelprinter Fax maehine eimf aX medem Speakersa d headset Page 8 of9 Dumb termi a What are 39 output devices for the Power user Laseppri ter Platter L t Ant r A 39 quot nrvf 4 u J MW Speakersa d headset Chapter 6 Complete Page 9 of9


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