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by: Jake Davis

EmancipationandTheexperienceofAfrican.pdf 2112

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Jake Davis
GPA 3.15
American History since 1865
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About this Document

Another HIST 2112 lecture note, over Emancipation. This was the 2nd one in class.
American History since 1865
No professor available
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Jake Davis on Friday September 12, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 2112 at a university taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 112 views.


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Date Created: 09/12/14
Emancipation and the experience of AfricanAmericansDiscontents Read the black codes Now slavery is over and what is the response to freedom with the slaves What do they not do What do whites use to recreate slavery Big picture wise slavery has existed since the beginning of time Greece and Rome was built with it Even African regimes still have it today Europeans were who passed it down to the US 0 There are 4 differneces between EuroAmerican slavery and other regimes it s economic it was designed to make money for the slave owner whereas others were for royalty or religion slaves are property by law you can do lots of things with property like selling it it s permanent and inherited like traced through the mother but the slave owner could make you freed some places make that illegal It s racially based to be black in the south was to be a slave The British French Spanish and Dutch brought us the slaves the triangle trade started back in the 1600s 75 of them came to Brazil and the Caribbean The middle passage was brutal for all people Barbados was a British island that grew sugar and was the place most slaves went to after the middle passage They just make sugar and die in about 3 years Barbados had the slaves replaced when they died in the US they had mass reproductions with the slave families VA colonists tried to enslave Native Americans but couldn t 1 They fought back on their homeland and 2 They died from smallpox 1619 was when the colonies brought slavery to there by going down from the Caribbean islands This is a very profitable system by 1860 the two most valuable things in the south was cotton and slavery There was a class of plantation elite the wealth folks with lots of slaves and were politicians some of the founding fathers were slave owners Only 25 of whites owned slaves Why would they support the system then Some got pissed off that only the wealthy ones could afford it but if they were middle class plantation owners got you your jobs That social in uence made the system stand up Even farmers in poverty had white skin to make them not slaves and defend it to the death 0 Former slaves felt good about the end of slavery O 0 They did not want that system recreated One of the first things you did was look through your family members Young male blacks were dangerous people tried to get them married and get them kids and used kids as personal threats to stay in the south But poverty was another reason they couldn t move out Most freed slaves received very little education they didn t want to make them literate and make them cause rebellions Many were desperate to leam like both young and old people wanted to learn and read These schools were formed by the Freedmen s Bureau They also wanted to take control of their spiritual life too there was an explosion of black churches They would put manipulated versions of the bible that stressed slavery being good and they know they re being feed this false information A totalitarian system is not lO0 there were big numbers of black meeting services Black churches were one of the few organizations that had blacks in power after the war that s why most civil rights leaders were preachers 0 There were many black politicians that ran because of blacks having the right to vote 0 The rise of sharecropping this is how slavery got recreated o The American dream in 1865 what everyone wanted was their own farm a patch of land that was your own The whites vision was destoried and blacks had no idea of what path to take to stop that freedom was overwhelming for them so landowners gave them propositions and they would pay to grow cotton and the black codes made it so that they had to work so the owners said that they had no choice some blacks refused landowners needed to come up with a compromise system it was sharecropping even clark county was a huge sharecropping state 0 They said that they would provide them with houses in woods that were awful food tools and whiskey and let them do it on their own and they split the profits But they had to pay back for the tools and food This is how cotton got grown after the civil war 50 of a crop is still good it s the manner of how they lived their life and no overseers and no times for when to work The landowners always ridged it so they would benefit the clause for paying it back was based off jacked up prices so they wouldn t have any payments If there is a winter and no profits come up then you still have to pay back for the tools and you got permanent debt and under the contract they were stuck with all of this The songs of the blues were about sharecropping and how bad it was By the 1880s sharecropping was so popular that it grew more cotton than before the civil war This sharecropping was among whites and blacks This was still lasting until about the 1960s


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