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by: Jake Davis

TheLegacyofConquest.pdf 2112

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Jake Davis
GPA 3.15
American History since 1865
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About this Document

3rd set of lecture notes. It is over the exploration of the frontier.
American History since 1865
No professor available
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Jake Davis on Friday September 12, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 2112 at a university taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 139 views.


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Date Created: 09/12/14
The Legacy of Conquest Westward expansion 0 In the 70s Neil Young recorded Cortez the killer while South Dakota had the AIM movement happening with native americans holding weapons and sealing off roads in the towns o This showed the white people that had sympathy towards the Native Americans o In the 1870s and 1880s after the civil war we see the most intense westward expansion when you think of the cowboys and wild west you see those come back from around this time This was paradise for them the American promised land 0 The biggest reason to go west was to get cheap land Once the Natives have been cleared off of it the government has lots of land that it wants to get rid of 0 One of the most important pieces of legislation for the west was the homestead act of 1862 it literally had a grid out and divided the westem united states into 160 acres rectangles it was about 250 virtually nothing 0 It was such a good deal that people around the world capitalized on it most of them being European The west has the most culturally diverse 0 There were also good business opportunities Most of them were agriculture based The biggest business in the west overall was cattle the first multinational firms in the US were in the west The XIT ranch on the panhandle of Texas was the biggest and that s where the British were superinterested in these Cowboys were corporate employees 0 This was so big that it was the first time in even world history that we even got multinational corporations there were even clashes between workers and owners happening It was not unusual to go on strike and unionize This lead to one of the most violent episodes of the west They went on strike since they wanted to be payed to be raised They were fired as a group that made them get their own businesses the Wyoming stock group association created a hit list and systemically tried to kill the former employees There was a Johnson county war of 1892 it was the first instance of a really nasty labor strike 0 Why do they go out to the west Besides money there was the manifest destiny a religious reason The famous painting by John Gast in 1872 showed civilization going from one area to another 0 For former slaves they went west they bought land from the govemment and farmed for themselves 0 Now there is the question of the natives 0 Americans will take the land is it going to be bloody or gentle There are two schools of thought there is one that is the iiradication school that says let s kill all the natives I For example there was the Sand Creek Massacre they killed all men women and children it made people horrified about it The Natives retaliate in the battle of little big hom and they killed general Custer o The other school of thought made people look back and say they re good people and we shouldn t be slaughtering them and need an alternate approach it was called asimulation It starts with this thing called the myth of the vanishing Native saying that they can t survive manifest destinaty and made the asimulation people want to preserve their culture and wanted to paint them and wanted them to have native tribal lands They wanted them to be ingrained in our culture this was considered progressive how do we asimulate them We will go to the tribes and send them to the native American boarding schools such as Carlial school in PA they had to take the kids and everything you do there is to strip them of their identity make them look like Americans and make it forbidden to teach their religion and only talk in English For the grown ups back at the tribes They took the Homestead Act and passed the Dawes act of 1887 it took the reservations and divided them into 160 acre chucks and gave the families the plots with the intention of tuming them into farmers There is a disaster in this the govemment took the land that was theirs and gave it to the white men and the 160 acres that were given to them were awful for farming They didn t even know what private property was Most of them didn t even know how to farm in their culture most of farming was for women in America it was reversed o In 1890 there were barley any natives any they formed a ghost dance to make white people disappear It showed out despair they were and how much they wanted everything to come back They were back to where the massacre happened when the Wounded Knee battle


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