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CLA 322 3/1/16

by: Kenya

CLA 322 3/1/16 CLA 322 P

greek Mythology: Monsters
Han Tran

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About this Document

Notes for 3/1/16
greek Mythology: Monsters
Han Tran
Class Notes
odyssey, Scylla, Charybdis
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kenya on Wednesday March 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CLA 322 P at University of Miami taught by Han Tran in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see greek Mythology: Monsters in Classical Studies at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 03/16/16
Odysseus journey home TEN YEARS ONE YEAR ONE quot1 1 quot1 I I I YEAR I ONE YEAR I 7 YEARS I MON39IH I WEEK I WEEK I I ODYSSEUS I I HE l LEAVE TROY CIRCE SI UCK LEAVE MEETS wn H KALYPSO 7 RO AN KIRKONIANS KALYPSO PHAIAKIANS EUMAIOS WAR SIRENS MEETS O BR39NC39 TELEMACHOS LOTUSEATERS THE DYSSEUS COMES PHAIAKIANS HOME HOME SKYLLA AND POLYPHEMUS CHARYBD5 ODYSSEUS D ATS AIOLOS AND Sailing THE BAG HELIOS39 ISLAND OF WINDS ODYSSEUS FIGHTS LAESTRY ONIANS LEAVES STORM39 SW39M39 TEoEIMIflc39fgi ofs SUITORS39 C39 CIRCE AND CHARYBDIS S L FAMILIES 0 Pay attention to his trajectory o 1 St stop is the normal Kirkonians 0 Ex LotusEaters o Seemineg normal but what they eat is not 0 Lotusmakes you forget who you are and everything else name family etc 0 They are the 1st danger the danger of forgetting who you are and you nostos home coming 0 Skipping Polyphemus the cyclops o Aiolos and the bag of winds 0 Aiolos completely normal and positive gives him Winds to get to Ithaca but Odysseus didn t tell the sailors what was in the bag he just says not to open it the sailors open in and are veered off course 0 Laestrygonians 0 Middle ground between Polyphemus and Circe o Appear normal but the longer you stay with them they reveal their monstrous cannibalistic nature Nostos takes a turn with Circe 0 Her name means Hawk 0 Witch 0 She knows how to manipulate things one wouldn t normally know how to manipulate ex Transforming the human body 0 Uses Pharamakon Pharamaka I Drugs and potions I Niece is Medea 0 Appears perfectly normal in a perfectly normal house with reassuring chimney smoke o Approaching her house one hears the moving of the shuttle meaning there is a wife type figure in the home 0 She is divine daughter of Helios 0 She seems the good hostess giving them food and drink laced with her transformative potion turning them into food She doesn t eat them but they are turned into something that can be eaten Her tricks don t work with Odysseus Remember The Olympian gods on the whole save Poseidon want him to succeed and go home to Ithaca o Hermes sent to Circe s island on order of Zeus to give him this herb Molyu as an antidote for the pig potion o Warns him that Circe is going to try to trick him into her bed so she can unman him but he has to make her swear an oath which she has to keep as a goddess to not un man him after they sleep together 0 He spends and entire year on the island of Circe because her place seems like home Her true spell Circe s illusion of domesticity Odysseus thinks he is home but he is not After he stays for a year one of his sailors reminds Odysseus of his home and the spell is broken Problem with staying on her island her island is for removed from gods and men and therefore exists outside of the realm he is supposed to be in living alone so far removed is bizarre in this world Similar to Calypso who keeps him for seven years her name meaning quotshe who is hidden like Cryptic Circe now tries to help them on their way 0 Before he comes home he has to go first to the underworld 0 To go see Tiresias who will tell him things he would otherwise be unaware of He follows her advice 0 Sees Agamemnon who warns him about wives 0 Remember he was butchered by his own wife the day he returned from Troy 0 Warns him not to Trust Penelope based on her reputation even though she is truly the epitome of a good wife takes this lesson to heart 0 Tiresias lesson 0 Warns Odysseus not to eat the cattle of the sun god Helios o On the island of Helios Odysseus tells his men not to touch the Helios but they are tempted out of hunger They disobey him when he is asleep 0 As a result all of his men are going to have to die by Zeus thunder bolt I Helios threatens to shine his light in the underworld o This is the one reason why he risks going down into the underworld 0 Last people he sees before Herakles o A young man called Elpenor o The youngest of his crew and Odysseus didn t know he had died 0 Elpenor died on the island of Circe after going on her roof and getting drunk up there falling to his death No one noticed he had dies and left him unburied 0 Now he had to go back to Circe s island Why is this significant 0 Points to the underhandedness of Circe 0 Perhaps she planned for him to come back to her island He goes back and buries Elpenor quotBook 12 begins quotCirce who knew that we had got back from the house of Hades dressed herself and came to us as fast as she could and her maid servants came with her bringing as bread meat and wine Then she stood in the midst of us and said 39You have done a bold thing in going down alive to the house of Hades and you will have died twice to other people 395 once now then stay here for the rest of the day feast your fill and go on with your voyage at daybreak tomorrow morning In the meantime I will tell Ulysses about your course and will explain everything to him so as to prevent your suffering from misadventure either by land or sea 0 Wasn t the point of going to Tiresias to learn everything he needed to know 0 Circe tells him about Helios as well as the Sirens and Charybdis and Scylla which Tiresias never mentions o Nekuia 0 Journey to the dead When he come back from Hades he can be reconsidered reborn 0 His real turning point in his nostos THINK How many chapters in the Odyssey 0 24 his Nekuia appears in book 11 but the turning point happens in book 12 after she tells him about the danger which will happen in book 12 while ending book 11 It is Circe not Tiresias who warns Odysseus about the Sirens quotFirst you will come to the Sirens who enchant all who come near them If anyone unwarily draws in too close and hears the singing of the Sirens his wife and children will never welcome him home again for they sit in a green field and warble him to death with the sweetness of their song There is a great heap of dead men 39s bones lying all around with the flesh still rotting off them Therefore pass these Sirens by and stop your men 39s ears with wax that none of them may hear but if you like you can listen yourself for you may get the men to bind you as you stand upright on a crosspiece half way up the mast and they must lash the rope39s ends to the mast itself that you may have the pleasure of listening If you beg and pray the men to unloose you then they must bind you faster 0 Any man who hears their voices dies similar to any man who beholds the face of medusa is turned t stone 0 Female beauty whether in the face or the voice is100 deadly Depiction 0 Wings they are both predators They live in Meadows settings for the rape of a young girl she is getting picked up as if she were a picture Sirens living in a meadow is a reversal of this the female is no the victim here quotWhen your crew have taken you past these Sirens I cannot give you coherent directions as to which of two courses you are to take I will lay the two alternatives before you and you must consider them for yourself On the one hand there are some overhanging rocks against which the deep blue waves of Amphitrite beat with terrific fury the blessed gods call these rocks the Wanderers Here not even a bird may pass no not even the timid doves that bring ambrosia to Father Jove but the sheer rock always carries off one of them and Father Jove has to send another to make up their number no ship that ever yet came to these rocks has got away again but the waves and whirlwinds of fire are freighted with wreckage and with the bodies of dead men The only vessel that ever sailed and got through was the famous Argo on her way from the house of Aeetes and she too would have gone against these great rocks only that Juno piloted her past them for the love she bore to Jason Planctae the wanderers o The rocks move and are hard to pass through 0 This first choice is obviously a bad one Odysseus Is not a Jason like figure being helped by Athena like how Hera did Could she have helped him Other option is another pair of deadly cliffs Unlike the clashing rocks the other path holds some hope for a ship to pass through without aid of a god 73 Pay attention to detail 73 Circe gives Odysseus directions for his voyage home Of the two crags the one reaches to wide heaven with its sharp peak and is shrouded in a lowering cloud The cloud never dissipates nor is the sky around the peak ever clear from the beginning to the end of summer No mortal man could climb it or reach its top not even if he had twenty hands and feet For the rock is smooth as if it had been polished In the middle of the crag is a murky cave facing west towards Erebus You and your men must direct your ship past this glorious Odysseus Nor could even a man of great vigour shoot an arrow from the ship and reach the hollow cave with it That is where Scylla lives with her dread bark Indeed her voice is only as loud as that of a newborn puppy skyax but she herself is a wicked mon ster No one could take joy in seeing her not even if it were a god that were meet ing her She has twelve feet all aoroi and six very long necks On each neck there is a terrible head and in each of them three rows of closepacked teeth full of black death Half of her body39s length remains in the hollow cave but she projects her heads forth from the dread hole and fishes from it She scans around the crag in hopes of catching dolphins sea dogs or even a substantial sea monster orz whale k tos the creatures that the resounding sea rears in vast numbers There are no sailors yet that can claim to have fled past her with their ship and emerged unharmed For with each of her heads she carries away a man snatching him up from his darkprowed ship Scylla in the first cliff Associated with barking In her lair she is impregnable similar to the Echidna under her rock Permanent cloud o Associating with death in her own version of the underworld like Echidna 0 Not even a god would want to face her 0 Odysseus seems to always forget these points This is not a Herakles type battle So she spoke and I said to her in reply Come now goddess tell me truthfully if there is any way to escape destructive Charybdis whilst defending against the other monster when she attacks my crew 80 l spoke and she goodly among goddesses replied immediately Reckless man once again you look to warfare and the toil of battle Will you not concede before the immortal gods I tell you she is not mortal but an immortal blight dread grievous and wild and you could not overcome her in battle There is no defence against her The best thing is just to flee from her For if you tarry by the rock to arm yourself I fear that she might shoot out as many heads down to you and seize the same number of men a second time But row vigorously and invoke Crataeis the mother of Scylla who bore her as a bane to mortals She will stop her shooting at you again 126 Scylla is immortal and unlike the sirens you cannot toy with her There are no tricks to defeating her the trick is to stay away from her but there is a catch because the creature on the other side is dead er Charybdis in the second cliff You will see that the other crag lies lower Odysseus They are close to each other you could even shoot an arrow from one to the other On it there is a great fig tree full of leaves But beneath it divine Charybdis repeatedly sucks down the black water She shoots it forth three times each day and three times each day she sucks it down again in dread fashion I pray that you not be there when she sucks the water down for not even Poseidon the shaker of the earth could save you from that disas ter Rather hug Scylla39s crag and row your ship swiftly past it for it is a far better thing to lament the loss of six of your ship39s crew than that of all of them together 0 She is an actual whirl pool who follows a definite schedule 0 She is female not an it o Humanized described as divine Compare this challenge to the sirens 0 Possible to steer clear of the sirens if using tricks with Scylla and Charybdis they are an inseparable pair who cannot be avoided by tricks All you can do is limit your losses Back to Scylla o Whowhat is she 0 Line between her written depiction and iconography lconography 0 Upper of normal girl lower half has a sea tail and dogs that come out of hips o Depicted with shirt skirt similar to the one Artemis wears 0 She is virgin o The dogs come out of her skirt where you are supposed to hid your virginity 0 Term for wife is quotthe tamed one once you are married you are tamed connect that with the domesticity of the dog cave with it That is where Scylla lives with her dread bark Indeed her voice is only as loud as that of a newborn puppy skylax but she herself is a wicked mon ster No one could take joy in seeing her not even if it were a god that were meet ing her She has twelve feet all a6roi and six very long necks On each neck there is a terrible head and in each of them three rows of closepacked teeth full of black death Half of her body39s length remains in the hollow cave but she projects her heads forth from the dread hole and fishes from it She scans around the crag in hopes of catching dolphins sea dogs or even a substantial sea monster or whale k tos the creatures that the resounding sea rears in vast numbers There are no sailors yet that can claim to have fled past her with their ship and emerged unharmed For with each of her heads she carries away a man snatching him up from his darkprowed ship


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