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by: Gennaro Koss


Gennaro Koss
GPA 3.87

Randy Miller

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About this Document

Randy Miller
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gennaro Koss on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JOUR 1000 at Georgia State University taught by Randy Miller in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/209914/jour-1000-georgia-state-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Georgia State University.

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Date Created: 09/21/15
3302011 MASS COM News 1 Timeliness 2 Proximity 3 Prominence 4 Human Interest not celebrities lottery winners survivors etc 5 Stories that affect us what we need to know quotBroccoliquot 6 Sex amp Scandal No more afternoon papers deadline was 12 noon Measuring on the web how many quothitsquot you have Citizen Journalism not necessarily accurate don t need degree etc MSMMain Stream Media Huffington Post Hyper local news still covers news on a small local sale Backpack journalists 2 print stories podcast visual story Convergent Hard News Serious news crime political educational court coverage stories you NEED to know most important news Soft News story telling aspect could be serious Investigative Reports longer more serious pieces exposing government corruption detailed with detailed evidence Lots of reporting and facts to back it up Editorials and columns where opinion is allowed to be expressed by the writer News flow Advertising circulation buildingplant ampoperations newseditorial Deadlines are set based on how you can get them out 101030AMMorning meeting section editors 4305pm Big meeting all editors front page decisions lead story for each section Online Deadlines are instantly leads to stuff being wrong Associated with Media 1 Objectivity loyalty in the real world employment realm doesn t exist 2 Accuracy 3 Credibility 462011 PUBLIC RELATIONS hard to define no agreed upon definition reports try to tell you the truth supposed to but no one does PR truth that puts the client in the best light You need to be willing to buy into your client use tools of public opinion management HISTORY PT Barnum king of the circuspublicity in 19 h century but was also a crook EGRES fancy name for EXITtricked customers into leaving tent and having to repay for entry vy Lee early 20 h century hired by Rockefellers famous for standard oil for PR for better publicity he advised them to be truthful because the reporters would find out anyway Edward Bernays nephew of Sigmound Freud was all about propaganda thought society was too confusing for the public mind to navigate it so use his techniques to guide them through life modern day politics lltruth is like a ball of waxquotit can be shaped not made into something its not but molded into many different shapes BAD PR 1989Prince William sound Alaska oil tanker exxonvaldez headed to California crew and captain were drunk and decided he should assign the highest ranking sober officer to drive the tanker 3rd officer who wasn t certified to drive drove it into a reefand lmillion barrels ofoil spilled into Prince William sound Lawrence Rowl exxon chairman Rowl said it was not the job of the chairman to read all the reports of what had to be done COST 7 billion to Exxon 4 billion in fines most to any company went from 1st largest company to the 3rd largest GOOD PR Fall 1982Johnson and Johnson 7 people in Chicago died took Tylenol extra strength capsules that were actually laced with cyanide James Burke CEO went on offensive recalled 31 million bottles of Tylenol and massive PR campaign to let the public know what was going on all over the news 4 years laterone other person died from the Tylenolcompany dropped capsules and only made tablets Childproof med bottles had not been invented easy to open bottles DID EVERYTHING RIGHT BAD ValueJet explosion over the swamp Renamed AIRTRAN TYPES 1 Non profit charities foundations llbegging for money fundraising coordinate events recruit and train volunteers active in publicizing organization 2 Institutional government hospitals schools churches police PIO public information officer Handles the reporterspublic through police 3 Agency self standing public relations company could do a lot of things or a specific areaboutique works with many different people 4 Corporate corporation itself has its own PR department Corporation may hire outside people to do certain work Sports PR Corporate University small colleges have 1 PR person for entire department GovernmentPolitics communication between states lobbyists pays very well Hospitals problemsdoctors and doctors wives professional associations international PR HIGHEST PAIDMOST IMPORTANT PR investor PRpr for a company and then deals with stockholders putting out annual reportsfinancial information of that company If you screw uplie automatic jail time Crisis management PR RULES when something goes wrongtell the truth tell the whole truth tell public what you re going to do about it do what you said you were going to do about it 4112011 ADVERTISING Marketingeducational economic Geographic Focus Novaquot car in Spanish means quotdoesn t go Pepsi campaign quotmakes you feel young again translates in Chinese to quotmakes your ancestors rise from the deadquot 4 types 1 Primary demand quotGot Milkquot 2 Selective Demand type of milk particular product 3 Direct Action Ad asks consumer to do somethingcut out a coupon call a tollfree number go online 4 Indirect Action Ad don t want you to do something but want to build your image over the long term Symbols Nike Concept brand deals with concept not brandquotGot Milkquot breast cancer awareness etc 1480first print AD in Britain jamescoxton printer made pamphlets and post them around town 1842first ad agency llspace brokerquot volney palmer bought newspaper space and resold it to advertisers NW Air Walter Thompson agency 20 h century First LARGE ad agency BBDO Bat Barton Durstein Osbourne l930 S20 million Bruce Barton 20s icon Conspicuous consumption l925wrote llThe Man Nobody Knows most famous ad campaign 1925 Ross reeves USP unique selling proposition if an advertiser found the USP it would make the advertising better ex MampMs Melts in your mouth not in your hand Hard sell loud obnoxious 1950s llMan in the grey flannel suit Stan Frieberg highly successful satirizing the entertainment and music of the timeHad the 1 album in the country for a while satire of Dragnet Brought humor into advertising 1964 ran exactly once Most political ad at the time With Lyndon Johnson who LOST 1970sbig agencies controlling smaller ones Internet comes along Makes advertising llweird Viral campaign


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