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by: Jake Davis

ImmigrationandtheHuddlingMasses.pdf 2112

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Jake Davis
GPA 3.15
American History since 1865
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About this Document

5th lecture in the class. Over the amounts of immigration in america in the late 1800s.
American History since 1865
No professor available
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Jake Davis on Friday September 12, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 2112 at a university taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 109 views.


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Date Created: 09/12/14
Immigration and the Huddling Masses Immigration has been with us for a long time the first ones were the natives back 20000 years ago The big one was European to America there were 4 waves we re in the 4th from Southeast Asia and Latin America The first one was 16001820 largely British and slaves to Virginia 1820 to the civil war shifts to northwestem Europe it was mostly Irish 3rd one is what we are concemed with 1880 to 1920 correlates exactly with the Industrial area they were closely related nearly 28 million people will come to the US the population of native born Americans is not even double of that It was a massive chunk of the population that was foreignbom 19001910 peak decade 1909 peak year The 3rd wave is different in the waves that came before it mostly in geographic orgin They come from southeastem Europe Italy Russia 0 Their religion is different too they weren t protestants they were mostly catholic orthodox or jewish it will cause strikes in the future Why would pull up the stakes and leave your homelands Mostly economic opportunity it s just as likely that you are pushed out than you are attracted to America mostly there could have been a famine in Russia or there is economic collapse in Greece or religious tensions with the jews there was huge antiSemitism The odds weren t very high that you stayed particularly with the Italians they just wanted to make money for awhile then go back half of all the Italians go home 13rd of the immigrants left back home most jews took their families and stayed there because of antisemitism Ellis island is where they will mostly likely be processed They will ask if you are a t labor worker to see you won t be unproductive in America The first thing you do you look for your countrymen This was the origin of the big cities of the northeast they go to Boston Cleveland Detroit Pittsburg but not many go to the south This makes explosive growth which is why NYC is what it is today 87 of Chicago in 1900 was an immigrant or a firstbom This is how places like little Italy got formed to hang out with their countrymen to fmd jobs and homes It was also safer With all this population density you get the problems of urban America crowding noise and waste everywhere There was a thing known as machine politics they want to make money they exchange favors for votes it s corrupt and undemocratic while providing people with the service they need They can hurt them if they mess with them as well There were many nativeborn Americans that didn t like any of this One was their Jewish and Catholic religion they didn t want a religious overtake They portrayed that these immigrants would bring some diseases Another fear was immigrant s threats to jobs the immigrants were a pool of labor There was eventually a Chinese immigrant ban in 1882 it wasn t until 1965 until that was removed 0 There was also fears of politics that they would bring dangerous political fears along with them Such as Marxism and socialism from Eastem Europe 0 Most white middle class americans wanted to help immigrants become americans assimilate them such as what we did with native americans They claimed that these sterotypes molded them into what they are today and only assimilating them stopped it


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