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week 3

by: Sabriah Brown

week 3 MUS-22111-001

Sabriah Brown
William B Hannam

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About this Document

William B Hannam
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sabriah Brown on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS-22111-001 at Kent State University taught by William B Hannam in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 86 views.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
Understanding of Music Week 3 Organum develop more precise style upper voice faster note thumb up ur voice eventually newly composed lower voice from old chance soon but now stretched outsometimes lower line played by instrument instead of sung no form of music Motet Motets in Middle Ages was always in triple meter secular music minstrels town to town entertaining whatever audience will gather playing music acting spreading gossip I often lived in fringes of society Most people saw them as less than good or honest troubadour composer performer who went part of the nobility mainly in France Dads name in lnventor or finder originally music based on love poetry Instrumental music during Middle Ages vocal music was more important but 130039s see more instrumental music 1 Instruments often used to support double voice parts or to accompany singers 2 instruments important to dance most dance was improvised rather than written down one of the most important dance types of the Middle Ages was estampie Ars Nova mid 13001450 new art because Ars Antiqua old art began in France move to Italy artists moved from religious things to more secular ideas composes Rotel lslamic music not based on Gregorian chant Guillaume de machaut 13001370 became a priest was secretary for King of Bohemia Later became composer in court of Duke of Normandy greatest composer of his time in his last year wrote both sacred and secular music more than 20 motet large number of secular songs based on love poetry chansons also wrote earliest known complete polyphonic settings of the mass Messe de notre dame Q7Hundred Years War 13371453 war between France and England Best de ning period In the histories of both countries begin when King Philip the VI of France attempted to take over English territory and duchy of Aquitaine in southwestern France ended when the French nally expelled the English from the continent ikthe plague also known as quot the black deathquot the plague started in port city of Italy in 1347 spread through Germany and France into England in 1348 it made its way into Spain by 1350 nearly 75 million people died of the Black Plague 13 of Europe population didn39t completely disappear until early 1600s it the Renaissance145016OO AD major change in overall philosophy is humanism Does humanism based on idea man in present more important than what may happen and hereafter this move away from religion as societies grapes authority also allow for a revival of scienti c inquiry people looked back to ancient Greek and Romans for inspiration and knowledge art is from individual instead of from God musicians in Renaissance nd jobs in church for city or state or for Royal or aristocratic courts composers Choir masters Singers Organists lnstrumentalist Teachers Princess Publisher beginning of Renaissance were in Italy fact that Renaissance originated in Italy is problem for music historian in many art ltaly lead itaians slack behind and composition of music most great composers in Renaissance come from North 0 northern France Belgium amp Holland ltalian brought the composer to Italy at general characteristics of Renaissance music 1 Vocal music still most prominent A Vocal lines smooth ow and conceive around abilities of the human voice in a more artistic way than before B Polyphonic music often use practice of continuous imitation C Church music vocal sung acapella D Secular music instrumental accompaniment E Instrumental music more prominent 2 Development and advancement of a compositional technique called tone painting A Tone painting composing a way so as to represent the ideas of text in music 3 Music used cantus rmus xed melody as basis of new composition A Like how they used Gregorian chant melodies now a cantus rmus not have to belong hell out notes Can be heard in original form B Cantus rmus preexisting melody used as basis for new composition Renaissance motet motets strictly a form of sacred music only one text you at this time more easily understood advancement in polyphony ruin that plan 1 master of Renaissance motets was Josquin Desprez 14451521 Franco emish composer born in small belgium town on border of france career in Italy involved with papal choir in Rome greatly advanced practice of continuous imitation oCounterpoint polyphony more complex than anyone else 01 pair of imitative voices followed by a second pair Josquin more than 100 motets 17 masses and a lot of secular music at music historians frustrated don39t know orders of his work where he was most of his life his early music he lost or destroyed do have work in his name but isn39t his


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