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by: Vernice Heller


Vernice Heller
GPA 3.69

Maged Henary

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About this Document

Maged Henary
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vernice Heller on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 3410 at Georgia State University taught by Maged Henary in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/209925/chem-3410-georgia-state-university in Chemistry at Georgia State University.




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Date Created: 09/21/15
NUTR 3100 Fall 2009 My Diet Analysis Part 2 1 Calculate your BMR using the Harris Benedict equation using the appropriate activity factor based on your level of physical activity 10 points Moderately active126 X BMR184671 232685 2 Based on your 3day diet analysis what of your above estimated energy calorie needs are you meeting 4 points Avg calories 32617 232685 140 3 Calculate you daily protein needs 4 points 128211853 1413 g 167lb22 759kg X 08 6073 g is needed daily 4 Based on your 3day diet analysis what of your estimated daily protein needs are you meeting 4 points 14136073 232 5 What percentage of your daily calories come from a Protein 2 points 1413X 4565232617 17 b Fat 2 points 134X9120632617 37 c Carbohydrate 2 points 3757X4 1502832617 46 d Do you meet recommendations for these macronutrients 4 points I do not meet the recommendations but they are very close to them USDA 18 protein 29 fat 53 Carbs 6 If you desire to lose weight at a rate of 2 lbs per week what should your daily caloric intake be Not accounting for physical activityeXercise 4 points 32617 X 7 228319 7000 for 2 lb de cit 158319 7 22617 calories per day 7 Looking at the 5 food groups grains vegetable fruit milk and meat and beans do your intakes meet the recommendations 4 points Yes Grains 111 oz Recommended 9 oz No Vegetable 0 cup No Fruit 17 cup No Milk 04 cup Yes Meat and Beans 107 oz Recommended 35 cup Recommended 2 cup Recommended 3 cup Recommended 9 oz 8 Based on your 3day diet analysis which nutrients did you meet the requirements for List the nutrient and your intake eX Calcium 7 1132 mg 10 points Avg of Nutrients Carbohydrate 37567 gm Ribo avin 22 mg Niacin 41 mg Folate 54617 mg Vitamin B6 28 mg Vitamin B12 83 mg Iron 245 mg Omega 3 33 mg Omega 6 30 mg Thiamin 213 mg Phosphorus 17481 mg Protein 141 gm Selenium 1554 mg 9 Based on your 3day diet analysis which nutrients did you NOT meet the requirements for 10 points Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin E Potassium 10 Based on your 3day diet analysis for which nutrients did you exceed the UL Upper Limit 4 points Magnesium Niacin Folate 11 Do you meet recommendations for ber intake What changes could you make in your diet to improve the health of your GI tract 4 points No I do not meet the recommendation Eat more vegetableswhole grains fruits and chew slowly when I eat 12 What is the top source of the following nutrients in your diet a folate creamed spinach Apple banana bread b vitamin B12 beef turkey cheeseburger milk walnuts c thiamin beef turkey walnuts d ribo avin milk toast walnuts payday e iron Potato turkey beef Salmon f Vitamin C lack of g Vitamin E lack of If you are not meeting the recommendations for any of these what could you change to meet the current recommendations for these important nutrients 20 points Eat more of mostly vegetables and fruits and whole grains How many milligrams of sodium do you consume daily How does your sodium intake compare to recommendations What three foods that you consumed contained the highest amount of sodium What substitutions can you make to lower the amount of sodium in your diet 8 points 0 4275 mg it is more than twice as much as recommended I believe egg and cheese biscuit cheeseburger french fries and tater tots had the most The best substitutions are just to eat more home prepared foods so the amount of sodium can be controlled How many grams of calcium and micrograms of Vitamin D do you consume daily Based on your diet analysis food preferences and intolerancesallergies do you need to take a supplement to meet your Calcium andor Vitamin D needs 4 points 0 7427 mg of calcium the recommendation is 1000 mg so I could take a supplement or drink more milk


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