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Orientation to Sport and Leisure Studies

by: Ally Davis

Orientation to Sport and Leisure Studies EDUPAES 208

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Education, Science > EDUPAES 208 > Orientation to Sport and Leisure Studies
Ally Davis
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ally Davis on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDUPAES 208 at Ohio State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 87 views. For similar materials see /class/209954/edupaes-208-ohio-state-university in Education, Science at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
Chapter 7 1 N b0 gt Ln O O N b0 Obesity is leading cause of death in the US How to determine overweight obesity rates Page 161 What is Aerobic The process ofmetabolizing body fuels through exercise in the presence of oxygen What is Anaerobic The process ofmetabolizing body fuels through exercise without oxygen What is Body Composition The relative amounts ofmuscle fat bone and other vital body parts What is cardiovascular endurance The ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to supply fuel during sustained exercise What is the importance of Exercise Leisurertime physical activity conducted with the intention of developing physical fitness What is meant by the term Health A state ofbeing associated with freedom from disease and illness including the positive component ofwellness What is Healthy Lifestyle Presence of appropriate physical activity nutrition and stressrmanagement behavior patterns What is Hypokinetic Disease Conditions related to physical inactivity or low levels of habitual activity What is Leisure Activity Physical activity undertaken during discretionary time What is Physical Activity Bodily movement that is produced by skeleml muscle and substantially increases energy expenditure What is Wellness A state ofpositive biological and psychological health in the individual exemplified by quality oflife and a sense ofwellibeing What is Health Fitness An important prevention and remediation of disease and illness leading to a better quality oflife What are the Motor Performance fitness components Agility balance coordination power reaction time and speed What are the Components ofHealth Fitness Body composition cardiovascular endurance flexibility muscular endurance and strength 1 H 00 O N O N 1 N 00 L20 O What is Cosmetic Fitness Fitness to help one look better physically enhances selfiesteem and builds con dence qualities that may be important to achievement in school at work and in social relationships What is the Dose response debate Contrasts a View that in anchored in healthirelated tness and cardiovascular functioning and a View that is anchored in health alone particularly with regard to reductions in all causes ofmortality What does FITT refer to Frequency intensity time strength trainingduration and type of activity Understand how to Calculate your THR Page 169 What does NASPE suggest for amount ofPhysical Activity PA For children at least 30 minutes in some kind ofplanned exercise in the context of work play exercise activity or sport daily Understand the PA pyramid and what makes up the pyraInid Page 171 What is Social gradient The socioeconomic impact on health and tness What is Speci city To produce a desired effect exercises must be related to the bodily component in which improvement is sought What is Progressive overload The load or exercise chosen must be done at a level that produces a conditioning effect What is anaerobic training Shortiduration exercise completed without the aid of oxygen What is Strength training The primary component ofmotoriperformance tness and is best done through some form of exercise against resistance typically through weight training What is Dynamic flexibility The rate ofincrease in tension in a relaxed muscle as it is stretched What are the Advantages of CRH criterion referenced health smndards They assess tness or physical activity against absolute smndards that indicate minimum levels necessary to achieve health outcomes and they provide immediate diagnostic feedback about whether performance is adequate to promote health What is MVPA Moderateitoivigorous physical activity 31 What is a MET The unit ofmeasurement used estimate caloric expenditure ofvarious activities metabolic equivalent 32 Understanding ofACTlVlTYGRAM An assessment tool for recording physicalractivity dam and interpreting those data relative to smndards related to healthy lifestyles page 180 Chapter 8 1 Describe the goals for Healthy People 2010 To increase the years of healthy life for all people and to eliminate health disparities based on race gender and income 2 Understand fitness levels of children and youth Youth tness testing indicates that boys and girls in the fifth through twelfth grades rank poorly in tests ofbody composition and cardiopulmonary efficiency 3 Body Composition Skinfold test page 186 4 o ofAmericans children are overweight or obese More than 34 5 Activity levels of older citizens has increased or decreased lncreased 6 What are the Youth PA recommendations by CDC Page 196 7 What are the 9 ways Physical educators have developed and sustained fitnessphysical activity programs in schools What does AAHPERD represent Schooliwide programs at the elemenmry level fitness clubs fitnessiremediation programs daily fitness prograIns fitness courses fitness elective courses fitness centers a complete highischool fitness prograIn and a stateirequirement approach 8 What is Physical Best Provides the educational component ofa comprehensive healthirelated fitnessi education program supplying curriculum materials activity guides and teacher certification 9 What is FITNESSGRAM Test for evaluating K712 students physical fitness which includes a test administration manual software and related tools 10 What is Brockport Physical Fitness A national test developed especially for youths with disabilities 11 What is Fitsmart A test designed to assess highischool students knowledge of concepts and principles of fitness 12 What is You Stay Active A program for setting goals and recognizing achievement of those goals 13 Chapt N b0 U1 0 gt1 9 0 CDC indicates that tness and PA are What is the Soft American and who is responsible for it An article written by John F Kennedy page 204 er 9 What is the cost of health care in the United States Fitness programs that have emphasis tend to produce Build environment 00 ofAmericans believe regular exercise is impormnt to health and well being What is the over reaching goal of school based PE What are the 3 factors in understanding differences in health tness and activity participation What population is most at risk for obesity What are the 3 trends associated with female physical activity participation Pate discusses guidelines for fitness testing Kenneth Cooper made the nation aware of responsibilities What is required ofindividuals to become certified in fitness IEDU PAES 2g QUIZ 1 STUDY GUIDE Chapter 1 1 Infrastructure for healthy lifestyles 2 What the health problems associated with being overweight or obese 3 What is the Water shed period 4 What do early childhood physical activity programs focus on Motor skills 5 What do elementary school physical education programs consist of Dance games volleyball soccer etc 6 What are some of the new settings for sport fitness and physical education and be able to describe them Sport clubs sport medicine centers worksite programs and sport games festivals 7 Build environment refers to Communities are now designed more for driving than for walking Chapter 2 1 Birth of Physical Education as a profession November 27 1885 meeting where the Association of Advancement for Physical Education was formed 2 Who is William G Anderson Organized the meeting and became its rst secretary 3 Describe Muscular Christianity The label given to the philosophy that physical fitness and sporting prowess were important avenues through which mental moral and religious purposes were developed and sustained 4 Understand why the Boston Conference in 1889 is important Pivotal development of American physical education 5 What are the Cultural In uences of Sport 6 What is the German System Page 32 7 What is the Swedish System Page 32 8 What is the Beecher System Page 32 9 What is the Dio Lewis System Page 32 10 What is the Hitchcock System Page 32 11 What is the Sargent System Page 32 12 Who is James Naismith Inventor of basketball 13 What is the Carnegie Report Found widespread abuses in college sport including use of professionals eligibility violations and compromises of college rules 14 What was the Brown vs Board of Education Made separate but equal illegal 15 What is the importance of Title IX in sports Made it so that sports couldn t discriminate against gender 16 Who is Dr Kenneth Cooper Author of book titled Aerobics page 51 17 Who is Franklin Henry 18 What is Academic Discipline 19 What is Movement Education The first serious philosophical challenge to the new physical education since the latter s inception early in the century 20 What is the American Alliance for Health PE Recreation and Dance AAHPERD Group of which their mission is to promote and support leadership research education and best practices in the professions that support creative healthy and active lifestyles Chapter 3 1 What is Muscular Christianity The philosophy that regulated women to inactive members of society in the early 19Lh century 2 What are Masculinity vs F emininity and their impact on PE and Sport 4 0 9 What is Progressive Education theory Who is John Dewey The American most Who is Jean Jacques Rosseau 39 A with the r 39 J quot theory Believer that children were born good and that they were ruined by contact with society What is PLAY The philosophyconcept most associated with Rosseau s view of physical education Who is Don Hellison What is Human movement philosophy Philosophy that emphasized movement and expression What is Play education Philosophy in which play was see as the proper classi cation for activities in physical education What is Sport Education Curriculum in which sport in emphasized because of its value to society as a form of play and as a form of culture


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