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Introduction to Comparative Politics

by: Genevieve Dare

Introduction to Comparative Politics POLITSC 100

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Political Science > POLITSC 100 > Introduction to Comparative Politics
Genevieve Dare
GPA 3.6

Brian Chorley

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About this Document

Brian Chorley
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Genevieve Dare on Monday September 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLITSC 100 at Ohio State University taught by Brian Chorley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/209962/politsc-100-ohio-state-university in Political Science at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/15
INTRODUCTION TO COMPARATIVE POLITICS POLITICAL SCIENCE 100 FALL 2010 MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE Collective Identities 1 What is civic nationalism Ethnic nationalism 2 According to Mueller what is the main reason why Europe has been peaceful since World War II 3 Explain why Germany has had a higher rate of antiimmigrant Violence than France while antiimmigrant parties have traditionally been stronger in France than Germany 4 What is a structural explanation for low percentage of women in government Democracy 1 What is meant by quotAsian values 2 According to Amartya Sen what are two ways democracy enriches people s lives 3 How is executive and legislative power related to each other in a system of parliamentary democracy How are they related in a presidential democracy Meaning in which system are mutually dependent in which system are they independent 4 What does Amartya Sen mean when he says that democracy is a universal value 5 What is civil society 6 What is a regime 7 Name four of the ten minimal requirements which Karl and Schmitter claim are necessary to be considered a democracy 8 In which type of democracy can the executive power dissolve the legislature and call for new elections 9 Which type of democracy has fixed mandates meaning terms of office are not exible and do not change 10 In which type of democracy is the executive and legislature elected separately Authoritarianism l What is an institution 2 Describe two social andor political conditions which tend to lead to the establishment of a military regime 3 What is the difference between a mass party and a caucus party 4 What are two reasons for why some states come under oneparty rule 5 How do bureaucratic authoritarian regimes legitimate their rule In other words what is the overall goal of bureaucratic authoritarian regimes 6 Bureaucratic Authoritarian regimes are formed by an alliance of what groups Which classes of people are excluded from power under such a regime 7 Describe what is meant by a system of quotpersonal rulequot 8 What is the role of society or social groupsclasses in a system of personal rule 9 What is the difference between a oneparty state and a limited multiparty state 10 What is a quotrebel regimequot ll Why did political organizations which fought for independence against colonialism often turn into oneparty states after independence was achieved Transitions l Latin American transitions to democracy occurred through quotbridgingquot Eastern European transitions occurred through quotbreakagequot How are they different 2 How did the military factor into Latin American transitions How did it factor in Eastern European transitions 3 According to Linz and Stepan generally what does it mean to say a democracy is quotconsolidatedquot 4 According to Linz and Stepan why is a command economy incompatible with democracy In other words why can t a state have a command economy in which the economy is owned and controlled by the government and a democracy 5 Linz and Stepan describe five conditions which are needed in order for a democracy to become consolidated Describe two of them For example the rule of law 6 According to Thomas Carothers transitions are usually thought of as having occurred in three stages the Opening the Breakthrough and Consolidation What is meant by quotopeningquot What is meant by quotbreakthroughquot 7 Why does Thomas Carothers argue that the concept of quottransitional democracyquot is awed and not useful Specifically explain his argument about why many socalled quottransitionalquot democracies are not really in transition 8 Why do Linz and Stepan claim that an effective state is necessary before democracy can be established Political Economy 1 What is a common critique of the German style quotnegotiatedquot model of capitalism 2 What is a common critique of the US style quotmarketledquot model of capitalism 3 Why do supporters of free trade claim that free trade decreases the likelihood of war 4 Why do opponents of free trade claim that free trade increases the likelihood of war StatesI NationsI NationStates l What is the difference between an ethnic group and a nation 2 Why does Charles Tilly say that the state operates very similar to organized crime 3 Why does John Rapley say that the idea of quotfailed statesquot is not an accurate description of countries in the socalled Third World developing world What does he say is happening instead 4 What is the difference between patriotism and nationalism Comparative Politics amp Comparative Method 1 What is Comparative Politics What is International Relations What is meant by federalism 2 What is meant by the Separation of Powers 3 How does the United State elect its executive the President note understand the essential features of the Electoral College 4 What are the powers of the House of Lords 5 What is meant by Keynesianism 6 How is the role of the Cabinet in the UK different from its role in the US 7 What does progressive tax mean 8 What is 39Codetermination in Germany 9 How does a constructive vote of no con dence work 10 How is the Upper House of Germany Bundesrat elected 11 Which of the UK political parties is the most supportive of British membership in the EU and unrestricted immigration 12 What is meant by Parliamentary Sovereignty Next four are short answer choices 13 What problems that Germany had during the Weimar Republic did Germany try to avoid with Basic Law their postwar Constitution there are two 14 Describe two differences between thel features of the Common law system of the UKUK and the continental law system of Germany by differences here Imean things like how trials are run the role of judges in administrating the law or how law depends more on precedentcustom in the USUK system and more on explicitly written legal code in Germany 15 How does the Committee System in the US Congress empower Congressional leaders 16 Who the elites or mass public wanted the Articles of Confederation replaced by the US Constitution and why did they want the Articles replaced


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